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The Bouquet Bar is a gift giving service. You select the gifts, and the company delivers them to the recipient’s door.

What is Bouquet Bar?

Bouquet Bar is a gifting service whose philosophy is to bring gifting back!! Gift giving is an art lost on many, but at Bouquet Bar, they make sure that this old-fashioned art is kept alive and well.

Their belief is that a gift is an expression of love, gratitude and friendship. They cherish this old-world tradition and want to make it easier for you by offering the modern convenience of gifting to someone far away, but by sending it from the comfort and convenience of your home.

Sending one of the Bouquet Bar’s curated, designer gift boxes lets your friends and family know they are receiving something extraordinary. They invite you to choose from their luxurious gifts and delectable treats along with restorative indulgences like teas or candles, and then adding a breathtaking bouquet of flowers. They hope to help you send a gift that inspires true happiness. So, join them in celebrating the art of gift giving.

Products oOffered by Bouquet Bar

Here’s how it works:

  • Select a box – pick one of the designer boxes
  • Select your gifts – explore the selection of gifts and choose the perfect gift items for your box to create your own masterpiece
  • They ship, you relax – your gift arrives on time

First, select a box. It all starts with the box. The boxes come in three sizes:

  • The Cocktail – Select 3 gifts, starting at $50.00
  • The Martini – Select 6 gifts, starting at $75.00
  • The Champagne – Select a bouquet and 2 gifts, starting at $155.00

Next, pick your flower bouquet:

  • The Pomegranate Mimosa – A romantic bouquet that sends a clear message – you are in my heart. Let that someone know how you feel with the eternal symbol of romantic love and passion – the rose. Its long-lasting, velvety petals, fiery red color, and intoxicating scent say, “I love you” without speaking a single word.
  • The Mimosa – Can you think of a more inviting way of letting someone know you are intrigued by them than sending a dozen orange roses? Whether you have a fascination of a mysterious acquaintance or hope a friendship will become something more, send this large rose collection that comes in a fiery, energetic orange color. Alone, or mixed with greens, carnations, and spray roses, you cannot miss the drama of these big, beautiful orange roses.

Next, add the number of gifts that corresponds to your gift box. Choose from:

  • Gummies – Sugar Coated Sour Gummy Hearts, Orange Burst Gummy Bears, or Milk Chocolate Dipped Gummy Bears
  • Chocolates – Dark Chocolate Covered Sea Salt Caramels, Cayenne Infused Dark Chocolate Discs, Lavender Dark Chocolate Drops, or Chocolate Truffles
  • Nuts – Supreme Roasted and Salted Almonds, Bartenders Chocolate Almonds, or Premium Salted Cashews
  • Miscellaneous gifts – Queen Bath Bomb, Honey Pearls, Orange Spray Roses, Succulent Plant, or Organic Teas
  • Popcorn – Old Fashioned Caramel Corn, Chocolate Caramel Crunch Popcorn, or Crispy Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Caramel Corn
  • Flavored Malted Milk Balls – Peanut Butter or Mint Cookie
  • Candles – Citrus Blossom Candle or Lavender Fields Candle
  • Bracelets – Orange Buckle Bracelet or White Braided Bracelet

You may also choose from a selection of pre-made boxes, a best seller being:

The XOXO Box – $155.00. What a wonderful way to let someone know you will always be there. This large gift box gives them hugs and kisses they need to get through even the toughest days.

Wrap them in the embrace of the full-size signature Mimosa floral bouquet filled with a dozen orange roses, let them enjoy the taste of Lavender Dark Chocolate Drops – a treat made with antioxidant-rich dark chocolate and lavender flowers, and finally the delicious Orange Burst Gummy Bear candies loaded with a juicy orange taste and soft gummy texture for an instant pick-me-up. No matter the distance, this large gift box will remind them they are never far from your thoughts or heart.

Finally, write a personal note!

And with your first order, you receive 10% off.

Contacting Customer Service for Bouquet Bar

Customer service for your Bouquet Bar order is available at where a standard fill-in-the-blank form is provided for your convenience.

Bouquet Bar Conclusion

The Bouquet Bar offers a fun way to send a gift. You go to their website, fill a box with gifts and they ship direct to the recipient’s door. These boxes include flowers, chocolates and a variety of little gifts. Next time you want to send someone a gift, try this fun way to send more than flowers!!

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