GutRight: ATP Science Anti-Inflammatory Modbiotic Formulation?


GutRight is a product from ATP Science that helps consumers to eliminate the bacteria and sugar feeders that cause digestive issues. The treatment is not available from the website, so consumers are redirected to a locator tool to find the nearest retailer that sells it.

What Is GutRight?

Even though humans have survived for centuries without the use of any kind of supplements to manage their digestive system, times have changed. The bacteria that normally exists in the gut now is different from centuries past, since the food that consumers eat has changed, and because humans have evolved. The genetic structure of humans does not have the same makeup as before, since humans have become accustomed to a different diet.

However, the big imbalance is due to having too many firmicute bacteria (which feed on sugar and slow the metabolism) and not enough bacteriodetes bacteria (which feed on sugar and reduce inflammation). ATP Science has developed a supplement called GutRight that might help.

GutRight’s purpose is to:

Read on below to see why GutRight can manage these issues.


The reason that GutRight is effective is because it is considered a modbiotic, which is simply a collection of compounds that regulate the microbes in the gut, which will help with inflammation and obesity. It helps with bacteria, fungus, and parasites that will end up eliminating firmicutes and increasing bacteriodetes.

This is not a function that probiotic, prebiotic, or symbiotic supplements can help with, since they just perpetuate the growth of firmicutes. However, a modbiotic can manage the transition for a healthier physique and GI tract.

Using GutRight

The directions for GutRight depends on what the user wants to achieve.

For the short-term kick start to the regimen, consumers can mix in a teaspoon of the ATP Science formula with water, juice, or any other liquid three times a day for the next ten days. This method is meant for consumers that have recently been through illness, binging, or other bad eating events that has disrupted the body. While the first few days will bring some interesting smells, the tenth day should be when all the gut has been purged.

For long-term use after that initial time, consumers can mix the same amount in their drink, but they reduce consumption to once daily. The best time would be in the evenings, since it will take about 10 hours to travel through the body and exit the bowels.

How To Buy GutRight

Instead of purchasing GutRight on the website, consumers will need to go to a local stockiest. While there isn’t a list of stockists available, consumers can visit to find the location that is the nearest to them.

Contacting The Creators Of GutRight

The official website for GutRight addresses almost all the information that consumers will need to form a decision on their purchase. However, if there are still other concerns about it, consumers can reach out to the creators – APT Science – by filling out the form at

GutRight Review Summary

GutRight seems to have a potent effect on consumers, so it should only be used by adults. If consumers suspect there is something wrong in their gut, or they frequently experience stomach pain, they should seek out the help of a medical professional to determine the cause. If the issue is the imbalance of firmicutes and bacteriodetes, then GutRight may be a helpful solution.


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