Although stylish and efficient, most people don’t give ceiling fans a second thought. However, for those who are remodeling or making changes to their home, ceiling fans are an important fixture to consider.

Because they contribute to a more energy-efficient home, ceiling fans can help reduce electric bills and improve circulation. Usually a decorative alternative to traditional light fixtures, there a variety of fans available on the market.

In most homes, it is common to find ceiling fans installed into every bedroom and living area. Despite the countless options, there are a variety of deciding factors when choosing a ceiling fan. Whether classic or modern, ceiling fan designs have evolved. With the use of advanced technology, they have become even more efficient.

BreezeLite is a portable ceiling fan and light combination that screws into any traditional light socket. Ideal for homeowners who regularly experience warmer temperatures, BreezeLite offers a simple solution.

Designed to improve cooling in the rooms of the home, the product improves airflow and eliminates hot air. An innovative product, the BreezeLite features a light-weight fan and light combination that installs in seconds.

Unlike traditional ceiling fans, the BreezeLite offers customers the ability to install a ceiling fan in every room without replacing current features. Strong and quiet, the BreezeLite is designed to increase airflow and circulation in the home.

According to the manufacturer, BreezeLite is able to push air for up to ten miles per hour. With a powerful motor, the device produces more airflow than standard ceiling fans.

About BreezeLite

Designed to circulate air and add light to any room, BreezeLite is a revolutionary 2-in-1 ceiling fan and light. Twisting into any existing light socket, BreezeLite is designed to fit into any ceiling light fixture.

Easy to install and completely portable, the BreezeLite can easily move between rooms. Great for bedrooms, closets, hallways, basements, attics, and more, the BreezeLite only weighs two pounds and recommends a 40-watt bulb.

Providing light and a powerful fan wherever it is needed, there are no tools or installation devices needed to use the BreezeLite. Featuring a separate switch, the device allows users to switch between light, fan, or combine fan and light. With a light socket extension included for recessed lights, the BreezeLite can be installed in seconds.

With the manufacturer claiming that BreezeLite will significantly improve airflow, the device can improve air circulation for an entire home. Using a unique fan design, the BreezeLite claims to bring down the temperature of entire rooms, keeping the house at a comfortable temperature level.

To use, owners can simply remove a mounted light bulb in the area of the home that needs extra cooling. After removing the mounted bulb, users can replace the bulb and screw in the BreezeLite.

Once installed, users can select one of two modes: Light Mode and Light + Fan Mode. After selecting one of the modes, the BreezeLite will function according to the selected setting as soon as the light switch is flipped on.

Benefits of BreezeLite

Bringing temperatures down throughout the house, the BreezeLite is a dual-action device that offers a variety of benefits. Cost effective, the BreezeLite is an economical advantage for customers who are wanting to save money. For most services, the cost of a ceiling fan and professional installation can cost anywhere between $100 and $300.

For most individuals, the cost of using professional services is out of their price range. A solution to hiring an electrician or handyman, BreezeLite not only comes at an affordable price, but requires no prior training or knowledge to install.

Additionally, BreezeLite is an efficient energy saving device. During the summer months, ceiling fans are essential for controlling heat waves and raising temperatures. Instead of turning the air-conditioner temperature down, increasing the electric bill, homeowners can simply set ceiling fans.

Creating an updraft, BreezeLite forces warm air to the ceiling, away from the living spaces. Producing an ideal temperature for a relaxing environment, adding a BreezeLite to the home could save money over time.

Purchasing BreezeLite

BreezeLite is available for purchase on the company website ( Through a limited time special offer, a purchase of one BreezeLite will include a second BreezeLite and Socket Extension. A mandatory buy-one-get-one-free offer, the BreezeLite currently costs $29.95 plus $9.95 for processing and handling.



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