Buddha Brands Company – Hungry Coconut Chips & Thirsty Water?


Live Healthy, Be Happy and Seek Balance… That is the motto of the people at Buddha Brands. Buddha Brands promotes a healthy lifestyle and is Canadian based company.

The company seeks to inspire their customers to live a balanced lifestyle. They are heavily focused on health, fitness and active living. They were also created to help their customers and future customers experience new and exciting ways of being healthy.

What Products Does Buddha Brands Have?

  • Coconut Probiotic Chips – Their classic flavor that are great for the gut and digestive tract. They contain BC30, a powerful probiotic. They come in an 80g resealable bag.
  • Cheeky Chocolate – This flavor is made with organic cocoa and the added BC30 pro-biotic. This digestive tract friendly snack also comes in an 80g bag for your enjoyment.
  • Classic Coconut – Just like the other coconut chips, but sweet, and savory without the pro-biotic. A great snack for anyone looking to eat healthy.
  • Smokin’ Sriacha – These have a smoky and bold flavor that has a kick to it. They are good for people who like spicier foods with some heat.
  • Heavenly Honey – Coconut chips with a honey coating and flavor added to them for your people who like sweeter foods.
  • Classic Cheeky ChocolateThese are just like the other Cheeky Chocolate Chips, except they don’t contain any of the pro-biotic BC30.
  • Pumpkin Spice – These are just like pumpkin pie and perfect for reminding you of the fall.
  • Variety Pack – This is an eight-pack box, containing 1 oz. bags in several different flavors.

*It should be noted, all of the Buddha Brands Co Snacks and Beverages Contain Coconut

The drinks have zero added sugar and no fat or cholesterol. They are completely free from GMOs. And they are made from the highest quality, young coconuts. You can hydrate from within when you drink their healthy drinks.

Below are the flavors of the drinks:

  • Natural Coconut Water – BPA free, they come in a huge 490ml can and are ideal for your ultimate levels of hydration.
  • Coconut with Aloe Vera This is super hydrating for the body, and ultra-good for the gut. They’ve put the aloe in the drink for even more health benefits according the company. The cans are also BPA free.
  • Natural Water in Tetra Pacs – These are tall one liter packs designed to fit nicely in the fridge. They say it is perfect for people who like to make smoothies. You can also get them in smaller 500mL containers.
  • Watermelon – They also make a summertime inspired water. The blend is perfect for people who like watermelon and coconut. This flavor also has added electrolytes and is said to be very refreshing.
  • Sparkling Coconut Water – Said to be a unique way to enjoy coconut water. They’ve added tiny bubbles to make it sparkle. It also comes in Watermelon flavor and pineapple.

What Ingredients Do Buddha Brands Products Contain?

All ingredients in Buddha Brands Co products are 100% all natural.

Who is the Founder of Buddha Brands?

As they say, they are like every other person out there in the world. They have a “thirst for life and hunger for adventure.” They claim to not just make products, but to make them better than everyone else. They are based and where founded in Canada. A group of young Canadians, came together to create, innovate, and promote a wide range of healthy snacks and drinks.

They put a strong base on the value of their customers. And believed that if they created above average snacks and drinks, they would attract customers who were also above average. Like many people these days, they are health nuts and aim to live very balanced lives. They are also into spirituality it would seem as they believe that health and balance all starts from within.

Basically, what it comes down to, is they are just people who want to find happiness through a healthy, balanced life. The people at Buddha Brands Co are very driven to make the world a healthier place.


  • You can eat them right out of the bag
  • They go great as toppings on things like yogurt
  • When eating granola, they are ideal for spicing up your food
  • They make snacking healthy and fun


Buddha Brands Company: Bottom Line

Buddha Brands Company is a heart healthy, health conscious snack and drink company that brings great foods to the table. If you’re a seriously health conscious individual than you’ll likely love the snacks.

If, on the other hand, you’re the type of person who usually enjoys heavily processed foods that have preservatives, then these snacks won’t be for you. Either way, the Buddha Brands Co seems to be very legitimate business that will help a lot of people live a healthy lifestyle.

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