Daniel G. Amen MD’s Brain Health Coaching Certification Course


With new medical discoveries happening every day, it is important as a healthcare provider or clinician to stay up to date on new procedures, diseases, treatments, etc. Continuing education is a must in order to keep up with the ever-changing world of health care. We will be discussing the Brain Health Coaching Certification Course in this review today.

What is the Brain Health Coaching Certification Course?

The Brain Health Coaching Certification Course is a professional online course that allows you to earn a certification on Brain Health Coaching. It is designed for medical professionals and those who deal with healing methods. It allows you to become certified to coach patients or clients about their brain health and how to maintain it.

How does the Brain Health Coaching work?

The Brain Health Coaching Certification Course is an online course to continue your education about brain health and how to implement these skills in your practice. It is designed for health care professionals and clinicians that work with patients who may need to take extra care of their brain. Some disorders affect the brain, and maintaining proper care of the brain will help a patient maintain a higher quality of life. This course also counts as 50 points of continuing education.

Other benefits of the Brain Health Coaching Certification Course include:

-40 hours of in-depth training on neurobiology and neuroscience.

-Lessons are created from a database of more than 125,000 scans, with instructions on how to implement the methods in your practice

-Dr. Amen trains you as he trains his own clinical staff how to diagnose and treat patients

-This course has the option to purchase CE/CME credits if you choose to obtain and use them

-Topics for this course include: brain-behavior systems, 9 principles to change your brain and life, brain-directed supplements, neuroimaging, boosting brain reserve, the science of self control, coaching others on brain health, and more

-Access to the brain science toolbox, which is a unique tool kit of intake forms, checklists, questionnaires, and treatment planning forms. All of these tools can help you determine what type of patient you are working with and what their special needs are.

This course can help you build your practice by allowing you to change more lives and help more people. This can also benefit you by way of referrals from patients who you are able to help. This course will also help you learn how to use evidence-based tools to help your patience. A greater understanding of how the patient’s brain works will help you understand how to treat them with the most effective method.

Who makes the Brain Health Coaching Certification Course?

The Brain Health Coaching Certification Course is brought to you by a company called Brain MD Health. Brain MD Health is a company that specializes in brain health at all levels: nutritionally, functionally, etc. They provide many different products that help you keep you and your patient’s brains healthy.

Brain Health Coaching Certification Course Pricing

The pricing for the course depends on if you are going to use the CE/CME credits.

  • Course alone (instant online access): $897
  • Course with CE/CME credits (instant online access): $997

Should you buy the Brain Health Coaching Certification Course

The Brain Health Coaching Certification Course can help you coach your patients on the importance of brain health and how it may pertain to them and their health. It also gains you 50 CE/CME credits as well to benefit your continuing education. If you are a health care provider, the Brain Health Coaching Certification may benefit you in your practice, as well as your patient’s lives.

Where can you learn more about the Brain Health Coaching Certification Course and purchase the product?

You can learn more about the options on the Brain Health Coaching Certification Course and how it can apply to your practice at their website https://www.brainmdhealth.com/brain-health-coaching-course. You will be able to download information about the course before you purchase, such as the CE/CME details, course agenda, principal faculty, and BHCCC brochure.

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