Brenda DyGraf X Slimstrider – Full Body Cardio Fitness Trainer?


Brenda Dygraf X Slimrider is the perfect way to attain that lean physique you crave while strengthening your heart as well. Through limitless motion, this machine is able to trigger your whole body thanks to excellent features and a classy build.

About Brenda DyGraf X Slimstrider

Brenda DyGraf X Slimstrider uses a patented ball and joint design to work your legs out while reducing the heavy impact on your knees caused by treadmills or bikes.

This device helps you tone your thighs and lower body and provides enough cardio workout to improve your heart’s health. The Strider X, as is popularly known also helps your body burn excess fat and strengthen your legs while enhancing your hip flexibility. The machine does this through the use amazing features such as a strong stainless steel frame that can support up to 300 lbs.

Here are some of the other features that make the Strider X such an amazing workout equipment:Free Motion Movement

The Strider X uses free motion movement thanks to a ball and joint design. This feature also ensures that your workout is smooth and leaves no room for noise. Thanks to this feature, the Brenda DyGraf X Slimstrider is able to provide no impact workout reducing chances of injury due to stress on your legs’ joints.

Free Workout Regimen

The Strider X also comes with three high-energy workouts compiled into one DVD to help you get started.

As such, you familiarize with the machine as required and learn to use it correctly. You don’t have to worry about falling off considering the Strider X also features anti-slip pedals, which help you attain total control of the machine.

Easy Storage

The best thing about the Brenda DyGraf X Slimstrider is it won’t take up much space in your house. In fact, you can assemble and disassemble it with ease and only use it as per your workout routine.

The Strider X folds and rolls easily when being stored and only requires a space of 21 by 30 inches when setting it up for a workout. Weighing in at 44.4 pounds, this machine is easy to carry as well and as such can be used anywhere you deem fit.

Other features of the Strider X include a four function personal training computer and padded handlebars meant to increase your grip. Not to mention, it also comes with a premium equipment mat designed to protect the floor by reducing the impact caused by the machine’s movement.

Brenda DyGraf X Slimstrider Conclusion

Brenda DyGraf X Slimstrider comes has the ability to count your reps, calories, and overall time used for a workout session. It is also among the few gym equipment that incorporated modern technology to improve workout experience.

Get the Brenda DyGraf X Slimstrider for a full body makeover and improved cardiovascular health.

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