Protein is an essential substance for athletes, bodybuilders, and fitness enthusiasts as it promotes several crucial health benefits that support performance and muscle gain. In fact, this vital nutrient is the only nutritional component in the body that directly influences muscle growth. Protein promotes lean muscle mass and muscle recovery which is fundamental in order to prevent injuries and soreness.

In order to allow proteins to provide optimal benefits, it is necessary to consume a certain type of protein at specific and strategic times such as before and after an intense workout session. Protein levels are depleted through regular exercise and therefore it is essential that fitness enthusiasts and athletes consume a lot of the nutritional substance.

However, due to a restrictive dietary regimen or busy schedules that don’t leave enough room for consistent meals, a lot of individuals don’t get the required amount of protein they need in order to build lean muscle mass. Thus, it is quite common in the fitness industry to use workout supplements such as protein powder to prevent any deficiencies and promote muscle growth.

Run Everything Labs is a company that produces potent nutritional supplements for fitness enthusiasts that want to take their gym performance further. As the founders of the brand, Dana Linn, and Rob Bailey are both celebrating their birthdays in may, they released a limited edition of birthday cake flavored whey protein powder named BDAY Cake Pro Hydrolysate Isolate Concentrate. In this article, we will outline the benefits of this special dietary product in order to help you determine whether it is the right solution for you.

The Benefits of Birthday Cake Pro Whey Protein

BDAY Cake Pro Hydrolysate Isolate Concentrate is a potent workout supplement that has been formulated in order to provide users with essential nutrients that will help them recover more efficiently after an intense gym session. This product can also be used throughout the day in order to promote muscle growth.

Pro Whey Protein is very soluble in order to be easily blended in shakes, smoothies or drinks. This limited edition is an original way to celebrate the founders’ birthdays and please the consumer’s palate with delicious birthday cake flavoring.

BDAY Cake Pro hydrolysate Isolate Concentrate is, therefore, not only a powerful dietary supplement but also a tasty treat that can be consumed as a healthy snack. Combined with wholesome eating habits and regular exercise, Pro Whey Protein will help users build lean muscle mass quickly and efficiently.

The limited edition of the Pro Hydrolysate Isolate Concentrate supplement contains essential nutrients in addition to whey protein which includes sodium, potassium, calcium and vitamin A. Potassium is mobilized during physical activity as it is a powerful source of muscular energy.

Consuming enough potassium is crucial as depletion of the nutrient can cause undesired and harmful side-effects that significantly limit performance such as crampings, weakness and heart palpitations. For that reason, before and after working out it is necessary to consume foods and supplements that include high levels of the nutritional substance.

Limited Edition BDAY Cake Pro Whey Protein Availability

Run Everything Labs limited edition of their Pro Hydrolysate Isolate Concentrate is a potent dietary supplement. The birthday cake flavored product is an effective way to provide fitness enthusiasts and athletes with vital nutrients that not only promote muscle growth and recovery but also support performance and energy levels.

Thus, if you are looking for a new protein powder supplement with an original twist that will both satisfy your palate and help you build lean muscle mass, then the limited edition BDAY Cake Pro Hydrolysate Isolate Concentrate might be the ideal product for you in this month of may. You can order this limited edition of the supplement online from the brand’s website for $34.99 USD.


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