CICO Diet – Calories In, Calories Out Weight Loss Plan On Reddit?


Dieting is one of the most unpleasant, unsatisfying, and challenging experiences for most men and women – especially when results are hard to come by. Those who are tired of adopting ineffective and unreliable diets may want to consider one that has the web raving for its ability to promote outstanding results. This new diet first appeared on Reddit and since, it has become one of the most popular go-to options for men and women of all fitness levels and conditions.

With that, this review would like to introduce users to the CICO Diet, which stands for “calories in, calories out.” Those who try this revamped approach to dieting may finally be able to develop a figure that they can be pleased with and better yet, it isn’t difficult like most other options.

What is the CICO Diet?

The CICO Diet is a simple concept and it is founded upon the notion that men and women can have an easier time losing weight as long as they monitor the calories in and the calories out. Essentially, those who adopt this system should be burning more calories than they take in on a daily basis. When users burn more calories that they take in, the body starts to tap into its fat reserves for energy, ultimately leading to a slimming effect.

To date, those who have added the CICO diet to their lifestyle have been extremely pleased by the results. To verify the satisfaction levels of this diet, all that is necessary is a visit to Reddit. Those who read the pages of posts about the topic will find that men and women were able to torch a significant amount of weight over the course of a few weeks.

Eat Favorite Foods – Just Less

Those who adopt this dieting system can be tricky for one reason, which is that users need to learn to strike a balance between calorie intake and output. While users can certainly eat their favorite foods, the only caveat is that they should eat less of them. As one reddit users explained, “I eat everything I want to eat, just less of it.” This way, users do not need to worry about limiting themselves and feeling constrained with their diet options. Instead, they can lead a versatile diet that includes their favorite food options and actually enjoy from the day to day. By adhering to the CICO Diet, users will slowly start to notice significant changes that lead to major results.

Creating a Calorie Deficit

The key to succeeding with the CICO Diet is to create a calorie deficient – the difficulty is actually doing it. To ensure that one is consuming fewer calories than they take in on a daily basis, it is necessary to take a number of actions, which are as follows:

Consume Less

The first way to create a calorie deficit with this system is to consume less. Users should be consuming fewer calories than they take in and to do that, they need to track their calorie intake and the calories expended. The good news is that there are some helpful calculators on the market – or users can use the traditional method of simply creating a list in a notebook so that they are tracking it themselves.

Amp Up Physical Activity

The second opportunity for expending calories is to increase one’s physical activity. By increasing one’s physical activity and consuming less on a daily basis, users will be burning more and end up in a calorie deficit – so long as they do things right. For those who are unware, one of the best workouts to burn calories is high intensity interval training or for those who love cardio, then to simply practice ongoing cardio routines. The journey to burn a great deal of calories may be tough, but it is well worth it, so long as users can stick with it.

By following the above steps, users can be well on their way to developing a slimmer, firmer, and more attractive figure. Another consideration that users may want to take into account is that muscles burn fat as well. The more muscle mass, the more calories users will burn as they adopt the CICO diet.

The Recommended Starting Point

The CICO Diet isn’t for everyone, but for those who do want to give it a try, the recommended starting point for both men and women is 1500 calories per day. The normal amount of calories for most people is 2000, but keeping it just below the average figure means that users are likely burning more than they are taking in.

According to many weight loss and fitness professionals, it is also beneficial to adopt a routine that adheres so what experts call “calorie consciousness.” This is essentially the practice of looking at one’s meals every time and asking the question of whether there is wholesome, nutritious, and high-quality food on one’s plate. If the answer is yet, the calories consumed are probably low and they are ones that will keep users full and satisfied throughout the day so that they can avoid adding more calories to their diet that come in the form of harmful and fattening snacks.

The Benefits of the CICO Diet

There are many benefits to be had when one adds the CICO Diet to their lifestyle. Here are the main advantages of this system so that users know what to look forward to:

Considering Food Choices

First, one of the main advantages of the CICO Diet is that it prompts men and women to take a better look at what they eat. While they can certainly add their favorite foods to their diet such as sweet treats, fried foods, and the like, they really need to limit their intake of them because they can be calorie bombs. Instead, users are prompted to make smarter choices that lead to better health solutions and a slimmer figure.

Easy to Follow

Second, once users get the hand of the system and learn how to adequately count their calories on a daily basis, the CICO Diet really does become easy to follow. In time, users will be well on their way to developing a slimmer and leaner figure and they’ll master the art of counting calories and managing what they eat.

Appropriate for Everyone

Finally, the CICO Diet is an appropriate weight loss system for men and women of all ages, fitness levels, and backgrounds. Those who visit forums about this diet will find that the majority of individuals who have adopted it into their lifestyle have experienced outstanding and life-changing outcomes. The only caveat is to make sure that one is following the system as directed and on a daily basis.

Clearly, there are many benefits to be had when one adds the CICO Diet to their lifestyle will find that they are making the right decision for their weight loss and health journey.

CICO Diet Summary

Ultimately, the CICO Diet is not a system that “reinvents the wheel” so to say. The concept of burning more calories than one consumes has been around for a long time – but people are just starting to take it seriously. Those who do start to follow it and to make it their go-to solution for weight loss are likely to find it very successful.

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