Bristl Light Therapy Toothbrush: Heals Gums & Whitens Teeth?


The hope of course, is that you and those around you practice good oral health. And, we would imagine that taking good oral health to great oral health would be awesome, right? Well, meet Bristl part of the Kickstarter projects platform. The goal with this toothbrush is to bring light therapy to your oral health routine.

You see, most people are familiar enough with light therapy to know that it is an incredibly effective treatment for a variety of things related to our health and wellness. So, why should your mouth be any different? One would like to think it should be at the top of most priority lists.

About Bristl Light Therapy Toothbrush

The goal with Bristl is to maximize your oral health by using light therapy. The device itself is patent pending technology and is designed to create dial light technology that is proven to kill things like bacteria in the mouth along with healing inflamed gums. In addition, Bristl is designed to also, whiten teeth.

Now we know, that most people aim to brush their teeth for a minimum two minutes. And let’s be honest, standing at the sink starts to feel like a lifetime and we probably don’t reach the two minutes suggested. With Bristl, there is a build in timer that will alert you with all sorts of lights in your mouth when your two minutes are up!

It is time that you got some peace of mind. And the best way to do that is to provide your teeth and gums with the best oral care possible. And, you should be able to do so without having to change up your routine. Bristl will fit seamlessly into your current oral health regimen and take it from good, to great.

Unfortunately, The Traditional Way Just Isn’t Enough

This fact, and we know this based on the Journal of Periodontal and Implant Science, shows that 92% of people have cavities in their permanent teeth. And, more than 50% of Americans of periodontitis. And last but certainly not least, 90% have some type of systemic disease as a result of oral manifestations.

Not to mention things like yellow teeth, bad breath, and so on.

Pretty disgusting right? Well, this doesn’t need to be the case any longer. It is not your fault that the most common toothbrushes are primitive at best. They just can’t possibly eliminate the bacteria, plaque and bacteria the way they should. And that, is directly related to the lack of innovative at home technology when it comes to oral care. That is, until now.

What Is Light Therapy?

There are three (3) different light modes;

  1. Blue light – kills bacteria most common with gum disease. Additionally, over time the blue light will help whiten teeth.
  2. Red light – helps enable collagen secretion that will help gum tissue regenerate, reduce inflammation in the gums and help treat existing gingivitis.
  3. Purple light – this light is designed to help kill germs, prevent and treat gum issues, prevent cavities and whiten teeth. It is a unique combination of both the blue and red light.

In addition to the light display your mouth will get to experience, this toothbrush works on sonic vibration. At the gentle setting, you can expect 12,000 rpm and on the strong setting you can expect two times that at 24,000 rpm.

The battery included with the Bristl device is also rechargeable. On the Kickstarter website dedicated to Bristl, there are several comparative charts that you can view the Bristl toothbrush compared to the traditional and other electric toothbrushes on the market. We believe you will see clearly, why the Bristl reigns supreme.

How To Order Bristl Light Therapy Toothbrush

To take advantage of the Bristl Toothbrush, rewards start as low at $69.00 on an early bird rate which comes with;

  1. 1 Bristl toothbrush
  2. 2 Brush heads
  3. 1 charger
  4. 1 manual for use

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