BodyGenix Garcinia Cambogia

BodyGenix Garcinia Cambogia Review

BodyGenix Garcinia Cambogia is an all-natural weight loss supplement designed to help you lose weight naturally and safely. It is manufactured and sold by BodyGenix, which sells a variety of dietary supplements.

How BodyGenix Garcinia Works

BodyGenix Garcinia Cambogia contains only one main ingredient – pure garcinia cambogia extract. Unlike other comparable garcinia cambogia products, BodyGenix Garcinia contains a whopping 80% concentration of HCA extract, which is far more than the 50 or 60% concentration commonly used in garcinia products.

Clinical studies have shown that HCA extract is a potent fat burner and weight loss tool.

How exactly does it work?

According to research, HCA extract found in garcinia cambogia can do two things:

Block Fat Storage: Garcinia cambogia works as a natural fat blocker by inhibiting an enzyme known as citric lyase. Citric lyase is one of the enzymes responsible for instructing the liver to convert carbohydrates into fat. Blocking this enzyme prevents the liver from storing fat and instead promotes fatty oxidation (fat burning).

Suppresses Appetite: Garcinia cambogia is a natural appetite suppressant because it helps to increase levels of a hormone known as serotonin. Studies have shown that increased serotonin levels lead to decreased appetite and decreased food cravings.

These two mechanisms can lead to some powerful weight loss results. You can lose 10, 20, or even 30 pounds by simply adding BodyGenix to an existing healthy diet and exercise regime.

Side Effects of BodyGenix Garcinia

Since BodyGenix products use 100% pure ingredients, we know that there are know fillers, chemicals, or binders in BodyGenix garcinia. This automatically means that there are no risks for dangerous chemicals or unsafe ingredients to be added.

What we do know about garcinia cambogia is that there are only minor reports of side effects. Some users have experience upset stomach, nausea, and the occasional headache, however none of these side effects are considered serious.

We also know that garcinia cambogia may act as a natural blood thinner, which means you may want to be careful if you are taking a prescription blood thinner as this could cause the blood to become too thin if unnoticed.

Finally, garcinia cambogia is recommended for healthy adults over the age of 18. It is not intended for use for anybody under the age of 18, and pregnant or nursing mothers should avoid taking garcinia cambogia as well.

How to Buy BodyGenix Garcinia

From what we could tell, BodyGenix offers their garcinia supplement through a trial offer. This means you can get a risk-free bottle of BodyGenix garcinia for the price of shipping & handling, and it will be sent directly to your door.

Keep in mind, you will be billed on a monthly basis and sent an additional bottle of BodyGenix garcinia until you cancel your trial or until you meet your weight loss goals.

BodyGenix garcinia is as legitimate as they come, although we do wish there was a way to purchase this product without the trial membership.

Still, with an 80% concentration of HCA extract, you’ll be able to lose weight faster than ever, and that’s what really matters.


  1. Don’t order!! Was suppose to get a free trial just pay for shipping, they charged my card 3 times for a total of $32. Once I noticed the charge the next day I called and cancelled my order but they sent it to me anyway. I called them and they told me I had to return the products to get my money back, which I did. After a month still haven’t got a refund I called and they told me I didn’t return the product right… Horrible service

  2. This is a scam!!!! Do not buy anything from them because they will charge your card every month. They will not give you your money back and the customer service sucks horribly!!!

  3. DO NOT DO IT!!! They do not always advertise that this is a membership, they say it is a trial only and then they continue to charge your credit card every month for product that you never receive and when you call to disputer the charges they give you a line of BS about a 14 day trial and that if you didn’t cancel within that time they can continue to charge your card. DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY!!!

  4. I’m glad I used a visa gift card for the free trial, it only had $5 on it so they can’t bill it. I did receive the correct product though. And I actually feel its working. After reading these comments I won’t be reordering online though.

