Celavive Skincare – Usana InCelligence Cell-Signalling Beauty Products?


To achieve healthy skin, it starts from the inside out. The difficulty with much of the anti-aging products on the market is they act as a ‘Band-Aid’ type solution, versus correcting the problem areas. Getting to the root of the cause, deep at the cellular level.

USANA, is launching a new skin care line called Celavive – with the focus being on just that – cellular. The complex found in the new product line are composed of two (2) bioactive peptides and two (2) botanical extracts. Together the two work to combat and correct visible signs of aging.

Keeping in mind, signs of aging are not always defined by your age, lifestyle, environment and stress are all contributing factors. Which is why, addressing the rejuvenation deeper than the surface is the key to healthier looking skin. Through its use, you can expect to reduce the visibility of both fine lines and wrinkles by its target of the skin receptors.

In addition, the Celavive Skincare helps support the existing lipid production your body currently develops. This will not only help to promote healthy skin but will also help collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid – all of which create younger looking skin.

The Magic Behind Celavive Skincare

USANA have been leaders in the world of health and nutrition, so launching a skin care line as sophisticated as this one, only made sense. What makes them unique with the Incelligence Technology, is the ability to be able to address a person’s skin care needs on an individual basis.

What does this mean? Well, because of the nutrient combination, it is able to essentially wake up your cells and start the natural, renewing process. This goes beyond any skin care you have seen before – cutting edge in fact.

So, because they recognize that not all skin is created the same – this approach was pivotal. With this type of technology Celavive can respond uniquely to enhancing, or repairing a variety of skin tones and textures. Meanwhile, working from an anti-aging approach to reduce the visible signs of aging, as mentioned above.

Imagine having the ability to reach a cellular level to combat the signs of, getting older.

How Is This Possible with Celavive Skincare?

Aside from the research and world leaders involved in its creation and production, by using natural botanicals and powerful peptides it allows communication in your body that allows for healthy skin activity.

You can expect brighter more radiant skin in addition improving complexion, texture, and all things you would expect from healthy looking skin. But, it is not only about how it looks now is it? The fact that this technology is cellular based is different. It is not simply a ‘mask it type of approach’, which in turn allows for long lasting results.

What is Incelligence?

This is the coined terms USANA has used to describe the technology in the Celavive line. From the botanical extracts to the bioactive peptides, the word Incelligence encompasses it all!

More About USANA

USANA is a direct sales business model offering what is described as the most effective nutritional supplements available in the world. And, more importantly they are made affordable to the consumer within this business approach.

They have won multiple awards for their products and for their business opportunity offerings. Disclaiming that they understand health and all it encompassed, supplements, nutrition, financial and with the launch of Celavive, skin care.

Where to Find out More About Celavive Skincare

Because the official launch of the Celavive Skincare has not happened yet, you are able to visit their website for more information as it becomes available.

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