Fitness tools have revolutionized the way we work-out and look at our training schedules. For example, the ‘fitbit’ which was launched a decade ago, completely changed the way people began to approach running.

This was in part due to the various innovative features that the device offers its users with. For example, through its use, users could track their number of steps, check the amount of distance covered and even see how many calories they have burned.

Not only that, the device also featured various quality ‘motion sensors’ which were sensitive to height and incline based environment. Thus, users found a new avenue to maximize their physical output, and achieve their desired physical shape.

What Is The CALM Wearable ECG Sensor?

Before we talk about the device itself, we should become familiar with the term electrocardiogram (also known as ECGs or EKGs). These readings are based upon electrical impulses that are delivered via our circulatory network to the different parts of our body.

Since the tools required for such measurements are expensive, they are not accessible to average customers who might find their use immensely beneficial in the course of their training and exercise routines.

This is where CALM Wearable ECG Sensor comes in. Calm is an all new multifunctional device that has been made keeping competitive athletes in mind.

Through the use of this groundbreaking technology, users can get immediate access and insight into their performance and training regimes.

Through the tweaking of certain elements in our physical output, users can then optimize their physical and mental performance.

CALM Wearable ECG Sensor Features

User Safety:

The device has been designed to detect any irregularities in one’s heartbeat. Apart from the heart rate, Calm can also detect rhythmic patterns and harmful loading issues with our circulatory network. Through HRV analysis, the device provides us with a detailed breakdown of our physical health.

Sleep Quality:

It analyses our sleep efficiency and helps us regulate our breathing so that we can recover more easily after an intense exercise session.

Calmness meter:

This sensor collects data in relation to our overall mental functionality, and allows us to keep track of our stress, anxiety and nervousness levels.


Each device weighs only 14 grams. Thus it does not contribute to the overall fatigue experienced by a user during exercise.


It comes with custom made gel pads to help users remain more comfortable during moderate-intensity exercises.

Chest Strap:

Calm comes loaded with a strap that can easily be placed around one’s chest during exercise. It is adjustable, stretchable and robust in its action, and can be used even during intense training periods.

Long Battery Life:

Each unit features a full rechargable li-battery. It can be recharged easily through a usb port, and can last users up to 2- days when used as prescribed.

Cloud Access:

The device is loaded with new-age functionality features. For example, Calm has the ability to share data wirelessly onto a cloud network so that the results and analysis can be viewed by anyone who has access to the network.

Mobile Application:

There is a mobile app which can be synced with the device, it helps users track their progress and can also double up as a coaching tool to identify weaknesses in our regime.

CALM Wearable ECG Sensor Directions

Operation is fairly simple, all one needs to do is put the sensor on oneself while the training is being conducted. Depending on the type and intensity of exercise, users can freely adjust the chest belt or the disposable gel pad for added comfort.

When in motion, Calm automatically senses our movements and thus generates the ECG signal from your heart. Using this data, each heartbeat and can tell us about our physical and mental conditioning as well as other important details.

Also, the supplied data can be further analysed and can be used to view how hard we are pushing your bodies in real time (hence allowing us to receive warnings if we are over exerting ourselves).

As mentioned earlier, users also have an option to save their training session data to a cloud network for later analysis.

CALM Wearable ECG Sensor Benefits

In order to maximize the efficiency of our sleep patterns, all users need to do is wear Calm before they go to bed, and then sleep like they would normally do. Through the use of the device, ‘users can get a deeper analysis into their sleep habits’.

This is because, Calm not only senses our physical movements, but it also keeps track of our heart and lung activity during the course of our slumber.

Thus, users can see what affects the quality of their sleep, and what changes can be made in order to promote a healthier sleeping regime.

When one is able to understand and control their sleep quality, an individual can make sure the he/she is optimally rested (allowing for crushing workouts and overall productivity).

The CALM Wearable ECG Sensor Difference

Some of the key aspects of the product which set it apart from other devices include:

  • Data quality: through clinical research, the manufacturer has found that the quality of connection between a device and the user determines the quality of data being interpreted. Thus, the basic aim of the device was to be as accessible and user friendly for individuals to use as possible (while capturing quality data).
  • Functionality/ Ease of use : through customer opinions and interactions, the manufacturer has focused on keeping the design simple and eliminating all the unnecessary elements that were not completely essential. For example, the device features no buttons and thus can be used by anyone through the use of simple visual cues.
  • Style: this is another aspect of the product that has been looked into quite meticulously. All of the primary device functions are enclosed in the stylish and unique case, which is modeled like a Ninja’s shuriken.

Purchasing CALM Wearable ECG Sensor

The product is still in its kickstarter phase, thus users can make use of various early bird benefits. For example, by paying $80 now users can obtain a device that will be shipped to them later this year.

There are also other interesting deals, all of which can be viewed at the official indiegogo page.


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