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Elite Gain 350 Review

Elite Gain 350 is a nitric oxide supplement that promises to raise testosterone levels and build lean muscle mass. Here’s our Elite Gain 350 review.

What is Elite Gain 350?

Elite Gain 350 is a nutritional supplement that claims to work by raising nitric oxide levels.

By raising nitric oxide levels, Elite Gain 350 claims to also boost testosterone levels, burn fat, and build lean muscle.

The supplement also claims to contain only 100% natural ingredients. On the product’s main sales page, it lists that it has been featured in major media outlets like ESPN, Men’s Health, and Muscular Development magazine.

Some of the specific promises made by Elite Gain 350 include:

— “Be Up To 52% More Ripped”
— Increase Athletic Endurance By 42%
— Reduce “After Work Fatigue” By 47%

What does it mean to be “52% more ripped”? I’m not sure. But down below, you’ll find out how Elite Gain 350 works – or if it works at all.

How Does Elite Gain 350 Work?

Elite Gain 350 claims to work by using natural ingredients that are found to raise nitric oxide levels within the body.

By taking the capsules before the gym, you can purportedly experience increased athletic performance.

Nitric oxide supplements are popular preworkout supplements. Nitric oxide works by dilating your blood vessels, leading to increased blood flow throughout your body and your muscles. Increased blood flow means more oxygen and nutrients go to your muscles when you need them most.

The end result is better athletic performance.

But the creators of Elite Gain 350 have taken the benefits of nitric oxide one ridiculous step further. The nitric oxide formula claims that it will alter your DNA:

“Our Extreme Nitric Oxide formula literally supercharges your DNA at the molecular level to build lean toned shredded muscle even while you sleep. No added exercise is needed to see immediate results.”

Nitric oxide supplements typically advertise how they can help boost performance at the gym and complement a healthy exercise routine. Elite Gain 350, amazingly, claims to help you get an athletic build even if you’re not exercising.

That’s about all that the manufacturer of Elite Gain 350 has to say about how their supplement works. The rest of the product packaging and sales page is filled with pictures of shirtless guys surrounded by beautiful women.

Those pictures are accompanied by slogans that say things like:

“Shredded Warriors Score More Chicks: If you are a limp-minded ladies’ section boy then go buy a bottle of Gatorade, some of that disgusting powered workout smoothie, and hit the yoga room so you can do kegels and get in touch with your sensitive side.”

So not only does the manufacturer refuse to explain how the formula works, but they also resort to sexist tirades to get their point across.

Elite Gain 350 Ingredients

Elite Gain 350 makes big promises about its ingredients. It says things like it has the “#1 Original Formula” in the bodybuilding community and only “100% Natural Ingredients”.

Despite these claims, we know literally nothing about the ingredients in Elite Gain 350. The manufacturer hasn’t listed a single ingredient included in the supplement.

In other words, you’re just supposed to trust that this relatively unknown supplement manufacturer has chosen safe, effective ingredients at the right dosages.

Typically, it’s a bad idea to take any nutritional supplement without knowing the specific ingredients.

But it’s a really bad idea to take a nutritional supplement with unlisted ingredients when that supplement promises to alter your DNA, among other strange effects.

Elite Gain 350 Pricing

Red flags have probably been popping up for you throughout this review. Unlisted ingredients? Ridiculous benefit claims? No scientific studies?

If none of those things caused you to be suspicious of Elite Gain 350, then the scam-like pricing policy probably will.

Elite Gain 350 is available at a ludicrously expensive price of $117 per bottle. It also tries to lure customers into signing up for a “free” trial that will charge excessive fees to your credit card. Here are the different packages available:

— 14 Day Trial: $8 (plus automatic shipment of two full-sized bottles of Elite Gain 350 at a price of $117 each, with additional monthly shipments at $117. You need to email [email protected] or else you’ll be charged $117 per month for the rest of your life).

— 1 Bottle: $59
— 3 Bottles: $117
— 5 Bottles: $145

Very little of this information is disclosed on the main site or the ordering form. You have to visit the separate terms and conditions page to realize exactly how much you’re going to be charged.

There are also other problems with the order, like the fact that the manufacturer never tells you the full price before you confirm your order. This is done deliberately because the company charges insanely high shipping fees: shipping is calculated at 10% of the product cost.

