What is BodyLab? Jennifer Lopez Supplements Review


Body Lab Review

Body Lab has received plenty of media attention over the last few months. Jennifer Lopez is a big reason behind that media attention claiming this is the ultimate tool in helping you lose body weight and feel great.

She is now officially endorsing BodyLab and claims that her/their health supplements are the best way to get a body (and booty) like the media mogul J Lo herself.

Body Lab manufactures a range of different workout supplements, including protein powders, thermogenic fat burners, and meal replacement shakes that can help ‘build a better you'. The official BodyLab website also features recipes, whole food diets and shopping lists which aim to support active lifestyles.

Today, we’re reviewing all of these Body Lab products to see if you can really get a banging body like Jennifer Lopez by taking her personalized women-specific protein powders and other supplements.

What is Body Lab?

Body Lab is a lineup of health and fitness formulas which have been specifically designed for a woman’s body. While many bodybuilding supplements focus on gaining mass and building bigger muscles, Body Lab is specifically designed to achieve female fitness goals.

What does that actually mean? In the words of Body Lab itself, Body Lab health supplements come with the following goals and features:

— No Added Creatine
— No Bulky Muscles
— No Ingredients That Wreak Havoc On Your Hormones
— Unique Blends Created With Plant-based Compounds
— Designed To Burn Through Excess Body Fat And Get Lean
— Formulas Based On Real, Scientific Research

Ultimately, Body Lab claims to have been created by women for women, and that means better workout results and more achievable fitness goals for women who take Body Lab supplements.

Body Lab Supplements and Formulas

Body Lab currently sells 7 different health supplements. Some are meant to be taken before workouts, while others are designed to replace meals or be taken after a workout.

You can take these supplements individually or as part of a “stack”.

Here are all the Body Lab supplements currently available to order:

Metabolise (£13.32 / $19.99 USD)

Offered exclusively on SuperDrug.com, J Lo's Metabolise is the latest addition to the BodyLab supplement line that promises to be the perfect solution for an active women's metabolism. The Body Lab Metabolise comes with 60 capsules per bottle that claim to fuel the fitness goals for everyone looking for an extra boost and burst of energy.

The Metabolise ingredients feature Sinetrol™ Xpur derived from citrus fruits along with a proprietary herbal blend of biotin, green tea, coffee, cacao, guarana and many other notable names that says it can shed up to 10% body fat in just a few weeks. J Lo's Metabolise by BodyLab has been subjected to clinical trials, in which women lost two inches from their waists in only five weeks of using along with a sensible diet and regular exercise.

BodyLab's Dr Amy Heaton (director of scientific affairs) said the reason why this works so well for women is because it is specifically designed and catered to women only, not a scaled down version of something optimal for men (like most nutritional supplement formulas).

7-Day Ultra Fast Slim Kit ($29.99)

This kit claims to be the “ultimate way to cleanse and detoxify the female body and kick-start the fat-burning process.” It contains a total of three supplements:

Triple Process Detox & Cleanse (28 Capsules): Uses natural ingredients like ginger root powder, fenugreek powder, garlic powder, and dandelion powder to detoxify and cleanse the body.

Thermodynamic Total Burn (28 Capsules): Claims to be the ultimate thermogenic formula for fat burning, increasing metabolic rate, and boosting energy. Its thermogenic properties come from a proprietary blend of coffee bean extract, guarana extract, citrus extract, alpha lipoic acid, and other herbal ingredients.

Probiotic Replenishment (7 Capsules): Helps to replenish healthy bacteria within the intestines and restore balance within the digestive tract. Primary ingredients include fenugreek powder, slippery elm bark, and marshmallow root powder. There’s also an antioxidant fruit blend which contains raspberries, blueberries, grape seed extract, and other natural compounds rich with disease fighting (and anti-aging) antioxidants.

Here’s how the 7-Day Ultra Fast Slim Kit works: you take two capsules of the Detox & Cleanse capsules twice per day with a full glass of water – two in the morning, and two in the early evening, for seven days straight.

You also take two capsules of Thermodynamic Total Burn twice per day – two in the morning and two more with your main meal of the day (i.e. your largest meal). Take this for the same 7 days you’re taking the Detox & Cleanse.

