When it comes to respiratory health, prevention is better than treatment. However, there are so few trusted products on the market that can help support respiratory health, especially for those who want a natural solution.

Breathe Blend is an essential oil formulation that uses natural and safe botanical ingredients to provide respiratory relief and prevent further problems. With the complex mix of potent oils, Breathe Blend is the perfect way to naturally breath better.

What is Breathe Blend?

Breathe Blend is a mix of powerful essential oils that were expertly blended to open and relieve airways. The essential oils used in Breathe Blend, while offering a wide range of benefits, are able to maintain clear airways and improve breathing, while simultaneously decreasing the likelihood of season threats. The invigorating smelling blend of essential oils is a safe and effective way for those who struggle with breathing to find relief without turning to more drastic medications.

The goal of Breathe Blend wasn’t just to provide a natural solution for its users, but also to make it extremely simple to use. The mix of essential oils can be used in many different forms, depending on the needs of users. For those who need immediate relief, the oil mixture can be rubbed into the palms and inhaled or rubbed onto the feet and chest.

Breathe Blend can also be used as a preventative treatment, added to a diffuser to decrease the likelihood of environmental threats, like allergies. Finally, Breathe Blend can be mixed with distilled water and turned into a spray for use outside or as a before bed spray to encourage peaceful sleep.

Benefits of Breathe Blend

Nothing is worse than feeling like one can’t breathe. Even if it’s just a moment where catching the breath is difficult, no one wants to be in that situation. However, more and more people are looking for natural solutions to breathing problems, opting to avoid chemical-filled medications. One benefit of Breathe Blend is that it is a natural solution for those looking for breathing relief. Using ingredients like peppermint and lemon essential oil, Breathe Blend is able to clear airways for users, but in a gentle and safe way.

The primary benefit of Breathe Blend is that it is able to open up airways and make breathing easier for those who suffer from respiratory problems. The blend of essential oils used in the product were added for their proven benefits, making Breathe Blend one of the most effective natural ways to maintain easy breathing. And the blend doesn’t just work for those who have regular problems breathing, but also for those who have seasonal problems.

Breathe Blend is perfect for those who suffer from allergies or sinus problems, opening their airways so they can enjoy the changing of the seasons. The refreshing and cleansing smell of Breathe Blend does more than just fill the room with a light aroma, it truly eases tight throats and lungs, minimizing difficulties in breathing.

Finally, while Breathe Blend was specifically designed to help with breathing, the essential oil formulation has another benefit. As mentioned above, the blend has a pure, light aroma that aids in opening airways. However, the oils used in Breathe Blend serve another purpose, aiding those who have problems sleeping.

When sprayed or breathed in before bed, Breathe Blend can promote a more restful night, improving sleep. For those who struggle at bedtime, adding Breathe Blend might be the solution to getting more rest.

Ingredients in Breathe Blend

Breathe Blend would not be able to provide the benefits it does without its powerful natural ingredients. These essential oils work together to give users the support they need. A list of the four oils used in Breathe Blend, and their benefits, can be found below.

Eucalyptus Oil – An anti-inflammatory oil that decreases congestion in the lungs and throat.

Lemon Oil – With antibacterial properties, lemon essential oil can help support a healthy immune system and protect the body from outside threats.

Rosemary Oil – A gentle smelling oil that also works as an antibacterial, as well as an analgesic, decreasing pain and providing quick relief.

Peppermint Oil – A soothing oil that relieves tight or sore muscles, allowing them to relax.

Purchasing Breathe Blend

Breathe Blend is available for purchase on Amazon, where four purchasing options can be found. The purchase options include a 10ml bottle for $7.99, a 30ml bottle for $19.99, a 60ml bottle for $29.99, and a 120ml bottle for $44.99. Breathe Blend arrives in amber glass, protecting the oil from exterior complications.



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