Brighter Image Press On Dental Veneers – Perfect Smile Solution?


Brighter Image Dental Veneers are a press-on accessory for your teeth to make you appear as if you have straightened teeth. You can choose to have only one half of your jaw fitted, or you can do it for both.

What are Brighter Image Dental Veneers?

When you first meet someone, the first thing you probably do is greet them with a smile. Your smile can make a lasting impression, since it says a lot about your personality. A warm smile can make people feel welcomed and at ease, while a tight-lipped smile can make it appear as if you have something to hide. You want to give the impression of being friendly and open, but you probably don’t want to show your teeth if they are crooked and discolored.

However, Brighter Image Dental Veneers could be your answer.

Brighter Image Dental Veneers look just like the real thing and are completely removable, which means you only need to wear them when you want to. You can still brush your teeth and maintain a beautiful smile at all times. Each veneer features the shaping of 8 to 12 teeth, making it easy to cover all of the teeth in your mouth that show when you smile.

To customize these veneers, all of the procedures are performed in the Brighter Image lab. More than likely, your orthodontist won’t have the veneers on hand, forcing him to send out your medical information to receive a shipment for your dental implant. By choosing Brighter Image, the only place your personal information will go is straight to the company you sent it to in the first place.

If you are someone that lives paycheck to paycheck, or even just month to month, you don’t have tens of thousands of dollars to put towards cosmetic surgery or porcelain veneers. Furthermore, standard veneers, while expensive, still require replacement every seven to ten years.

If you don’t have the money for this kind of maintenance, you are forced to revert back to the crooked smile you had years before. If you want the same look at a fraction of the cost (and without a trip to the dentist), then Bright Image veneers are the way to go.

About Brighter Image

The Brighter Image lab focuses on creating products for men and women to feel more confident in their dental decisions. They have had their own lab for 20 years, making it possible to design these high-quality veneers. With over 30,000 loyal customers, their works speaks for itself.

Using the Brighter Image Dental Veneers

Actually applying the Brighter Image veneers is the easy part. Once you’re sent the customized accessory, all you need to do is align them in your mouth for a beautiful smile. The veneers will come with instructions regarding their maintenance.

Pricing for the Brighter Image Dental Veneers

Your total charge for the veneers will depend on if you want to only have one part or both parts of your jaw.

If you just choose a single arch, you can pay in two installments of $397.50, or you can take on the responsibility in a single payment of $795.00. For the double arch, you can make one payment of $1495.00, or two payments of $747.00.

Optional Warranty

Even though the veneers are formed to fit correctly in your mouth, there are many reasons you may determine that this look is just not for you. If you don’t like the results that you find with this accessory, your purchase is covered by a 90-day warranty, but you can extend this option during checkout, in case something happens to the pieces.

The additional warranty lasts for three years, and costs you $239 to add.

Contacting the Creator of the Dental Veneers: Brighter Image

Due to the unique nature of these Dental Veneers, it’s normal to have a few more questions before you invest. In fact, the customer service team for Brighter Image can be reached by phone or live chat.

If you want to speak with a representative directly, you can call 1-888-257-2455. However, if you would prefer to use the computer, rather than speaking to a stranger, you can enter a live chat with an agent instead.

Brighter Image Dental Veneers Conclusion

If you’ve always had dull or crooked teeth, you may have lowered self-esteem from the constant reminder that your smile isn’t perfect. Even though friends and family will tell you that it “adds character” to your face, nothing builds quite as much confidence as a smile that you can feel proud of.

If you’re sick of having the same smile that you’ve had for years, you should contact the customer service line for Brighter Image Dental Veneers to find out the next steps you should take. Allow your smile to show off how truly radiant you are.


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