So when you order 5 bottles, you’ll pay an enormous $14.50 shipping fee. Typically, reputable supplement makers will provide free shipping when ordering multiple bottles. That’s not the case with Elite Gain 350.

Who Makes Elite Gain 350?

Clearly, Elite Gain 350 has some serious issues with its quality, its ingredients, and its pricing policies.

So who’s responsible for the supplement?

Understandably, the company doesn’t disclose much information about itself online.

Instead, it only lists two different ways for customers to contact the company, including the customer service line at 31-20-808-606 or by email at [email protected].

The manufacturer lists its name as Multi Muscle MMA Nutraceuticals Limited. That company appears to be based in the Netherlands. However, it doesn’t appear the company has its own official website, nor does it seem like they manufacture any other supplements.

Ultimately, Elite Gain 350 is one of the most unjustifiably overpriced nitric oxide supplements we’ve ever seen. The company lists no ingredient information online, nor does it explain how it works. Nevertheless, it makes huge claims about its ability to “supercharge your DNA” and provide lean muscle mass gains with no exercise. These claims, combined with the scam-like pricing policy, make Elite Gain 350 one supplement you should absolutely avoid.

But if you still want to take a look and try it for yourself, you can head to their official page and learn more.

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  1. Idiots informed me of there ongoing charges before they stole my money, (Then i read the bottle) First off ,I have received 1 bottle by mail yesterday, so i have 14 days to cancel ! you’ve already canceled on the 21-09-2016 ! so why send me a bottle a week later? second you have Quoted me from your web site -Please note that under this plan you have paid for shipping and handling of a 30 day supply. You are delivered 60 days supply and have been given 30 days free. On the bottle it says one serve is 2 captuals & that there is a 30 day supply !! So if i have been given 30 days free
    we are even. If you don’t stay away from them wild yams , youll end up brain dead ! now piss off !! send me another reminder & i”ll blog this email ..Then i:ll post it on every site that will let me.. HAV”NT HERD FROM THEM SINCE.

  2. Yes it is a scam.
    I am concerned about what I have just purchased. I was under the impression that I would be given a free trial and only had to pay for the purchase of Elite Gain 350 AND Testinate 250.

    I discovered that my credit card will also be charged 2X $69.99 labelled “Packaging price.”

    OK I can handle that as I realise that there is a supply of 30 days for free but the charge of $69.99 (times 2) is for the other 30 days.

    What I cannot handle is: “After initial 60 days, you will be charged every 30 days and sent 30 days supply monthly.”

    What concerned me even further was that the email addresses provided did not exist.

    I gave the company the following warning and I suggest everyone else do the same.

    “I will continue to send this letter to every website associated with your product until my automatic payments form my card are cancelled. The cost to your company will be considerably greater than what you intend to steal from me.”

    Use the following addresses which I found out from other websites:
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

  3. Hi Everyone,

    I bought this product thinking that is was going to be a legit supplement and was going to enhance my training. This company is nothing but a MASSIVE SCAM! Please don’t purchase the Testinate 250 or the Elite Gain 350.

    When I was researching the item, the deal they had was that you only had to pay for shipping charges. After I purchased the items and realised they actually took $103.99 AUD out of my account for each product, I emailed them STRAIGHT away asking for a refund because I didn’t want the product anymore. Most companies would understand but these guys decided they were going to still send me the items when I didn’t want them. They gave me $50.00 off each item, which was better than nothing, but I still didn’t want it! I was under the impression that you only had to pay for shipping. I was very careful before purchasing if it said anything about paying extra but I didn’t see anything. Apparently in the very fine print in their privacy policy it says something. Extremely shifty!

    I tried sending them heaps of emails and they always reply back with generic emails which really annoyed me after a while. They asked me to send back the item to an address in the Netherlands even though I hadn’t received the items yet. It took 3 months for them to arrive at my house! In their terms and conditions, it states that you can send back the items within 10 days of purchase but that’s impossible if you receive it after 3 months.

    So when I finally received it, I opened it considering trying it. When I looked at the packaging, there was NO WAY I was going to put that garbage in my body. The packaging looks terrible and there are no ingredients listed on it.

    I’ve considered sending it back to them and trying to get a refund but it will cost me $40.00 to send back to the Netherlands. I decided that I would rather let everyone else know that it’s a MASSIVE SCAM!

    This company is trying to look like a successful American company who supply their products to big celebrities such as Dwayne Johnson (The Rock). This company is definitely not American judging by their return address. Also, I just found this video made by them and it’s actually quite entertaining. Clearly they don’t have American accents so they’ve used a programmed voice. It sounds ridiculous!