After your seven day detox and cleansing period is over, take one probiotic capsule every day with a full glass of water for seven straight days.

Thermodynamic Total Burn ($29.99)

The Thermodynamic Total Burn claims to be the ultimate thermogenic fat burning formula. It’s the same supplement found in the 7-Day Ultra Fast Slim Kit listed above.

This supplement contains energy-boosting compounds like guarana, coffee bean extract, citrus extract, alpha lipoic acid, cacao, kola extract, white willow bark extract, and cayenne powder.

Each package of Thermodynamic Total Burn costs $29.99 and contains 60 capsules (30 servings). Recommended use is taking two capsules twice per day: one serving before breakfast and one serving with your largest meal of the day.

TastyShake Thermodynamic Protein Complex ($24.99)

Body Lab claims to have created a “delicious, calorie-smart protein shake” which is specially designed to fulfill a woman’s fitness goals. It’s available in one flavor: decadent chocolate fudge.

From a nutritional standpoint, Body Lab contains 15 grams of protein per serving. Each serving is 1 scoop, or 22 grams, and there are about 21 servings per container. A scoop of powder mixed with water contains 90 calories.

Other important parts of the protein blend include 2 grams of total fat per serving, 90mg of cholesterol, 1 gram of sugar, 2 grams of carbohydrates, 135mg of calcium (14% Daily Value), 125mg of potassium (4% Daily Value), and 85mg of sodium (4% Daily Value).

There’s also a proprietary blend of energy-boosting compounds within this protein powder, including coffee bean extract, green tea extract, Asian ginseng extract, and guarana seed extract. Together, this proprietary blend contains about 150mg of caffeine per serving, which is way more than your average protein powder (which is also why this is classified as a thermodynamic protein powder).

Body Lab recommends using TastyShake Thermodynamic Protein Complex as a preworkout energy booster. Mix one scoop with 8 fluid ounces of cold water for maximum effect.

Endurance Boosting Deep Tissue Oxygenator ($29.99)

This supplement aims to enhance endurance, increase speed and improve VO2 max. Overall, women can expect to improve their athletic performance – whether they’re running on the treadmill or playing competitive sports.

One of the reasons why men perform better than women in speed and endurance is because of VO2 max ratings. This formula is specially designed to boost those ratings. Body Lab recommends taking two capsules of this supplement one hour before a workout to improve athletic performance throughout the workout.

The formula works by using a unique blend of vitamins like thiamin (vitamin B1), riboflavin (vitamin B2), vitamin B6, vitamin B12, and pantothenic acid alongside natural extracts like ginkgo biloba, L-Arginine, and Rhodiola rosea root extract.

TastyShake Complete Whey Protein Complex ($31.99)

Available in decadent chocolate fudge and classic vanilla flavors, this protein powder is more of a traditional protein powder than the TastyShake Thermodynamic Protein Complex.

In terms of ingredients, it’s virtually identical to the Body Lab Thermodynamic Protein Complex. The only main difference is that there’s no proprietary caffeine blend.

Body Lab recommends taking this protein powder immediately before and/or after a workout. Mix with 6 to 8 fluid ounces of cold water for best results. It’s designed to repair sore muscles, improve recovery times, and maximize results at the gym.

Just like the Thermodynamic protein powder, each serving contains 15 grams of protein. There’s also a small amount of calcium (15% Daily Value) and iron (2% Daily Value). It also contains 80 calories, which is 10 fewer calories than the Thermodynamic blend.

Thermodynamic Pre-Workout Extender ($29.99)

The Thermodynamic Pre-Workout Extender is a three-phase thermogenic booster which promises to boost metabolism and increase calorie burning before, during, and after a workout.

Body Lab recommends taking two capsules of Thermodynamic Pre-Workout Extender one hour before a workout. In terms of ingredients, the supplement contains 200mg of “caffeine and caffeine-like supplements” in each serving, which is why it’s such a powerful energy booster.

The blend of ingredients include Rhodiola rosea root extract, peppermint leaf powder, plant-sourced caffeine, cayenne extract, black pepper fruit extract, and ginger root powder.

For $29.99, you receive 15 servings per container for a total of 30 capsules.

Advanced Joint Formula for Active Women

One of the reasons people stop working out is because their joints get sore. Sometimes, this pain occurs after a few days of working out. In other cases, chronic pain can occur after a lifetime of working out.