  5. I receive two bottles of your Garcinia Cambogia Fork Solon and I’ve never ordered this it’s against doctor’s orders that I take this I would like to know where to ship it back

    • I thought I bought a bottle of Garcinia Cambogia at a discount, not the trial, it said nothing about a trial, after I ordered I received a bottle of foscolin no Garcinia Cambogia, I called bodygenix to find out where the GC was, they told me they shipped it, they lied, never shipped, and while on phone I asked about the 160.00 charges to my bank account, they then told me about the 14 day trial and if you don’t cancel they automatically bill you full price, now it wasn’t on a trial and if it was they never shipped the product for me to try, so there still at fault, Bodygenix is as crooked as they come, the rep was rude, impolite very unprofessional and basically told me tough shit and pretty much in those words, do not do business with Bodygenix, there are other legit companies selling the same stuff and they are honest professional companies

      • SCAM!!!!!!!! Same thing happened to me, didn’t ship the Garcinia Cambogia only the forskolin and later charged me the full price that I didn’t cancel which they never disclose to me in the first place. They know what they are doing in defrauding innocent people that actually wants to do business with them. Please be careful, don’t fall into their trap as we already did. It’s such a painful experience.

  6. So I was on the website just checking it out and I thought “free trial? why not!” so I started filling out the information. Then I thought I should see if its a scam or not. So after reading some sketchy things I decided not to go through with buying the product so I just exited out the website. But they had my phone number since I’d already filled that part out (not my card info though thank god) and called me about an hour after I left the website. Not from an LA number which would be logical bc its based in LA but from a local number asking me why I didnt finish my order. Thing is,I dont live near LA. Maybe its just me being suspicous but something seems really weird about that. Just saying in case anyones looking to buy it is definately a sketchy thing.

  7. just talked with Customer Service rep @ 855-546-7858 Joanna. She was very helpful. Didn’t get the Trial size of Garcinia – she is sending that out. Canceled all future shipments until I am able to try it. If I like it she is giving me the promotion discount of $48.75 for July. Very happy with this so far.

    • Thank you so much for printing the customer care number. I cancelled the product last December and what do l find in my mail but two bottles of their weight loss products. Thank you so much, Pat Bowen

  8. There has not been one good review of this product but yet this website says “as honest as they come” so the reviewer either obviously didn’t try it or are on the scammers dollar bill which is even more dispicable then the scammers themselves. I was excited I thought I found a fair and honest website but no this website scams by telling people that a scam is actually legit. I’m surprised they aren’t deleting the negative reviews and placing them with fake positive ones.


  9. What a joke! I ordered this FREE trial, just pay $4.95 for shipping and handling. Pay attention to the small print, if you do not cancel within 2 weeks they will automatically charge your card $79

    The product does not work at all, in fact I would say that I gained weight!

    BEWARE-this is just a ploy to get at least $80 out of everyone. If you don’t catch on they will keep on charging you each month

  10. Ok, first and foremost this company is bullshit. Second, it shouldnt matter what day you received your trial, that is when the 14 days should start, and when you are charged 170.00 for a product that you never receive and can prove it, you should automatically be refunded. This is such crap and their only response is we are not responsible, but like i told that lady…you may nit be responsible but you are theives, cheats and your company is full of dumbass liars, and how does it feel to be the supervisor.

  11. Cancelled product related to the low HCA level 60% is well below recommended dosage for benefits. Weeks later noted three separate charges the most being $79.95. Called customer service because I never received product and of course told by sarcastic employee that it was a USPS problem not theirs and ” I should of called 14 days after I received product and account would of not been charge”. Hello, I never received product so Why would I call.Buyers beware. Look at HCA levels!

    • The same thing happened to me. I just got off the phone with the same situation. I didn’t receive the product in enough time to even know if it worked. They are quite dishonest as the girl told me that I was supposed to cancel the auto ship by the end of the 14 day trial. I asked her where did it say that. She said it was there when I submitted my order. I never saw it. I never will order from them again. I got the same product from Amazon for much cheaper. If the product works, I’ll order it there.

  12. 90% of people here did not read terms and conditions it clearly states to cancel order within 14 days or you will automatically be billed. Therefore cancel within 14 days whether the product has arrived or not, you will still receive the 30 day supply and won’t have to worry about auto pay. Also you all talking about the billing but what about the product does it work?

  13. Called 855-546-7858
    I received my trial order yesterday and have not opened the bottles yet.
    Spoke with Stephanie, she was very polite and helpful.
    Cancelled order going forward – no more shipments and no more charges to my acct.. We shall see.