    Please don’t be as stupid as I was to buy this garbage. Save your money! I watched ‘A Current Affair’ a few weeks ago and they strongly advise you to not by supplements internationally. The reason is because your country will have its own set of food regulations that will be followed by National food providers. There was some guy on this episode who actually died from using a product like this. Please don’t use it!

    I hope this helps your decision. Please buy another product that’s from your country. I’m sure there are plenty of great supplements out there!

  4. I ordered EliteGain350 and Testinate 250. Goods arrived as promised, started using the pills a week ago and looking forward to the promised benefits.
    Would anyone say they have seen the benefits since they started using the product? Or is it early days?

    • I used them got mugged on that free trial turn out on there sight having paid 170 for two bottels i think they were amazing im on the case now for some more I was doing 110 on my shoulder in a month I start doing them 2 at time in the end.

  5. A scam Robbers I only wanted sample as advert For £2-99 trial offer But taken £99-99 pence please return to my account as I want my money back.. Stop sending any more supplies and Do Not Take any Further Money From my Account!! W A Tuson

  6. about 4 week ago I ordered this item and I cancelled it,money was talking from account could please put my money back please my account number is 60-24-66

  7. Well i made the choice to avoid the free trial and just buy 2 tubs out rite , a week later and my elite gain 350 is here I have now started them and I don’t feel I have been ripped of as far as receiving the product and not having any any money taken from my accounts goes , it seems that all the peaple who took the free trial have been ripped of , tbh honest maybe next time youse should stop being tramps and just buy a couple of tubs to see wether a there any good and stop your selfs from ending up upset

  8. I to have been conned into this scam they took£99.99 from my account which i canceled i cant get in touch with them for my refund anyone know what to do or do we all lose our money again supposed to be a trial what a laugh they seem to have gone into thin air morgan jones

  9. It’s a big scam the same happened to me payed for free trial they took £99 from my debit card nothing received can bank do some thing about those scammer

  10. I place an order coz I want the sample for ten days and on the check out is shows I had paid £99 this is ridiculous. I send an email to cancel immediately after placing coz my credit card is on arear coz of this stupid thing. Any one help how to get the money back. Thanks

  11. 5 weeks ago I asked for a 2.99 free trial WHAT a big advertised scam
    I tried for 5 weeks to get my money back still no money back I chanced this order with in 3 seconds of placeing this order

    I don’t want it I want my money back that’s all I going to a S.A.B

  12. Big scam advertised a trail at £2 99 which I went for took my card details and cancelled right away even phoned them then got an e mail for the delivery of my order yes £99 99 robbing bastards

  13. I want to cancel any further deliveries of elitegain350. All I wanted was to try them out not get conned into a subscription. Would you please ensure my request is undertaken. Thankyou chris.

  14. Oh my god masive scam this same problem with mesaid 2.99 but charged me 99.99 pounds told themdid not want it they said back you cant cancel and have 50% discount said ok just to get some money back 1month on still not received anything the authorities need to be alerted to this scam as cant go robbing people anyway to get my money back paid by debit card ?

  15. Big scam advertised a trail at £2 99 which I went for took my card details and cancelled right away even phoned them then got an e mail for the delivery of my order yes £99 99 robbing bastards

    • Hope you cancelled the monthly subscription of £48.00 that they will collect. I have done this through my credit card company. You are spot on robbing scamming bastards, never received the crap pills.

  16. It’s big scam!! I have ordered free trial samples for £4 each that’s £8 all together and few days later I found out that I have been charged 2 x £99.99 from my account! That is ridiculous!! I did cancel my orders immediately and got confirmation email about it but money taken anyway!! I’m not alone who lost £199.98 here is many of us. Time to shut them down! Btw it’s a week now and no samples either.AVOID!!

    • Same here advertised at £2 99 a bottle as a free sample test asked for card details which I did and cancelled right away for the next page said this would be a repeat order every Three months emailed them and they said the order has left there factory in Holland I threatened them to which I got an e mail back saying return the items when they arrive and they will credit me half of the price, total scam. needs us to contact e bay so they will be blocked using them.

  17. Around 10 days ago I purchased the Elite 350 trial offer. I’ve changed my mind and would like to have my money returned. Would you please facilitate this?

    Many thanks,


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