Closca Water Bottle & Smart App – Magnetic Strap For On The Go?


One of the largest sources of single use plastics comes from convenient water bottles. The makers of Closca Water Bottle & Smart App aim to change this by offering a sleek, beautifully designed smart bottle that helps reduce consumer’s impact on the planet by reducing water bottle use.

Currently under a Kickstarter Campaign, interested consumers still have a few weeks to get in on the promotional prices as part of this funding period. By backing the campaign consumers can get their own Closca Water Bottle & Smart App for thirty to fifty percent off.

Please read below to learn more about this product and the associated Kickstarter Campaign.

What Is The Closca Water Bottle & Smart App?

Easy to clean and dishwasher safe making them super convenient to use, these bottles offer two access points allowing users to simply fill the base with ice and drink out of the narrow mouth.

The neoprene wrap gives users lots of options and ways to attach this bottle to backpacks, bikes, and strollers keeping it secure and convenient.

How Does the Closca Water Bottle & Smart App Work?

Creators of the Closca Water Bottle & Smart App plan to use the funds from this Kickstarter Campaign to fund the tandem app development.

The goal is to have an app where users of the Closca Bottle can easily see refill locations nearby where they can access free water. The included locations will be coffee shops and cafes where they will be happy to refill the Closca bottle for free.

Users of Apple and Android devices will both be able to access this app.

Kickstarter Campaign Details

Currently this campaign will be fully funded. With just twenty two days to go the Kickstarter campaign has raised over $44,000 in pledges.

Funds from this campaign are being funneled directly into developing the tandem app.

Closca Water Bottle & Smart App Pricing

As with all Kickstarter campaigns backers can receive certain perks like discounted products.

Backers who pledge $34.00 will receive one Closca Bottle slated to be shipped anywhere in the world in February of 2018.

Pledges of $49.00 or more will give backers a Closca bottle plus one accessory. The accessories they can chose from include a tea infuser mesh insert or a nipple adaptor for babies.

Pledges of $68.00 entitle the backer to two Closca bottles and pledges of $89.00 will include three bottles.

Small businesses may want to consider backing this Kickstarter campaign at the $500.00 which entitles them to twenty Closca bottles shipped anywhere in the world and pledges of $2,000 or more come with ninety Closca bottles.

Should You Use the Closca Water Bottle & Smart App?

Consumer show enjoy backing the next new thing will love this innovative water bottle. By backing during the Kickstarter Campaign consumers will be able to purchase their own bottle for a reduced price compared to the anticipated retail price of $49.00 per bottle.

With fewer than thirty days left on the Kickstarter Campaign interested consumer should get their pledges in quickly if they want to get their hands on a discounted price for the Closca Bottle.

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