ScrubTastic – Rechargeable Spinning Cleaner Worth It?


Scrubtastic is a way to clean out your bathtub, shower or sink without the use of harsh chemicals. Read this review to find out about Scrubtastic today.

What is Scrubtastic?

Scrubtastic is a way for you to clean your household sinks and fixtures without all the hard work that is typically associated with scrubbing sinks. This system will help you turn your sinks into like they were before.

They created ScrubTastic because it’s simple, sinks get dirty. They get mildewed and rusted, and ScrubTastic will be able to help you return your sinks back to their normal working order.

There are more than 300 RPM of high torque scrubbing powers with the scrubtastic, so you know that you’re getting a very intensive scrub for your bathtub or sink according to the makers of ScrubTastic.

But the ScrubTastic isn’t just for sinks and tubs, according to the makers. It’s also for the use of cleaning ovens and other kitchen appliances. It works through the use of the strong rotating brushes. You cannot get the ScrubTastic brush in stores, and it is not available on TV either. The only place you can buy it apparently is online.

But supposedly it’s one of the most powerful tools you can use to clean in your household. The ScrubTastic is not like other cleaning tools you’ve likely seen. They claim it will absolutely change everything for you when it comes to cleaning.

How Does ScrubTastic Work?

The brushes on the ScrubTastic brush are designed to strip away, dirt, grime and mildew. They claim that calcium deposits and rust spots will be a thing of the past once you start using the ScrubTastic.  It has a ultra-high torque cleaning brush, that will take down all the dirty grime you’ve been trying to remove with elbow grease. The ScrubTastic is fully rechargeable and requires no cords or similar hassles when it is used.

The ScrubTastic is completely versatile and 100% pressure engaged, through the use of your normal water hookup. You won’t have to deal with hours of kneeling down, scrubbing until your arms hurt anymore. This is according to makers of the ScrubTastic.

Use it on bathtubs, high up tiles on showers where calcium deposits form and in any area where you think, scrubbing and cleansing is needed. According to the manufacturers and from the research

The ScrubTastic Cleaner works through the use of ScrubTastic wands. The wands are versatile and can be used to scrub off just about anything you can imagine, in your household. It’s a difficult job, scrubbing toilets. But with the use of the ScrubTastic, you can count on making those hard jobs much easier to complete, without all the needles pain that usually accompanies the processes.

Again, this is all according to the makers of the ScrubTastic. Another great way you can use the ScrubTastic, is when cleaning your car’s rims. There are not a lot of tools out there, designed to help you clean in the way the ScrubTastic does.

What Do You Get With The Scrubtastic?

According to the makers of the ScrubTastic, you get one of the most versatile Kitchen tools the world has ever seen. They seriously say that with their tool, nothing will be able to stop you from getting your home cleaner than you ever thought possible.

Apparently, the best part is, you can use it on boats and RVs as well. There isn’t a job the ScrubTastic won’t handle according to the manufacturer's. It rotates at over 300 RPM and can knock off dirt and dust, without damaging the surface of the item you’re cleaning. They claim, the ScrubTastic, will literally change your life, from a cleaning standpoint.

How Much Does Scrubtastic Cost?

Apparently, for a limited time offer, the ScrubTastic is available for purchase for the price of $39.99 for two of them. That includes the ScrubTastic Cleaner, plus two powered extension wands. They claim, you will not find a better deal on any cleaning appliances anywhere in the world.

Basically, it comes down to making your life easier by making cleaning easy. They talk about how painful it can be to be on your knees, all day, scrubbing and working hard to remove dirt and grime from your kitchen, car and bathroom. And that with the help of the ScrubTastic, you won’t have to worry about all those issues any longer.

What Are Customers Saying About ScrubTastic?

Another application they claim works is on the tracks of your shower doors. All of those areas that people tend to hate cleaning, are easily cleaned with the ScrubTastic. Customers are genuinely amazed it seems after reading reviews of the product. On sites like Amazon, the scrubtastic received a 4 out 5 stars and is widely reviewed as one of the best cleaning products on the market today.


  • Easy to use and hookup
  • Will knock off, hard to hit dirt and grime
  • Designed to be used in any household


  • Not sure how long it lasts
  • Still needs to be used by a person

Scrubtastic Review Summary

Yes, if you are cleaning and can’t take scrubbing all day on your hands and knees. The ScrubTastic could be the exact cleaning tool you’ve been looking for. After reading countless reviews, it’s simple, the tool works as directed and intended. It seems like this tool is one of the best cleaning tools on the market and will help you as intended.


  1. Well, I thought about ordering this product but I can see they have a horrible customer service department. Why would Clorox be associated or have a product they can’t supply? I’m shocked and very disappointed with Clorox. Shame on you. Won’t be dealing with you from now on.

  2. I ordered Nov. 1st. and it is Feb. 3rd still no product ! 3 MONTHS ! Have called several times to be told sorry back ordered, do not know when they will be delivered. Absolutely the worst customer service ever ! I will go to BBB or Atty. General next.

    • Ordered the same day as you. I did get a postcard giving me the opportunity to opt out by 01/11/17. I didn’t opt out but am still waiting.

  3. The phone number to scrubtastic is 1-855-721-3340 This is what you will be told. I called a month after my first order on November 16th, I was told there was a 2 week back order. So I called today and was told that they were on back order and I told them I had already been told that and he said sorry for the inconvenience. I was told they back order is now 2-4 weeks. If I do not get any results by the end of January I will be contacting the attorney generals office and reporting them so lets hope they do the right thing. Never again if I want something I will order the product or something similar on amazon because they take care of their customers.

  4. I order my scrubtastic November 15 and today it is 12/16 and I still have not received it. I can not find a number where to call.

  5. I ordered 2 brushes and updated them for the better on 11-8 and as of today 12-7-16, I have not received either of them.

  6. I ordered the scrubtastic on 10/27/16. Today is 12/05/16 and I still haven’t received it. When I placed the order it stated that “most orders will be received within 7 workdays after the order is placed.” I’ve called the number twice already to inquire about the order. The first time I was told that they were having computer problems. When I called today I was told that the product is on backorder, and the manufacture hasn’t provided a ship date. I’m concerned that I wasn’t notified immediately when the order was placed that it will be on backorder. I never received any notification about the order. Waiting six weeks is rediculous! If this order isn’t received Thursday, 12/08/16, I’m going to cancel it. Worst possible customer service.

  7. Scrubtastic order. I ordered on Oct.29,2016. The order site indicated 2-3 weeks free shipping. Todays date is Dec.2,2016 and have not received anything – not even and e-mail about my order. Very poor customer service. I could have ordered the item from a catalog and have it by now. I will tell my friends about how this company does not care about its customers.

  8. Scrubtastic order. I ordered a scrubtastic on Oct 4, 2016 with extras. The order site I indicated 2-4 weeks free shipping. It is now Dec 2, 2016 2 months later and have not received anything.
    When I called, I was told ‘sorry’ no idea of when it will be shipped, probably not until into the new year.
    Oh well,that’s just way it is, we’re busy.
    Very unethical, not a happy purchaser.

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