    • I just did the same today, did u receive anymore??? I’m really upset… I wanted to try it, but not at this cost…
      He said that it won’t come… But his hands are tied on the $25+shipping… It was to be $4.95 and that’s it…

  14. I too was scammed. I ordered free trial did not receive it till 13th day then they charged my card on 14th day. They said it was 14 days and they couldn’t help it if it took that long on the mail but there was no refund. Was not offered any money back but was told it had been canceled. Has anybody still been charged after they were told it was cancelled. Please let me know. Do not buy this product as it does not work

    • I too have gasterparesis and diabetes. Took for about 3weeks no problems. Today in extreme pain. I would not recommend this

  15. This is the most unhonest company that ever existed . They say get a free 14 day sample for shipping and handling, what they don’t tell you is they send a month supply in that same bottle ,and then take 80 dollars of your account. Then you call to find out why they tell you the only way to get your money back is to send the bottle back unopened. If I don’t hear back from them TODAY I will be contacting a lawyer.

    • If you talk to a lawyer, I am a witness as the exact same thing just happened to me. I am furious and I don’t even know if it works as I just got the order a week ago and haven’t seen any benefits yet. I can order this same product from Amazon for much less money. If it works, that’s where I spend my money.

    • Same thing is happening to me as we speak. I returned my unopened bottle on may 13th. Still no refund to my account. I keep getting the run around. I’m sick and tired of their crap. I even sent them the tracking number I received when I shipped it back to them.

  16. Thank you for the phone number… 855-546-7858. I spoke to Dominic. He was very nice but kept saying … Keep the tracking #. He also indicated the $12.95 re-stocking fee applies to each bottle returned.
    I feel so stupid.
    But I really like the pre-paid card idea. For any future lapses in judgement.

  17. Thank you I am in the process of trying to stop this .if anyone is trying to start a class action lawsuit let me know am in I don’t like when good people get hurt and taken advantage of.

  18. I took the garcinia cambogia and foreskolin as directed for a full month, no results except diarrhea. I procrastinated after the first auto ship and did not contact them. Today I received the second auto ship and called immediately. I was told the only one I could return is this most recent shipment. I asked the rep if the other bottles were still sealed unopened could I send those back. He very rudely said, “LISTEN, the only one you can return is the April shipment.” Then he offers me a 50% discount to keep it. I said “no, I want a 100% refund. ” them he tells me there is a 12.95 restocking fee for each that they will take out of the refund. So 74.90 for the foreskolin and 84.94 for the garcinia cambogia twice. I can only get back 133.94 of the 319.68 they pulled from my account. I told him, “so much for satisfaction guaranteed, it’s quite a racket you’ve got going on. BODYGENIX IS A RIPOFF!

    • This place is a scam. Talk to a manager there ask for a full refund. Most likely they will offer you 70% of what you paid.

  19. Beverly Smith, Has anyone gotten their money back from this product ? If you have and you could pass the information on to me on how you did it i would be so thankful . I really need to get my money returned . I live on a fixed income and the amount of money Bodygenix Garcinia Cambogia has taken from my account has caused me to me overdrawn in my banking account . Please if you can help me send me a e-mail . Thanks

    • Best thing to do BEFORE you order anything from internet is do what I do… BUY PREPAID VISA CARDS. Get on for $25 and This way the most you will loose is the $4.95 plus the 20 left on the card. Then THEY are the ones who get screwed not you. The only other thing is to cancel your card and get a new one issued.

      Question: If this is such a scam, why is the supplement police website saying this product should work? Has anyone that has tried Body Genix, according to directions seen results?

    • Me to got scammed.They took money from my account and cause it to be overdraft.I even called them and pleaded with them,that all I asked for was the trial offer? You better read the fine print that’s all I have to say .IT’S A RIP OFF!!

