Copper Fit Speed Sleeves Review – Compression For Faster Muscle Recovery?


Copper Fit Speed Sleeves – Why Buy?

Factors like aging, running, and a fitness regimen that lasts for an extensive period of time can wreak havoc on your muscles and joints. Eventually, your muscles and joints become unable to heal as quickly as they used to, making recovery time longer and potentially more uncomfortable.

While there certainly are many supplements on the market that can address these concerns, you also may want to implement another life-style change that comes in the form of a fitness sleeve. Fitness sleeves support healthy and positive joint movement and they assist in shortening healing time so that you may get back to training and meeting your fitness goals. For those who are looking sleeves specifically designed for the elbow, ankle, and knee area, then Copper Fit Speed Sleeves may be the optimal solution.

What are Copper Fit Speed Sleeves?

Copper Fit is a brand designed for individuals of all ages and fitness levels who are looking to improve flexibility and healing time joints and muscles most affected by training, fitness, and age. The brand has developed an innovative fitness sleeve that utilizes copper ions. The copper ions are bound to the fabric deep within the fiber level during the manufacturing process. With these copper ions embedded in the fabric, the Copper Fit Speed Sleeve becomes enhanced in a manner that not only shortens muscle and joint healing time, but that also improves your circulation.

The brand’s copper ion infused sleeves have been tested and remain effective for years. Washing and using the sleeve will not deplete the copper ions. Most importantly, the copper ions used in the product are safe and environmentally friendly. As a natural mineral, there are no odd and uncomfortable side effects that occur when wearing a sleeve that houses the ions.

Why Copper?

When reviewing this product, one of the main questions that arises is why use copper in a fitness sleeve. Well, the brand makes it very clear that it chose to use copper due to its many benefits. Copper has natural properties that have been appreciated by hundreds of civilizations throughout the years. Here are just a few of the benefits that copper provides:

  • Protects your skin against the development of harmful bacteria, fungi, and microbes. In doing so, the sleeve will last longer and remain free from odors and deterioration.
  • Copper is an essential nutrient inti he body
  • Copper is recognized as one of the main nutrients that does not irritate or harm sensitive skin

As you can tell, there are many good reasons to use copper in a product. When it comes to this sleeve, the copper helps the product last longer, remain odor free, and it is also completely safe for your skin.

What are the Features of the Speed Sleeve?

Copper Fit offers three different sleeves that can be used on three of your main joints. The joints include your elbow, ankle, and knee. In using the sleeve in any of these areas, there are numerous benefits that you can enjoy from. These benefits include:

Muscle Support

As you exercise and grow older, your muscles become stiffer, sorer, and experience a higher degree of pain after you work out. The sleeve is designed to combat these issues by providing your muscles and joints with the support they need to avoid these problems. When wearing the sleeve, you will experience a significant reduction in muscle stiffness, pain, and soreness. As a result, you can enjoy from a higher degree of mobility and you can also continue to work out and go about your day without the fear of pain or discomfort.

Recovery Time

Age also affects your muscle’s ability to recover. The older you get, the longer it takes for your muscles and joint to recover from a work out. Fortunately, the compression ability and the copper ions included in the sleeve speed up the recovery time so that you can go about your day without any issues.

Enhanced Circulation and Oxygenation

The compression ability and copper ions in the sleeve also lend themselves to enhanced circulation and oxygenation of your working muscles. With enhanced circulation, more nutrients and minerals reach your muscles, thereby giving them the essential elements that they to heal faster and experience less pain. The improved circulation not only benefits your muscles, but it also improves your body’s organ and circulatory system for a healthier and stronger body.

Warms Muscles to Prevent Strain and Fatigue

Strain and fatigue are challenging and inconvenient side effects work working out at an older age. Fortunately, the muscle sleeve also works to keep your muscles warm. The warms helps your muscles heal faster and it also prevents the fatigue that can cause you to feel tired and drained.

No Chaffing and Rashes

The copper ions also keep the sweat away from the body because it is absorb into the depths of the sleeve. By creating a layer between the skin and sweat, you can avoid the development of painful chaffing and rashes. As for the sleeve, if you are concerned about the absorbed sweat, then no need to worry. Washing the sleeve will keep it clean and the copper ions will still remain intact.

Ordering Copper Fit

Copper Fit can be ordered from the manufacturer’s website. The sleeve is currently priced at $19.99 and for now, there is a “buy-1 get-1 free” deal going on. Therefore, if you order soon, you can get two sleeves for the prince of one. The second sleeve also needs to be in the same style as the original sleeve you ordered. In addition to the $19.99 price for the sleeve, you also need to factor in the cost of shipping and handling.

The product also comes with a 30day money back guarantee, which does not include the price you paid for shipping and handling. Chances are though, you are going to love the product so much that you will not need to use the return policy.

 Summary Of The Speed Sleeves

Overall, if you are looking for a high quality and effective compression sleeve for your muscles and joints, then this product is it. It is made with quality materials like polyester, spandex, and copper fibers. The lightweight material makes it easy for you to move and best of all, the price is reasonable and you get a second product for free when you order soon.

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