Copper Fit Pro – Performance & Recovery Compression Sleeves?


CopperFit Pro is the latest version of the popular As Seen On TV CopperFit compression garments. Find out if they’re worth the price today in our review.

What is CopperFit Pro?

CopperFit Pro is a new and improved lineup of copper-infused compression garments. The original CopperFit lineup has been sold online and through infomercials for the past year (you may have seen the Brett Favre commercials).

Now, the company behind CopperFit recently released their Pro lineup. These new and improved products are heavy duty and used to strategically target pain center points throughout the body.

CopperFit Pro is available online for around $30 for an elbow or knee sleeve.

CopperFit Pro Features

-Compression bands are “strategically patterned” in the garment to target known pain center points

-Helps to relieve pain and inflammation

-Improves recovery and performance

-Guaranteed relief of muscle aches and pains or your money back

How Does CopperFit Pro Work?

CopperFit Pro works similar to the original CopperFit lineup: the key mechanism here is the copper-infused compression fabric. That fabric fits snugly over your knee, elbow, or other joints. The copper-infused fibers help reduce odor and bacteria in the compression garments.

The Pro adds the effectiveness of compression bands to the mix. These compression bands are located around the compression garments. Here’s how the makers of CopperFit Pro describe their technology:

“High performance copper infused compression, woven with targeted kinesiology technology to aid in faster recovery & performance and guaranteed relief of muscle aches and pains.”

You’re encouraged to use the CopperFit Pro while working out, exercising, playing sports, or just moving around on a normal day. Like other compression sleeves, it will boost your circulation, helping to relieve pain and inflammation while also possibly reducing your risk of injury.

CopperFit Pro Pricing

CopperFit Pro is priced at a simple flat rate. The rate never changes no matter how you mix and match, or how the sizes change. Here’s how pricing works out:

-Elbow Sleeves (Medium, Large, or XL): $19.99 per elbow sleeve (free shipping)

-Knee Sleeves (Medium, Large, XL, or XXL): $19.99 per knee sleeve (free shipping)

Shipping is free to US addresses (you’ll need to pay $10 extra to ship to Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, US Virgin Islands, and Alaska).

All purchases come with a 30 day money back guarantee, although shipping will be deducted from your order.

Interestingly, all CopperFit Pro purchases come with 50 issues of Sports Illustrated. There is no autobill shipment nor hidden fees included with this offer. You won’t be automatically charged when the subscription runs out. It’s genuinely 50 free issues of Sports Illustrated.

CopperFit Pro Material

CopperFit Pro is made from 82% polyester and 14% spandex jersey and 4% copper ion fiber with high-wicking modacrylic fiber composition.

Who Makes CopperFit Pro?

CopperFit Pro is made by the same company that made the original: Idea Village Products Corp. They’re one of the biggest companies in the As Seen On TV industry.

You can get in touch with CopperFit Pro by phone at 855-721-3327 or by email at [email protected].

What Do Customers Have to Say About CopperFit Pro?

The original CopperFit product lineup came with mostly positive reviews, although customers indicated that the products were normal compression garments – just at a higher price tag. It was unclear if the copper helped to protect the compression garments against additional odor and bacteria. Some customers also complained that the CopperFit compression garments lost their elasticity over time.

CopperFit Pro is likely to suffer from the same problems. early customer reviews online are mostly positive (3.4 stars out of 5 with 521 customer reviews). Customers praise the compression garments for offering additional protection against sports injuries and a noticeable reduction in pain.

Like other As Seen On TV product reviews, you also get a lot of people warning you to watch out for counterfeits. Many of the orders on Amazon complained that they received a fake product. You also get a large number of suspiciously positive reviews.

Should You Buy CopperFit Pro?

CopperFit Pro is another elbow sleeve or knee sleeve brought to you by the same people who made the original CopperFit. Just like the original, CopperFit Pro has copper-infused compression fabric that claims to reduce your risk of injuries while enhancing your ability to recover from athletic activity.

The only difference between the original and Pro is that the Pro version comes with compression bands “strategically patterned” into the garment to target known pain center points.

Priced at $20 per sleeve (with no bulk discounts available), the CopperFit Pro is more expensive than your average compression sleeve. However, some may be willing to pay a higher price for the unique appearance – and resistance – of the gold compression bands woven into the sleeves.


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