In the past several years, there has been a shift in the nutritional and dietary supplement industry. After several companies were outed as falsifying their ingredient labels and others were found to include more fillers than active ingredients, customers became extra vigilant.

With people researching ingredients and dosages more closely, many supplement businesses began to change their ways. However, this shift in the industry also caused many athletes and fitness professionals to take their supplemental health into their own hands, beginning companies of their own.

These companies didn’t have the stigma associated with those who had created poor quality products and, right out the gate, focused on quality and the highest standards. Catalyst Nutrition is one of the newer supplement companies in the industry.

With a dedicated focus on creating the best of the best athletic supplements using the highest quality ingredients, all properly dosed, Catalyst Nutrition has quickly become one of the most popular companies for those concerned with their health and fitness.

What Is Catalyst Nutrition?

Catalyst Nutrition is a company that creates professional grade supplements for those who want the extra support during their workouts and athletic endeavors.

Those who spend their time strengthening and bettering their bodies put in a lot of time, energy, and effort. Catalyst Nutrition believes that it should put just as much hard work into its supplements in order to get the best results.

By working hard to find the best ingredients and determining the most effective doses, Catalyst Nutrition has been able to support its customers in efficient and effective ways.

All Catalyst Nutrition supplements start in the same place, with extensive research. Catalyst Nutrition has become synonymous with research, spending a huge amount of time going over the latest studies and the newest ingredients in the industry.

Only once these ingredients have been proven to work and provide the right benefits for athletes will Catalyst Nutrition even consider putting them in a supplement. And, Catalyst Nutrition uses scientifically backed doses for all its ingredients, making sure users are actually getting the support they need for real results.

Even though Catalyst Nutrition products are designed to support athletic lifestyles, the supplements are perfect for those who may not consider themselves top tier athletes. Because of the quality of the ingredients, Catalyst Nutrition supplements give professionals the optimal focus and recovery they need.

However, those who work out once or twice a week will also find Catalyst Nutrition products beneficial, allowing people of varying fitness levels to find the support they need with Catalyst Nutrition supplements.

What Makes Catalyst Nutrition Different?

Many supplement companies are run out of board rooms, where groups of people who don’t even visit the gym weigh the pros and cons of ingredients they may never use. Catalyst Nutrition is different because it is a company started by athletes for athletes.

Because the founders of Catalyst Nutrition were unsatisfied with the supplement options on the market, they banded together to offer people in their position better options.

Using the expertise of scientists and the insight provided by athletes, Catalyst Nutrition has been able to make some of the most effective nutritional supplements on the market.

And, while Catalyst Nutrition started as a fitness brand, the company hopes to continue to grow, providing well-being products for its customers, further supporting a healthy lifestyle.

As mentioned briefly above, Catalyst Nutrition is extremely dedicated to using the best ingredients in the right doses, another reason it is so different from other options on the market. Every single ingredient used in Catalyst Nutrition products were added to the formulations for a specific reason, not just to take up space.

These ingredients, no matter how small a dose it may seem, were blended because they offered the functions the supplements needed. Because each Catalyst Nutrition supplement is so carefully crafted, each one will react differently with the body.

For example, the Catalyst pre-workout formulation will cause a spike in energy and blood flow. However, the protein products won’t be felt by the body, instead working at a cellular level to support the health and fitness of users.

Finally, Catalyst Nutrition works extremely hard to help its customers make the right purchasing choices. Often, supplement companies assume that people coming to purchase products know exactly what they want and how those supplements will benefit them.

Even though Catalyst Nutrition knows that many athletes do know exactly what they want, the company also recognizes that some people need a little extra information.

In order to support those who would like this information, Catalyst Nutrition provides support and resources, allowing customers to educate themselves before making a purchase.

Catalyst Nutrition does not want its customers to feel pressured into buying something without knowing exactly why that product will help them, which is why education is so important to the company.

Products Sold By Catalyst Nutrition

As mentioned above, Catalyst Nutrition is more focused on creating the best supplement formulas rather than the most supplements.

Because Catalyst Nutrition is so focused on quality over quantity, the company only offers three supplements at the moment. However, these supplements are considered the best in their categories.

A description of the three Catalyst Nutrition supplements and their prices can be found below.

Genesis Pre-Workout Formula ($49.99) –

This pre-workout formulation was developed to power both the body and the mind, bringing them together to fuel and power the most efficient workouts.

With this dual approach to working out, the supplement is able to improve focus and drive while simultaneously energizing and pushing the body to new lengths.

Ignite Fat Burner ($54.99) –

Catalyst Nutrition created this fat burning formulation to be more efficient, packing it full of active ingredients so users get the results they need in less time.

Instead of concentrating its ingredients, Catalyst Nutrition includes higher dosages so users can take smaller servings and still get amazing results.

AminoLink BCAA Formula ($39.99) –

Because amino acids are so vital for building muscle, the BCAA formula created by Catalyst Nutrition needed to be as pure as possible.

Using the best combinations of amino acids, Catalyst Nutrition has been able to make a supplement that builds muscle and supports protein synthesis.

Catalyst Nutrition Summary

For more information on the supplements described above, as well as the 20% discount Catalyst Nutrition offers for referrals, interested customers can visit the company website.


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