VPX Sports – Pure Protein, Pre-Workout, Muscle & Energy Products?


Increasing one’s level of health and fitness is a lofty goal that’s shared by many people all over the world.

This is difficult to achieve due to all of the necessary actions people have to take to get to this end goal. Difficult, but not impossible.

Eating healthy, exercising, getting enough sleep, all of these can greatly help in this endeavor to reach the pinnacle of fitness. In fact, they are all requirements.

Stopping there would be a mistake though, especially if one wants to reach their full genetic potential.

More is required, so more must be given.

The missing ingredient in this lineup is the ever-important supplement. Supplements are convenient and completely necessary for anyone that takes their health and level of fitness seriously.

Overlooking these tiny helpers comes at a cost, such as being deficient in important vitamins and minerals that can interfere with getting results.

The only problem with taking supplements is the fact that so many of them are terribly misleading.

Every last one of them claims to be the best, of course this is impossible. With so much dishonesty it’s easy to see why some people simply avoid supplements all together.

But these people are failing to see all the good quality supplements can to in regards to their health goals. It’s worth doing some research to determine which supplements actually back up their claims.

Take VPX Sports for example. Does this supplement company give consumers everything it claims it does.

Let’s find out.

VPX Sports

VPX Sports is a sports nutrition/ beverage company that’s been around since 1993.

The main focus of this company is to produce high-quality supplements that are University proven.

That last part may be new to even those who have been using supplements for years. What VPX means by “University Proven” is they require their formulations to be studied by the top Universities to prove its effectiveness.

Some of the Universities involved in this process are UCLA, Florida State, Baylor, University of Southern Maine and Memphis University.

This is a standard that a lot of supplement companies just can’t reach, which is a good thing for us consumers. It makes it a lot easier for us to make a buying decision.

Already VPX has backed up its claim of providing the highest-grade supplements since it goes the extra mile by having its formulations analyzed and tested.

We’re off to a great start. Next we’ll check out the different brands under the VPX Sports umbrella.

VPX Sports Brands

VPX Sports is different from other supplement companies not only because it has it’s formulations tested by top Universities, but because it offers different brands to consumers.

Three brands to be exact. They are:

  • VPX
  • Redline
  • Bang


This brand includes performance-based products that can be used for fat-loss, energy, and muscle building.

This means it includes products such as pre-workouts, post-workouts, health support and libido supplements.

These products are for people looking to greatly increase their level of fitness, and each product is backed by tons of University Research.


This product line puts a premium on energy, but they also offer a pretty efficient protein that can drastically help improve muscle mass.

The flavors of the Redline beverages come in 6 different flavors, which include; strawberry lemonade, kiwi, mandarin orange, triple berry, grape and peach mango.

Redline doesn’t have as many products as VPX, but that doesn’t mean they shrink on quality. They too are backed by University research

The price of these products are anywhere between $10-$70, so Redline offers a little more wiggle-room than VPX.


The last line claims to offer powerful brain and body-rocking fuel. These beverages look the same as what one would find in gas stations, but they are so much more.

These drinks contain creatine, caffeine, and BCAA’s which means they do way more than quench thirst, they fuel the body and mind simultaneously.

Bang also comes in six different flavors which include; blue raspberry, champagne cola, lemon drop, power punch, sour heads and star blast.

All of these lines offer something different for consumers, which makes VPX as a whole very valuable since it’s a one stop shop for all fitness needs.

These products are affordable and are backed by incessant research which should put the worries of consumers at ease.

VPX Review Summary

VPX Sports forges new ground with its three different sports nutrition brands.

Each of these brands offers a degree of variety that is unmatched by most other supplement companies.

But the most compelling aspect of the company is not the amount of variety it offers, but instead the amount of research that gives way to that variety.

The fact that VPX Sports has their formulations backed by Universities just shows the high standard this company has.

With that being said, it is certainly worth a try.

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