BrainFit for Work & Life – Dr Amen’s Health & Wellness Course?


In regards to living a healthy lifestyle, thoughts automatically turn to adopting healthier diet choices and staying fit and active.

Although eating right and regular exercise are essential for keeping the body in optimal condition, mental health is just as important, if not more, as physical health.

Research has shown that brain health is and lifestyle are strongly correlated. Being in good physical health is shown to improve cognitive skills and support all aspects of brain health, making the learning process easier and strengthening neurological functions.

Created by leading Psychiatrist Daniel G. Amen, BrainFit for Work & Life is an online learning program that focuses on brain health within the corporate world.

By focusing on how to improve performance, the BrainFit for Work & Life program is designed to create a healthier, happier, goal-oriented work environment where individuals can succeed and excel in their areas of work.

Built on the foundation of building morale, the program not only improves productivity, but is also cost-effective and easy to follow.

About BrainFit for Work & Life

The BrainFit for Work & Life program is an educational course provided by the company BrainMD Health.

The philosophy of the company is to provide individuals with all of the tools and resources they need to pursue a healthier lifestyle by prioritizing brain health.

Creating high quality nutritional products and services, BrainMD Health has a long history of scientific and clinical research that is incorporated into every aspect of the company. The BrainFit for Work & Life is an example of these scientific findings.

Led by a team of health experts, as well as the founder, Dr. Amen, the BrainFit for Work & Life educational program ensures that individuals have the educational resources to transform their lives.

Although the BrainFit for Work & Life course is ideal for those wanting to improve their career path, it can also be utilized by administrators who want to facilitate, or use it for their own organizational needs.

Implementing the fundamentals of the program, the program is not only designed to improve brain health, but it also allows individuals the ability to make informed decisions.

Benefits of BrainFit for Work & Life

The power of the BrainFit for Work & Life program is that it is fully based on the principles and fundamentals of neuroscience.

Providing students with video lessons, worksheets, and assessments, the class materials are designed to teach individuals the key components needed to boost cognitive skills and apply them to the workplace.

Scientifically engineered, this educational program is ideal for guiding employees into becoming mentally stronger, faster, and sharper.

Guaranteed to improve the company as a whole, there are many benefits to enrolling in the BrainFit for Work & Life online program.

In addition to reducing absenteeism and significantly improving employee productivity in the workplace, one of the most essential benefits of the BrainFit for Work & Life Program is its ability to enhance creativity and foster innovation.

Creative and innovative thoughts are highly valued for all aspects of business. Not only are new ideas the foundation of success, but using the brain to utilize these thoughts improves cognition and strengthens the communication properties in the brain, improving brain health.

Another benefit of the BrainFit for Work & Life program is that is has shown to decrease the percentage of employee turnover, boosting recruitment potential and providing the company with the tools and resources needed to grow and prosper economically.

This course is designed to improve morale and promote team-work – creating a positive and free space work environment where employees feel valued and useful.

By fostering a good work relationship between employees, employers, and colleagues, the workforce becomes mentally energized and successful.

Purchasing BrainFit for Work & Life

For employers who are wanting to boost the company morale and increase worker productivity, the BrainFit for Work & Life online course is available for purchase on the company website. The BrainFit for work & Life is currently available for $147.

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