Bucky Labs C60 Olive Oil: Quality Ultra Pure Virgin Oil?


Bucky Labs is a company that creates Carbon60 Olive Oil, which is due to a study that came out in 2012. The majority of the products they have available are meant for research only, rather than encouraging consumers to use it on themselves.

What Is Bucky Labs?

The pharmaceutical industry is constantly creating new ways for consumers to improve their bodies, whether it is simply meant to support their health or focus on a particular need. The anti-aging remedies out today are constantly evolving, ranging from smoothing the user’s wrinkles to enhancing the performance of their brain.

There are many scientists studying exactly what occurs in the body during the aging process, but Bucky Labs has a formula that they are using to help other researchers create new remedies.

Bucky Labs primarily offers the Carbon60 Olive Oil, which has a 99.95% purity. Another name for C60 is Buckminsterfullerene, which is what gives it the nickname “buckyballs,” which is also due to the fact that the molecules are shaped like soccer balls.

To create this substance, the researchers performed studies that involved mice, eventually creating formulas that can help with the process of aging. So far, it looks like the only testing has been done on mice.

Producing C60

The Bucky Labs brand is dedicated to creating the best source of C60 possible. Every batch is made with a gram of C60 for every 1400ml of Olive Oil. Since the saturation point is at such a high level, consumers will need to use the right ratio to completely dissolve it.

As the creators make the formula, the fullerenes are accumulated at the preparer grinds down the solids with glass mortar and pestle. The batches are sealed with a rubber stopper and are continuously stirred over the course of the next two weeks.

The formula also requires distribution into heat-sterilized glass bottles, which are tamper-sealed. Since Carbon 60 reacts to the light, the creators expose it to the light as little as possible.

Products From Bucky Labs

The main focus on the Bucky Labs website is about their products. Each one has a different way to benefit users, but there is a 30-day return policy for all of them. Read on below to learn about the remedies that Bucky Labs provides.

C60 Olive Oil

There are three different options for the Ultra-Pure Carbon 60 Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Choose from:

  • One-ounce bottle: $15.95
  • Two-ounce bottle: $29.95
  • Four-ounce bottle: $54.95

Consumers can decide the right dosage by using the online calculator, which requires the user to disclose their weight, number of doses per week, and their bottle size.

Carbon Fullerenes

These substances allow consumers to create experiments on their own with the use of fullerenes. Consumers can either get the Carbon 60 C60 99.9% for $55.00 per gram or the ultra-pure variation for $110 per gram, which has been vacuum-oven dried.

Proteins & Peptides

All the proteins and peptides that Bucky Labs offers come with thorough testing for quality control. The company offers three options – FOXO4-DRI, GDF11, and HNG.

FOXO4-DRI is a peptide that helps to basically cause cell death in the cells that cause aging, which reverses the impact of aging in mice. A 5mg bottle is $535.00.

GDF11 offers two 109 amino acid polypeptide chains. It helps support the protect that impacts human growth, and it used exclusively for research. For a 1ug container, the total is $30.00.

HNG helps to protect the brain during the aging process. It has over a 91% purity and offers a 5mg bottle for $56.90.


Right now, Bucky Labs only offers two different supplements – one that offers NMN and one that offers Centrophenoxine.

NMN Nicotinamide Mononucleotide comes from vitamin B3, and it is the predecessor to the release of NAD+. There are plenty of studies occurring right now, but a recent one from the experiment of Penn State, Harvard, and other places indicates that the increase of NMN has anti-aging effects. However, rather than slowing the aging process, it actually reverses it in mice. Consumers can get 30 125mg capsules for $36.90.

Centrophenoxine has a similar effect on the body. However, instead of helping the user to feel younger, it has been in studies to prove that it increases the lifespan of mice by up to 30%. This bottle of capsules is available for $22.90.

Contacting Bucky Labs

Even with the information on social media and the official website, consumers may want to learn other details about the brand. Consumers can get ahold of Bucky Labs by phone call or email.

Bucky Labs C60 Olive Oil Conclusion

Bucky Labs creates an olive oil that manages to renew the user’s inner aging process. There is no information on the website to indicate if it helps with any other aspects of aging like wrinkles or joint pain. However, if researchers continue with the path that has been laid out for them, Bucky Labs may be the starting point of something more extravagant.


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