Bevel Shave System – Smoother Skin In 4 Weeks


Bevel Shaving System Review – Worth It?

Bevel Shave System and Razors: Your Ticket to a Close Shave and Clean Face

In today’s fast paced world putting your best face forward is more important than it has ever been. Taking care of our skin and making sure that we look our best is beneficial to us in both our personal and professional lives.

Shave System and Razors

For centuries women have worked hard to maintain beautiful skin using everything from folk remedies to the latest technologies in skin health available but what about men? With all the advancements in skin care created to improve skin health and appearance why should men be left out?

Your skin is important too.

Your face is the first impression of you that people get. Why wouldn’t you ensure that the face you put forward is the best one possible? Whether it is for a job interview, a class reunion or for your personal life, don’t you owe it to yourself to look your best?

What Is Wrong With My Disposable Razor + Shaving Cream + Aftershave Combo?

If you look at pictures of men prior to the 50s, they had nice smooth faces without any signs of visible razor bumps or burns. That is because they were utilizing the traditional method of shaving which cuts hair at the surface of the skin. Often they received their shaves at the barber who would condition their skin prior to shaving, provide a close careful shave, and then condition again afterwards.

Traditional razors utilized one sharp blade and heavy weight in order to get the perfect combination of pressure and precision slicing. Today’s razors offer layered blades that work by lifting the hair and then cutting it. This means that the remaining hair slides back under the skin instead of sitting at the surface. This may feel extremely smooth at first.

Unfortunately, it also puts your skin at risk of developing painful shaving bumps and irritation. Within hours or even minutes after shaving with a layered razor you may find your face breaking out with painful bumps, redness or area rashes. Added to the problem are the harsh chemicals contained in your shaving creams and aftershave that further irritate the skin and make it more susceptible to developing shaving bumps and exacerbating ones you may already have.

Believe it or not, that burning sensation you get when you slap on your aftershave is not a good thing. It is your face screaming in protest!

What are shaving bumps?

Similar to razor burn, which you can get if you have friction when you shave, shaving bumps are a symptom of your hair follicles in distress. When your hair is shaved with a modern multi-blade razor, it causes the hair to retract after you run the edges across your skin.

Once your sliced hair retracts back under your skin, it irritates the surrounding tissues because the edge of the hair is now a sharp point from being cut off. The body reacts, which is why there is also swelling. Often times it becomes infected and turns into a painful pus filled bump. Even worse often these bumps occur in a cluster because so many of your hair follicles are affected. This is what causes that rash that sometimes occurs along with the bumps.

Introducing the Bevel Shaving System

The bevel shaving system was created to provide men with an option to achieve that barbershop shave at home. It can not only give you a closer cut, you won’t have to deal with irritating or painful shaving bumps either.

Bevel Shaving System has been created with men in mind, knowing that facial hair is often coarse, curly or thick and difficult to shave. It is ideal for those of you who struggle to achieve that perfect smooth shave without the pain caused by modern razors and shaving products.

How Does The Bevel Shaving System Work?

The Bevel Shaving System accomplishes this with an easy five step system and claims to improve and smooth your skin within 4 weeks.

Step one – Bevel Priming Oil

Bevel priming oil was developed to pre condition your skin and hair before shaving. It softens the hair and relaxes the skin with natural ingredients like lavender and olive oil. This gentle approach prepares your skin for an effective and relaxing shaving experience.

Step two – The Badger Brush

Made of fine badger hair this brush works by helping raise your hair while exfoliating your skin to help prime it for a supreme shave. Used in conjunction with bevel shaving cream for the ultimate shaving experience.

Step 3 – Bevel Shave Cream

This smooth, thick lathering cream creates a surface skin barrier that allows the blade to glide through it beautifully and ensure a perfect smooth shave. It is formulated to work effectively on curly, thick or coarse hair slicing it away with ease and eliminating resistance. It contains shea butter which helps smooth out and diminish the appearance of blemishes.

Step 4 – Bevel’s Double Edged Safety Razor Blade

This blade is the perfect blend of tradition and modern technology. It is weighted to help ensure the precise amount of pressure is used and made with a sharp precision edge to ensure that the hair is sliced cleanly right at the surface of the skin, not underneath, giving you a smooth bumpless shave. This gives your skin the best look possible. With a double edge blade you can use one side, then turn the blade around and use the other side before you need to replace the blade.

Step 5 – Bevel’s Repair

Containing beneficial tea tree oil and jojoba oil, Bevel’s Repair System is the real after shave your face deserves. Not packed with skin irritants like other after shaves but with natural organic oils that are renowned globally for their healing properties. Your skin will never look better and more importantly, it will never feel better.

Final Thoughts – Should You Buy It?

Finally, a product for men that addresses your skin's unique needs and gives you what you really want. A smooth, traditional, close shave that lets your healthy skin shine through. Show the world what you are really made of!

If you haven’t tried the Bevel shave system yet, what are you waiting for? Healthy glowing skin has never been easier for you to achieve than right now. Get out there and get it!

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