Care Plus Anti Insect Products – Effective Against Stinging Insects?


Care Plus is a brand that has been created to provide health care products for people who travel regularly in various countries in which travelers sometimes arrive unprepared against the potential threats present. Care Plus provides their customers with functional, efficient and high quality hygienic products, first aids kits, sun protection and anti insect solutions.

Care Plus Anti Insect Products are an essential addition to people’s travel kit as there are insects everywhere in the world. Although many insects are solely annoying many of them can turn out to be dangerous as they carry highly dangerous viruses such as Malaria or Dengue Fever. On the Care Plus website alongside various products such as Anti-Insect sprays, impregnated mosquito nets and socks, people will find tips on how efficiently prevent bites. Using Care Plus Anti Insect products as well as following three golden rules on how to prevent bites and stings will efficiently reduce risk of getting bitten.

Care Plus 3 Golden Rules to Prevent Bites and Stings

Traveling to places located for example in South America or Tropical Africa can be, even though magnificent, a dangerous experience due to the large amount of insects that can transfer infectious diseases. Although whilst traveling in similar places, travelers usually get vaccinated against a specific disease or take pills to prevent the illness to infect them, these precautions are not sufficient to effectively minimize the risks of an infection.

Care Plus created a line of Anti-Insect products in order to increase protection against potentially dangerous bites. In order to ensure users ultimate safety, Care Plus provides users with three insightful and easy to follow rules that will ensure optimal protection. First of all the company advises people to wear light colours as insects are attracted by intense colours and favour fine-woven clothing over synthetic fabric. In addition, it is strongly suggested to cover most body parts in order to guarantee full protection and reduce the amount vulnerable areas.

The second golden rule is to apply uncovered skin with a strong insect repellent such as Care Plus DEET line composed of insect repellent various from spray and lotions to gels. To assure the anti-insects efficiency it is essential that the product contains at least 30% DEET. DEET is short for N-diethyl-m-toluamide which is the most popular ingredient found in anti-insect ingredients as it efficiently repulses several types of insects such as ticks, mosquitoes, gnats and horseflies. In order for DEET to be active and efficient in needs to included at a percentage equal or superior to 30%.

The third rule concerns safety at nighttime as it is when most people get bitten due to the fact that their vigilance is reduced and they tend to believe that the walls of their accommodation will protect them from insects. Care Plus advice to sleep under a mosquito net and preferably a net impregnated with anti-insect repellent such as the ones provided by the travel healthcare brand. The mosquito nets provided by the company have been impregnated with Anti-Insects product using Durallin technology which ensures that the insecticide used adheres properly to the net.

Care Plus Anti Insect Product Availability

You can find more information on the different products provided by Care Plus on the brand’s website which also provides a store locator function letting you search for a store near you. The Care Plus website also provides a lot of worldwide and useful information for people who want to travel safely by being aware and well-informed on what dangers can be encountered whilst traveling and how to prevent them.

Care Plus Anti Insect Product Summary

If you are looking for efficient and high quality Anti-Insect product to protect yourself from bites and stings, then Care Plus Anti-Insect line is for you as it has been developed to be the highly effective and comes with relevant advice improving the product’s results.


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