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Fat burners have redefined the way individuals look towards weight loss these days, due to the stressful nature of today’s jobs, it is becoming increasingly harder to lead healthy and sustainable lifestyles.

However, with the use of thermogenics one can gradually work towards a sustainable weight target, many of today's weight loss products help in optimising our natural capacity to shed excess kilos and maximise our basal metabolic rate.

Recent studies have shown that a majority of the population these days is either overweight or obese, one statistical study showed that 60% of all adults in the United States were obese and had a high risk of developing ailments like hypertension, diabetes, high blood pressure, male pattern baldness, lowered hormone production capacity.

This drastic weight gain has been attributed to the changing dietary habits of today's people. These days most individuals consume foods that are rich in fats, sugars and carbohydrates, these nutrients while essential, can lead to severe weight gain issues if not eaten in moderation.

With the use of thermogenics, one can greatly enhance his/her fat metabolization capacity. This is done via the conversion of glycogen into energy rather than allowing it to be stored as lipids or solid fat mass.

Another way many of today's fat burners work is by increasing the production rate of energy in our bodies, by doing this a users is able to perform his/her workout schedule with more focus and intensity.

About Repp Sports Raze

Repp Sports Raze is an all new thermogen that has been designed to boost our metabolism and help us achieve our weight loss goals. The composition consists of various potent fat burning agents which have been clinically shown to advance the lipids in our bodies, so that they can be broken down and used for energy release purposes.

Some of the other key functions of the supplement include:

(i) Mood Enhancement: the active agents have been found to assist in the release of key compounds like noradrenaline and dopamine. These stimulative agents help us relax and keep calm through the course of our daily activities. They also help in the heightening of our cognitive capacities and reduce our tendency to get distracted.

(ii) Appetite Control: a common problem that many individuals face is an incessant urge to snack and eat unhealthy food items, this is caused due to unwanted neural activity which convinces the brain the we actually need food even though we might simply be stressed, anxious or bored. The key ingredients target our brain centres which control our urge to eat and regulates them.

(iii) Libido: a key feature of Raze which other fat burners do not deliver is the increasing of one's libido, there are certain aphrodisiacs in the mix which not only promote our stimulation capacity but also help us last longer in bed.

(iv) Fat Oxidation: the main purpose of Raze is to increase the fat oxidation capacity of our skeletal cells, through this increase the lipids and fatty acids are quickly transported into our energy centres and used for the release of energy.

(v) No Sudden Crash: all of the added nutrients are completely natural and thus they comingle with the body at an extremely efficient rate. There is no sudden comedown after the use of the supplement and users can be assured that they will not suffer any physical discomfort post workout.

Compositional Information

(i) Caffeine Anhydrous: this is a potent caffeine derivative which has an extremely high absorption coefficient. It easily gets transferred through our CNS and can help in the faster and more efficient release of energy. It also improves our overall cognitive functionality, allowing us to focus, concentrate and be alert .

(ii) Citrus Aurantium: this citrus extract is known for its ability to modify our neural pathology, it has been found to help in the suppression of our appetites so our overall caloric consumption can be regulated. Another major benefit of the compound is its ability to increase our metabolic activity.

(iii) Mucuna Pruriens: it is a tropical legume that is also known as ‘velvet bean’, regular use of the agent has been shown to support ailments such as toxin accumulations, intestinal disorders, sexual response. It has also been shown to cure Parkinson's disease, help in the release of dopamine and reduce stress.

Other key ingredients include Piperine, Caffeine Citrate, Cayenne Pepper, Acetyl L-Tyrosine, Choline Bitartrate, Hordenine HCL, Huperzine A, Yohimbine HCL, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12.

Repp Sports Raze Pricing and Availability

Repp Sports Raze comes in sleek yellow bottles which contain 45 servings of the supplement. Each bottle is priced at $43.99, and there is a monthly subscription option which significantly reduces the cost price of the product.

Fastest way to order is through placing an order on the official website ( However, shopping portals like amazon, ebay also offer competitive pricing, so users may want to check them out.


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