Clean Machine – Fresh Smelling Super Cleaning Washing Tablets?


Keeping your clothes, bedding, towels and linen is a daily task that is critical in ensuring your long term health, removing the buildup of harmful bacteria and pathogens from the surface of your household items. Due to the repetitive nature of washing clothes, over 88% of all homes in the United States use a washing machine to clean their clothes and linen. While washing machines have been conclusively proven to be more hygienic and safer than hand washing, maintaining the cleanliness of your washing machine is an important factor.

Clean Machine is a revolutionary new formulation of washing machine cleaning tables that take the hard work out of removing calcium, bacterial and plaque build up in your washing machine, safely cleaning all of the internal components of the machine to leave it free from scum, bacterial and residue. Clean Machine Super Cleaning Washer Tablets penetrate deeply into the inner mechanisms of your washing machine to neutralize musty odors, dissolve built up dirt and flush away stubborn dirt.

What is Clean Machine?

Unlike other washing machine cleaning tablets available on the market, Clean Machine uses a skin safe, non toxic formula that is able to cut through grease, dirt and food deposits without leaving dangerous chemical residue. Using a slow dissolving concentrated cleansing formula that safely scrubs any washing machine without damaging internal machine components. The gentle but powerful composition of the Clean Machine Super Cleaning Washer Tablets remove 99.9% of pathogens and bacteria that can build up inside your washing machine.

A recent study conducted by the Journal of Medical Mycology has demonstrated the dangers of allowing bacterial, yeasts and calcium to build up in your washing machine. The mineral deposits that build up over time inside a washing machine can become breeding grounds for yeasts and fungi, which cannot be removed by everyday washing machine cleaning tablets. Of the 177 household washing machines selected for examination by the Journal of Medical Mycology researchers, over 15% tested positive for fungi.

The fungi found in these washing machines were most commonly Exophiala dermatitidis and phaeomuriformis, two types of black yeast that can cause severe health complications, such as respiratory diseases, immune system complications and even severe lung infections. As young children are more susceptible to these types of illnesses, maintaining the cleanliness of your washing machine is pivotal in ensuring the long term health of your family.

Clean Machine Super Cleaning Washer Tablets are formulated to completely eliminate the root source of these yeast deposits, scrubbing away gunk, residue and mineral deposits. Cleaning your washing machine with Clean Machine also results in more efficient washing machine performance, cutting down on the running cost of your washing machine, resulting in lower power consumption and utility bills. Working in a similar fashion to tablets created to clean cookware dishwashers, Clean Machine leaves your machine like new after every use.

The composition of the Clean Machine Super Cleaning Washer Tablets is designed to linger in the machine after a cleaning cycle. After placing a tablet in the machine, running a cleaning cycle is as simple a turning the machine on for a full wash cycle. Any load of washing cleaned with the same machine afterwards will be fresher, cleaner and freer from dirt residue, resulting in an overall more powerful wash

Clean Machine Pricing and Availability

Clean Machine Super Cleaning Washer Tablets are available from the Clean Machine website and are sold in batches of six month supplies, priced at the incredibly low price of $10 USD with an additional $6.95 USD postage and handling. Far more cost effective for even just one professional washing machine cleaning or maintenance cleaning service, the Clean Machine washer cleaning solution is the easiest way to keep your washer clean and fresh in the long term.

Clean Machine is currently running a special promotion in which consumers are offered an additional six months supply of Clean Machine Super Cleaning Washer Tablets for free, with only the additional shipping fee to pay. This deal offers an entire year supply of Clean Machine for just $23.90 USD. If you’re looking for an easy to use, simple and effective method of keeping your washing machine clean, Clean Machine is the ultimate washer cleaning solution.

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