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Most would say that they enjoy the great outdoors: enjoying the fresh air, sunshine, and a better relationship with nature. However, the threat of mosquitoes is enough for some people to keep them indoors. Not only are mosquitos annoying, they can also carry dangerous infections and diseases, especially humid parts of the world such as the tropics and parts of Asia.

Fortunately for intrepid travellers that want to experience nature mosquito-free, there is a range of products from OutxPro that are designed to keep one safe from the harmful mosquito bite.

What Products Does OutxPro Sell?

As previously stated, OutxPro specializes in insect repellents, and also sells a range of outdoor equipment to compliment one’s purchase such as hunting knives, tents, camouflage and more. The equipment is reportedly high quality, and made from durable materials that is designed to withstand the harshest of outdoor environments.

Most of the products sold come with a money back guarantee as well as free delivery through the United States. Shoppers may be pleased to know that in addition to their money back guarantee, most products come with a warranty that ranges between five and ten years.

Their product range can be product down to the following categories:

  • Indoors
  • Insect Killing Lamps
  • Insect Repellent Bracelets
  • Insect Repellent Fans
  • Insect Repellent Keyrings
  • Insect Repellents
  • Insect Zappers
  • Kids
  • Knives
  • Outdoors

The prices of the the products from OutxPro are as diverse as its’ product line. Some of the cheapest insect repellent prices start from $10, which includes delivery. While more heavy-duty bug and mosquito solutions cost wards of $200. The most expensive products are typically zappers and the range of outdoor tents the company sells.

As stated by OutxPro, a single insect repellent keyring or bracelet could be enough to ward off insects in ordinary circumstances, but if one intends to travel or stay outdoors where bugs are known to thrive such as swamps or grassland areas, then it is best to combine the purchase with a more potent device.

The advantage of their smaller items is that they are easy to carry and are unobtrusive while travelling, camping or hiking throughout the natural world. While the larger products can be cumbersome and awkward to carry on long adventures. Thus, one’s choice of product will usually be determined by their length of stay outdoors, the amount of insects one anticipates, and if the adventurer will have access to batteries or a generator.

Access to electricity to a must for their commercial grade-products, which are used to protect groups of people from swarms of mosquitos.

What Are People Saying About OutxPro?

As stated previously, there is no shortage of testimonials from the customers of OutxPro. Below are some excerpts taken from the OutxPro website:

“The mosquito repellents bracelets are fantastic. I love that they are made from all-natural materials and are deet free. As we live in the woods next to two ponds half a mile away, the mosquitoes are dangerous and swarm as soon as nightfall hits. My husband and son love the water, but they often need to come back home because of the vicious mosquitoes. Thanks to these bracelets, it allows them to stay out longer and continue their favorite past times of fishing, hunting and exploring the great outdoors!”

“My family and I adore the mosquito pendants designed for kids. They’re incredibly cute as well as practical. The dolphin design makes an ideal fit for my boys and girls. We use them often when we are camping or on any extended trip in nature. My family loves that they are deet free and have a wonderful natural scent. The fact that I can clip the pendant to my child’s clothing or hang it from a ceiling is a thoughtful feature. OutxPro clearly shows that they know what they’re doing when it comes to insect repellents.”

“I recently purchased the bug killer garden lamps, and I have to say: they make a tremendous amount of difference. I put the lamps around my terrace and they have worked so well to kill the mosquitoes that come out at night. I like that fact the equipment is safe with its plastic cover to avoid accidents. Another great feature is that you can move it around and it doesn’t require electricity to run, plus the solar power feature saves big money!”

Other Points to Consider

As far as insect repellent brands go, OutxPro is hard to beat in terms of their product line and the reputation they have earned during their time in business. The company has its’ head office in the United States and is available to be contacted 24/7 through their hotline and live chat located on the company website.

Most of the products sold come with warranties, as well as money back guarantee period if one decides to send the items back. If a customer decides to apply for a refund, the goods must be returned in its original condition, along with any reusable packaging. The company will not reimburse the customer for their shipping costs, and proof of purchase must also be supplied otherwise OutxPro will be unable to process the return.

The Bottom Line – Is OutxPro Recommended?

With an extensive product line and an established history, the products from OutxPro are hard to beat. Customers enjoy their products because they are reliable and make realistic claims that they can live up to. The customer support is reportedly excellent, with customer service agents on standby 24 hours a day to answer calls and emails.

In conclusion, if one is in the market for some outdoor gear and mosquito repellents, one could do far worse than choose OutxPro. With the company’s extensive catalog of products, one would be hard pressed to not see a product that catches their eye. Keep in mind however, that not all the products offered by the company come with a money back guarantee period, meaning that some purchases are final. This is especially true for products sold in aerosol cans, as they cannot be ethically repackaged and sold on to other customers once the seal is broken.

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