Candid Co Teeth Aligners: Affordable Custom-Made Orthodontics?


Candid Co. is a startup that sells clear aligners designed to perform orthodontic procedures without the need for braces or regular trips to see an orthodontist. However, the process of giving customers clear aligners is still monitored by orthodontists remotely. Most importantly, Candid offers this service far cheaper than the cost of traditional braces.

What Is Candid Co Teeth Aligners?

Unfortunately, the Candid Co. website has little information about the actual company. A Google search tells us that the company was founded by Nick Greenfield in 2017. According to his LInkedIn profile, Greenfield graduated from Stanford in 2011 with a degree in international relations and held positions with at least four different companies before starting Candid.

In an interview published in September 2017, Greenfield mentions accessibility for those who can’t afford traditional braces as part of the motivation for starting Candid. In a separate interview, Greenfield says the company is interested in focusing on teeth that are easy to move and that Candid is not trying to perform complex orthodontic work.

How Candid Co Affordable Custom-Made Orthodontics Works

Someone who’s interested in getting clear teeth aligners from Candid Co. can go to the company’s website and take a short quiz about their dental history and what kind of work they want to be done. The quiz shouldn’t take much more than a minute and is the first step in the process of using Candid clear aligners. As mentioned earlier, Candid was not designed to address simple needs like spacing between teeth, crowded teeth, bite issues, or teeth that need to be rotated. Unless you need more extensive work, you will likely be viewed as a viable candidate.

The next step is to buy a $95 modeling kit from Candid so that you can make a putty impression of your teeth to send back to the company. Using that putty impression, Candid creates a 3D model of your teeth and sends you a rendering of what will happen to your teeth during the treatment process. If you like what you see in the 3D model, you can commit to Candid’s treatment plan. If not, you can pass on the opportunity at no additional cost.

If you decide to go through with the treatment, Candid will send you everything you need, although there is usually a two-month wait between submitting your modeling kit and when treatment begins. Treatment involves a series of clear aligners for both your top and bottom teeth. Each set is designed to make small adjustments to your teeth until you’re ready to start using the next set. Each patient will be different, but most patients will typically wear a set of aligners for two weeks before moving onto the next set. Patients also receive a storage capsule, a whitening system, and instructions on when to start wearing each set of clear aligners. When the process is over, Candid also provides patients with a retainer to continue wearing at night.

The length of treatment plans varies based on individual patients. Typically, most treatment plans will last between three and 10 months. Regardless of the length of the treatment plan, the cost of Candid is $1,900 on top of the $95 for the modeling kit. Patients also have the option of making monthly payments of $88 over 24 months, which adds $212 to the total cost but is a viable option for people who can’t afford to pay $1,900 upfront.

Candid Co Teeth Aligner Materials

Candid Co. clear aligners are made from a type of plastic past called Zendura, which is common with retainers and clear aligners. This type of plastic is free of both BPA and phthalate and designed to prevent the aligners from causing any irritation on the inside of your mouth.

Are Candid Co Teeth Aligners Right for You?

If you want or need orthodontic work but aren’t sure you can afford traditional braces, Candid Co. may be right for you. The total cost of clear aligners from Candid is right around $2,000, which is far more reasonable than traditional braces that can cost over $5,000 in some instances. Not having to schedule regular orthodontist appointments throughout the treatment process also provides a time-saving convenience that you won’t be able to get with traditional braces.

Candid Co Teeth Aligners Benefits & Side Effects

Price and convenience are the two main benefits of Candid Co. when compared to getting braces from your local orthodontist. You can also rest easy knowing that a licensed orthodontist has developed your plan. The orthodontists Candid works with to provide treatment to their patients have an average of 20 years of experience, so you know that you’re in good hands. Candid also offers customer care by phone, email, and video seven days a week to address any problems that may come up.

Of course, you will sacrifice the kind of close care and careful monitoring provided by seeing an orthodontist on a regular basis. For a process as elaborate as moving your teeth, sometimes it’s best to have an expert on hand to make sure everything is moving along according to plan. That being said, Candid is undoubtedly a viable alternative to traditional braces.


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