The Advanced Joint Formula for Active Women is designed to fight back against joint pain using natural ingredients.

There are 60 capsules in each package of Advanced Joint Formula for a total price of $29.99. It’s recommended that women take one capsule with a full glass of water twice per day, so this is a one month supply.

In terms of ingredients, Body Lab has implemented a number of natural ingredients and compounds, including Scutellaria baicalensis root extract, cutch tree wood and bark extract, bromelain stem, alfalfa leaf powder, celery seed powder, and cayenne pepper powder.

Body Lab Recipes

The seven fitness supplements sold on Body Lab aren’t the only Body Lab products available: there’s also a huge directory of recipes which promise to “Build a Better You” starting in the kitchen.

Women can search through recipes based on keywords or nutritional information, like minimum/maximum calories or maximum carbs and minimum protein.

There are also categories like “3 Steps or Less”, “5 Ingredients or Less”, and “Turkey Breasts.”

The actual recipes include a diverse range of soups, main dishes, appetizers, breakfasts, lunches, shakes, and basically every other food you need to eat during a day.

Each recipe comes clearly marked with protein, fat, carb, serving size, and calorie information.

Ultimately, the goal with the Body Lab recipe book is to help women become healthier and avoid the excuse that dieting is too hard and too expensive, or that it takes too long to make healthy foods.

Whether you’re looking for JLo’s Favorite Kale Salad with Cheese or you want a healthy recipe for Blueberry Banana Pancakes, you can find it at Body Lab without needing to sign up or pay any money.

In addition to recipes, BodyLab features expert advice from its team of fitness trainers and dieticians. This advice is posted in the form of a blog, and the blog is updated on a near-daily basis. You can also talk with other women in the Body Lab community forums.

Conclusion: Who Should Take Body Lab Fitness Supplements?

Body Lab supplements are perfect for women who live an active lifestyle (or are trying to live a more active lifestyle).

The supplements are perfect for two types of women in particular:

— Women who have never taken fitness supplements but still want to maximize results before, during, and after a workout

— Women who have taken fitness supplements but have been dissatisfied with the focus on bulking, muscle growth, and predominantly male-focused fitness goals

If you fall into either of those groups, then Body Lab could be the lineup of powerful, science-based health supplements you’ve been waiting for.

Check out the latest from Body Lab with their new #BeTheGirl Challenge.

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  1. I lost 72lbs with the Total Burn diet pills by Body Lab. I didnt follow any special diet and no exercise routine. I continue to take them and have kept the weight off for over a year now.

  2. I don’t know if anyone will find this helpful and I in no way profess to be a doctor or nutrionist, but I do have experience with BodyLab and Lopez’s supplements. I have tried several other, focusing on ones with natural ingredients and simple promises. These definitely work, I love the detox pills. Some people say detoxes are purely psychological and I frankly disagree. These help with bloating and don’t make me feel like I have to live in the bathroom from…you know. You’re not supposed to take them too frequently but every two months or so I feel like I need to and I lose between 3-5 lbs that week. The other thermodynamic total burn supplements are effective, but don’t expect them to make you lose two lbs a week for the next year. They help with energy and feeling fuller, for me, but you still have to put in the work by exercising and not snacking while still feeling full. On average they help me lose an additional 1-4 lbs a month. I see no reason why men couldn’t use these products as well. I purchase mine at wal-mart and it’s quite a bit cheaper there than the prices listed here

  3. I bought the hole system but only used the fat burners didn’t use the detox or replenish…. while in them I lost 5 lbs. Ice tried hydroxicut and didn’t lose anything so guess it work for me….wish I could find it again to buy it though.

  4. I just bought the product yesterday seeing all this negative comments really out me ???? but i hope for the best that it will work ????

  5. CAN YOU RECOMMEND AN APPETITE SUPPRESSANT THAT CAN BE TAKEN WITH THE BODY LAB TOTAL BURN PRODUCT? I’m currently on Day 4 of the detox/total burn part and love the way it makes me feel; however, am needing help in curbing my appetite!

