Brush On Block – Dry Mineral Powder Sunscreen UVA/UVB Protection?


In summers, when the temperature increases, shorts and the swimming suits come out of the closets and everyone wants to have a lot of fun in those hot, sunny days while swimming or at the beach. Anyways, you should not neglect your skin as well and you should protect it from intense sun rays. In this regard, sunscreens can better help you and protect your skin from the cancer or other such issues.

Now when it comes to the sunscreen, there is a lot of variety. Gone are the days when people used to apply the sticky lotions, gels or sprays. These days, dry powdered mineral based sunscreens are available out there that are really comfortable to use.

These sunscreens are actually named as dry sunscreens and one of such best products is Brush on Block. It is actually a sunscreen that you can use either under the makeup or over the makeup as you feel good. So let’s review this product in detail over here.

What Is Brush On Block?

Brush on Block is one of the latest sunscreen products that are available in form of dry powder. The best think about this product is that it is useful for almost all the skin types and even it does not cause any side effect.

There are many sunscreens that actually leave a greasy texture or even they leave an artificial white residue on your skin. However, brush on block is different from those products as it is good to make your skin look natural. It is a product that is portable and you can keep it in your bag and you can apply or even you can re-apply it within no time.

Is Brush On Block Water Resistant?

A question comes in mind whether this sunscreen is water resistant or not! Well, unlike many other sunscreen products, you will find that brush on block is water resistant and it remains fresh for up to 80 minutes. Hence if you have the problem of sweating or even if you want to enjoy the swimming then it would be a great option for you to use this product on your face.

One more thing that you will like about it is that it will not soak into your clothes and so you will feel comfortable. Therefore, if you are looking for a natural looking sunscreen that would be simple to apply then you should only and only go for Brush on block.

What Are The Active Ingredients in Brush On Block?

The two most active ingredients of Brush on Block sunscreen formula are as follows:

  • Titanium Dioxide – it is actually an inert earth material that is used in many sunscreen cosmetics. It is good to protect your skin from UVA and even UVB rays. In fact, it does not cause any side effect if it is applied on the sensitive types of skin.
  • Zinc oxide It is good to treat the rashes, burns, and redness or even skin irritation. If your skin has been damaged because of the harmful sun rays then zinc oxide would be useful to heal up your skin and to make it soft and smooth.

Hence, before you go on a trip or you visit the beach this summer; don’t forget to keep brush on block in your bag as it will better protect your skin from those highly intense and harmful sun rays!

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