  20. I don’t know what to do . I ordered this product garcinia combogia from the internet and it has been a nightmare ! Before i knew it this company had scammed me out of over 400.00 ! I have called their customer service department and like the comments before you can’t hear them or understand them ! It is a waste of time ! I sent all their product back to them and they still charged my account a couple more times . I finally had to close my account and open a new one . I feel so foolish ! I am not a rich person or even comfortable . I am a widow and i am disabled so i live off a fixed income . I wish i had seen the comments people left on this site before i ordered this CRAP . I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau , I don’y know if it will help but i did it anyway . I wish all of us that has had our money took from our account could do something ! I will never order anything over the internet again unless i use pay pal if then .

    • I had a similar product happening. I first called my bank. Thru a process of opening a claim, the bank rep called the phone# showing up on my bank statement. Initially the company oferred me half my money back. I did not want to accept this offer. I asked what if i send the product back since i am not satisfied. They said they didn’t take opened bottles back. Then had me hold. Asked me if i opened a claim with my bank. The bank rep then spoke up saying they are in the process and trying to settle first with their company. I got 100% of my money back credited back to my bank account that same day. I made sure to confirm with this company’s rep… No further debits from my account and I was not interested in their product. I hope this helps! The bank reminded me to be aware if the free trials!!! Signed ????

    • File a complaint with the attorney general’s office . The better business bereau does nothing but store your bad review/ complaint . No one knows about it unless they specifically look up that company on the bbb site. The attorney General’s office will go after them ! Just google “attorney general in ____ (the state u live in) file a complaint. You will need names of anyone u can remember u talked to, phone numbers, any address . (Just make up a person name ).

  21. I ordered the products on line and I received them ok, but the next month they took money out of my account for both products and I only received the Garcia and not the forscolin. Very upset and canceled my order with no offer for refund for the forscolin. In the add it never said anything about auto refill. A rip off and I never lost a pound

  22. I orded the .trial product and now they take money out of my account and I can’t seem to beable to cancel on this product How do I go about cancelling

  23. These people are a rip off ordered their “free”trial offer received it two weeks later instead of ,$4.95 shipping found, they billed my account $79.95 and $69.95. Called cistomer service and account with them , they offered me 35% of my money back, . Told them that I was.having my bank file a dispute with them ,, they then told me they could do nothing more until I called them with my bank .I believe if all the people who have been misled and got together and filed a lawsuit or grievence would be better results

  24. A free trial means it’s free and see if you like it doesn’t mean that they can pull money out of your account which they did to me I’m not satisfied with the product I canceled it they will not give me a refund got to be something we can do I talked to customer service I guess we should’ve read the fine fine print the whole thing is misleading I hope somebody can stop this company when you do a free trial if the product works and you’re satisfied then I would’ve had no problem ordering it again this is bull crap

    • Me too just got my account bal. and it’s -84.94 and 70 something for the other pill not happy at all,should’ve known.

  25. It’s in fine print don’t be pissed it simply says From the day you order it yes it’s in away kinda messed up but it is there shouldnt be accepting terms without reading the fine print. I just got my order today and Im in hope the rave is worth it if not the jokes on me but if it does I’ll be excited

  26. I received my free trial on Saturday and on Sunday they took $79.95 from my account. I called this morning and was told that I would not get my money back. She said it was past 14 days. I said no I just got the bottle. Sher said 14 days from the date you order. What a big rip off. I won’t be ordering any more FREE trials. Con Artists.

  27. What a joke!! Just got free bottle 2days ago.79.95 out of my account this morning!!! No paperwork with product I need to know how I can get this stopped!!??

  28. WARNING!!! Do not waste your money!! I called on the 14th day to cancel and I was still charged . Their customer service is a joke just like the product! I am contacting the Better Business Bureau.

    • Contact the attorney General’s office . They will go after them . All the bbb does is store the complaint in case anybody looks them up ! Google the attorney General’s office for your state

  29. Disappointing. Only had the product for a couple of days and they automatically took money out of my account. Rip off. Had to cancel it because no more. Customer service very rude.

    • I cancelled after they had charged for subscriptions of $79 and $69; and they refused to reimburse me 100%, I only was reimbursed 50%. You need to read the fine print. Use barely hear their customer service.

  30. What a rop off!!!!! Make sure to cancel within the 14 day trial period or they will charge you 69.95 for a product that does not provide the results as written. Please cancel any further shipments.