  6. I followed the regimen as directed. I play tennis 5 times a week, walk 1-2 miles a day and yet gained over ten pounds on this thing endorsed product by Jennifer. Never expected to look like her, I can’t afford a private trainer daily, BUT didn’t expect to gain weight and inches.

  7. Right now I’m drinking slimfast, once I finish the rest of the can of slimfast, I was thinking about switching to Body Lab, all the weight that i lost while drinking slimfast, will i re gain all of that back by switching to body lab?

  8. Hey! I started bodylab 2/06/16. I changed my eating habits from the holiday season foods and leftovers to a much healthier way for me. NO! Salts. . Startout with the detox first. At the same time workout in the morning for an hour before work 3 days a week. Walk 10 miles twice a week. I no this may not seem like much but it’s “MY START” I have lost 31lbs.

  9. I’m on day 2 of the kit and my energy level is awesome, the probiotic pills are working for me, I see a lot of reviews on here of bloating. I haven’t experienced that Yet but am very happy with the product…I will definitely start the fat burner after

  10. I’ve. Tryed the. Tasty shakes they. Seem to work. Fine with me. The vanilla. N chocolate fudge I get them. From. Wal Mart affordable! I would. Get again

  11. I purchased the 7 day cleanse and just finished. This product was a complete waste of money. I didn’t feel any difference in my body. I was terribly bloated after the 2nd day and still am. In the 7 days I’ve only had 2 bowel movement. I’m gonna skip the probiotic and take a laxative to hopefully help with the bloating still have. It seems taking this product is definitely a 50/50 gamble.

  12. does Thermodynamics (28 Capsules) really help to burn the fat and build the body awesome ?

    where i can these capsules ? from chemist shop or any gym ?

  13. What this article fails to mention are the toxic ingredients in these supplements. This article only names the natural ingredients, but leaves out the fact that these supplements contain harmful ingredients as well, such as Red 40, Blue 1, Yellow 5, Yellow 6, which are known to cause cancer. Because they left that important information out, I would not trust this website to give accurate or educated information on any products!!!

  14. Great article. My favorite supplement to take has to be amino acids. I think that they are the most effective and on top of that my overall health has improved since taking them. This is the one I take if anybody wants to check it out

    • It’s got known carcinogens in it, such as Red 40, Blue 1, Yellow 5 & 6. This article conveniently left that part out.

  15. Are we suppose to do the 7 day cleanse then the total burn? I just got the total burn today and will start tomorrow. Reviews on the total burn?

  16. Took the 7 day cleanse and dropped 10lbs I was very bloated around day 4 and then that dropped. I don’t feel the probiotic that is for after the 7 days did anything but I still took it. Debating if I want to try the total burn pills, looking for reviews on those.

  17. I have started this diet like 1 week ago I have seen a lot of improvement in my energy I hope I have lost a little more weight I feel lighter I really do recommend this product I have all of my cousins and aunts on this diet as well and they also have seen changes in their energy and weight 1 cousin of mine has lost 6 pounds in the first week

  18. I completed the seven day cleanse and I am on day 4 of the probiotic supplement. This product is horrible it did not help me at all, no weight loss no cleansing. I had to go as far as taking a laxative tea as I felt bloated and constipated. Will never buy this product again and would not recommend it either. I have tried the 3 day cleanse from beachbody before and it really works, lost 5 pounds in the 3 days and I didnt want to pay $70 but I just paid $20 on something that really did not work so I ordered my 3 day beachbody cleanse again and i will never try anything from this brand again.

  19. I have been taking the 7 day cleanse for 5 days now. I am 5’6 125lb and athletic. I have experiences no weight loss or any cleansing whatsoever, only a HUGE amount of bloating. I feel extremely full, uncomfortable and literally have formed a belly. This all started late day 2. I eat healthy so I didn’t change my diet and I exercise and only drink water. I will continue this out for the next 2 days and then on to the probiotics. I only have decided to write this because I am only reading that people have lost weight or nothing at all so I wasn’t sure if anyone else is experiencing the same and me. I was really just looking for a great detox and cleanse and I have heard good things so we shall see. I guess I will wear oversided tops until this cleanse is over?

    • I tried one of the protein shakes yesterday. Drank it after my workout. After eating dinner that night i looked in the mirror and felt way bigger than I’ve noticed. I didnt know if it was the shake or what was happening. