Brush Buddies Caress: Teeth Whitening & Gum Care Toothbrush?


Looking forward to teaching your child how to brush his or her teeth? Afraid that they might not find it enjoying to do so? When it comes to introducing anything to children, it must positively provoke them, induce a sense of curiosity and, most importantly, ensure that he or she continues it with content. Of the several habits one will learn from their parents, brushing teeth is an important one to consider. This is where the Brush Buddies comes into play.

According to the creators of Brush Buddies, their fun and comfortable take on toothbrushes can possibly induce consumers, even young children, to take part in complete and perfect brushing techniques. The purpose of this review is to introduce the Caress Line offered by Brush Buddies.

What is Brush Buddies Caress?

In general, Brush Buddies have been created with the intentions of making brushing one’s teeth a fun task, as opposed to one that is simply inevitable. Each line of toothbrush has been categorized to best meet one’s need, and today, the Caress will be the highlight. Based on the claims made, the Caress is useful for those who have or continue to experience toothaches and sensitivity due to brushing.

What types of brushes are offered in the Brush Buddies Caress

Currently, Brush Buddies’ Caress targets three different oral concerns with three different solutions that come in the form of toothbrushes. To see how each one is unique, the following will provide consumers more insight on how to choose toothbrushes:

Caress Enamel Care

The Enamel Care has been specifically designed for consumers who have sensitive teeth and experience some form of pain even with the lightest brushing. To resolve this concern, the Enamel Care toothbrush is believed to contain X-Shaped bristles that are the softest to ever exist. Its uses can potentially prevent wearing down of teeth and the support needed to protect the gums.

Caress Gum Care

As the name might not come of surprise, the Gum Care has been designed specifically to protect one’s gums. Instead of the X-Shaped bristles from the Enamel Care, the Gum Care toothbrush has dense bristles that are shaped in an angle to promote cleaner and smoother gums.

Caress Whitening

Lastly, the Whitening Toothbrush is said to contain circular bristles that can supposedly remove the toughest stains to promote cleaner, and potentially, whiter teeth. While the idea of providing a whiter smile is attractive, there’s no specific indication as to how this is possible. However, the use of circular bristles is smart, as it has been proven to remove the most dirt out of all the other shaped toothbrushes.

Final Thoughts On Brush Buddies Caress

Overall, Brush Buddies’ Caress is an interesting line of toothbrushes to consider, as each one found serves a different purpose and this is noticeable based on each individual design. In particular, its ability to provide a soft and gentle feel allows everyone, especially those with sensitive teeth, to experience a rather satisfying brushing experience every morning and night. Lastly, with such unique toothbrushes, one would expect it to be expensive, but Brush Buddies have been able to offer to for $5.99, which is fair given the type of bristles involved.

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