  31. Body Genix is a ripoff – they make you believe you’re getting quality product at a reasonable price and then charge large amount to your credit card without your permission! Also, the product does not work

  32. This place is a joke! I called cause I seen my account had been charged and the man named Robert was rude as heck and wouldn’t even send me a paperwork on my order or cancelation. I will turn these guys into the Better Business Bureau. It is a scam. They weren’t able to let me speak with a supervisor. Said they were all busy! How convenient. I just want my $150.00 back. I didn’t receive any instructions or anything with my 2 bottles. Very miss leading product. I will post this everywhere.

    I’m calling Channel 4 and Channel 7 Action News
    I returned their merchandise but did not get my refund. They said it would take 10 business days the first time called. Second time they received it on the 7th and they have their stuff and my money!!!!! I’m furious…I have yet to see it. I called and all you get is a recording. I’m also going to report to the BBB.
    1-888-973-6189 Jordon,Utah
    1-855-545-7858 Customer
    Expect to stay on that answering machine a LONG time with no answer.

  34. Dont fall for this People!!!….you can be charged up to 3 months for this product before you can ever get it taken off your credit card!! If the Product works for you that fine, Personally, I has spoke with several people including my Dr. that says these products are inaccurately advertised, its their way of grabbing as much money from your credit card before you can get it stopped. there has been occasions where people fall for the free trial offer, receive it, then call their Bank or financial institution (credit card co) to immediately cancel the card or put it on hold to keep companies like this from charging your account for another shipment before you,ve had time to use the product to see if it works for you…Read the terms of agreement, it tells you your card will be be automatically charged every month for another shipment of the product , then you begin spending a lot of time on the phone daily trying to get these charges removed, before you can finally get it stopped they have already placed another charge to your account for yet another 30 day supply….Trust me people, i have been through this!!!…..not only with this product but others as well. DO NOT FALL FOR THESE FREE TRIAL OFFERS, YOU WILL FIND YOURSELF BEING A VICTIM OF SCAM BEFORE YOU CAN GET IT STOPPED…if you do want to try their product on a free trial basis, order the free trial, once you receive it, STOP ANYMORE CHARGES BEING TAKEN FROM YOUR CARD UNTIL YOU SEE IF THE PRODUCT WORKS FOR YOU…..UPON ARRIVAL OF YOUR FREE TRIAL, CALL IMMEDIATELY BEFORE YOUR 14 DAYS ARE UP AND CANCEL THEN!!…. TO KEEP ANYMORE CHARGES FROM BEING APPLIED TO YOUR CARD….If you find the product works for you, you can always call back and order another 30 day supply without being under their terms of agreement of automatically given them the opportunity to charge your credit card as if it were their own…. M. Shew, from North Carolina, a concerned citizen to help others understand how this works.

  35. I need to stop receiving Garcinia cambogia. I cannot swallow the pill, and have requested to stop renewing my order. I have requested this 2 other times, yet I am still receiving this in the mail and being charged for an item that I must throw away.

  36. This is a joke. You will get billed if you received this product. It says you have 14 days to cancel. They mean 14 days from the day you order it. It take them 7 to 10 days to get it too you. Doesn’t really give you any time to check it out. Then they bill you. I called on the 14th day to cancel and they said they could not refund my account.

  37. BodyGenix is a joke, just like their customer service call center. Total rip off! Do not order their products online because its a scam. I have just been charged with $150 of fee’s that I did not authorize from BodyGenix and good lord you don’t want to deal with their call center. Never the less the product doesn’t even work!

  38. I need a site where I can cancel this item. I cannot take such a large capsule. I went through my emails and cannot find an address or phone number. Please help.

    Thank you

  39. Please be informed that after I received the first BodyGenix Gardenia Cambogia, 60 capsules, I received two additional containers which I returned. please terminate or cancel my order. I do not want further shipment.
    I must discontinue due to health issues. Please refund my charges. I returned a shipment most recently unopened. Thank you.
    Ethelene Copeland

    • Ethelene,

      Thank you for leaving a comment, but please know that we do not sell this product. You will need to get in contact with the company to get any auto-shipments cancelled.
      Try and search for an email that shows your initial order. I’m sure it would say how to cancel.

      — Supplement Police


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