Conture Skin Enhancement System – Kinetic Skin Toning Serum?


As we age, our skin loses its elasticity, its firmness, and its tone. What this leaves us with is dull looking, tired skin that ages us. The long list of facial treatments, lotions, and serums, along with countless hours spent at a spa can all seem like such a daunting experience.

What if you could bring the spa treatment home with you? Give yourself spa inspired facial treatments in the comfort of your own home, without the unmanageable costs associated with spa treatments. Conture Science has developed a way you can have it all, making the anti-aging process one that you can manage on your own and without the need for invasive treatments.

The Conture Skin Enhancement System

The Conture Skin Enhancment System is a state of the art, skin tightening tool similar to what is used in medi spa’s to treat aging skin. This Kinetic Skin Toning System was inspired by treatments provided by professional medical spas. With over 250,000 hours of clinical testing, you can safely have smoother, more vibrant skin in just minutes a day.

This safe, painless, and noninvasive system uses isometric compression combined with low frequency vibrations to gently stimulate and tone skin for a more youthful looking appearance. Similar to the systems used by professionals in medi spas, this easy to use technology has been shown time and time again to enhance the skin's youthful appearance, making it look more radiant.

The combination of isometric compression and low frequency vibrations are used to stimulate blood flow in the outer layers of the skin, allowing more oxygenated blood to reach the surface. Clinical studies have shown that this method carries much more effective results than the use of topicals alone.

Conture Skin Enhancement System Clinical Study

The Conture Skin Enhancement System underwent an 8 week independent clinical study, and the improvements users saw were outstanding. Brighter skin, better elasticity, diminished fine lines, and facial firmness all lead to a smoother and more even complexion.

After just 8 weeks of regular use, customers have reported noticeable differences in their skin's appearance. So much so, that there was a reported 91% in the skin's radiance, a 79% improvement in the appearance of crow's feet, and an 85% improvement in the texture of the skin.

The Conture Kinetic Skin Toning System is easy to use and it is designed to easily become a part of your existing beauty routine, with very little effort. It’s just like having a medi spa in your own home.

How To Use Conture Skin Enhancement System At Home:

  • Start with clean skin. The Conture works best on cleansed skin, so make sure your face is thoroughly cleaned before using.
  • Select a focus area before you start. Decide where you are going to focus your treatment on your face or neck: jawline and jowls, neck and decollete, cheeks, forehead, and brow.
  • Apply your topical treatment. Apply a pea sized amount of Kinetic Treatment Serum to each desired treatment area before every treatment.
  • Turn on your device and select a setting. Turn on the power button on the back of your device and choose the setting that best suits your focus area. “Face”is the default setting, and this works well for most facial areas.
  • Tone the treatment area by slowly gliding the device upwards in an arch form, then lower slowly to cover your selected treatment area. Glide the device every 3-5 pulses, or a maximum of 5 seconds before each glide. You can repeat this motion as many times as needed to fully cover the treatment area. It is important to ensure the treatment head is firmly pressed against the skin to create a vacuum seal.
  • When you complete your treatment, you can enjoy your perfect skin by applying either the Kinetic AM Ignition Lotion, or Kinetic PM Recovery Creme, along with your desired lotion or creme. You can easily maintain the look and feel of your toned skin with the continuous use of the Conture Kinetic Skin Toning System.


With 2 Conture Kinetic Skin Toning Systems, you can choose between:

  • The Single Speed Conture $199.00
  • Three Speed Conture $299.00

The Conture Travel Case and the additional Treatment Heads are available at an additional cost.

Additional Topical Products To Complete Your Spa Experience Are Available.

The Kinetic Treatment Serum, as previously mentioned, works exceptionally well when used along with the Kinetic Toning System. The Kinetic Treatment Serum is available for purchase for $56.00.

Conture carries an extensive line of specialized lotions, creams, masks, and serums to meet your every need, and to work in perfect conjunction with the Kinetic Toning System. All of which can be purchased on the website, and along with your Kinetic Toning System.

With your purchase, you can now have the benefits of a spa treatment, without leaving your home. Save time and money, and be able to pamper yourself without appointments or preplanning. This treatment system is so easy to use, you can deliver your own spa treatment daily, as a part of your daily regimen.

What’s even more impressive is that the Conture website has an abundance of tips and videos, all to ensure you get the best out of your Kinetic Toning System. Videos are available to show you step by step how to use your system, and the best way to get the results you expect.

At Conture, your skin is their priority. This system is dermatologist tested and recommended, and is pain free and non-invasive. The Kinetic Toning System works to improve your favorite skin care products, while diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

How to Order Conture Skin Enhancement System

Order now and your kit will include the Conture Skin Toning Device, the Kinetic Treatment Serum, a USB charging cord, instructions, Conture Focus Treatment Head, USB universal charger, free ground shipping.

All of this can be yours if you purchase now, for $19.99, plus an additional $49.99 a month for four (4) months.

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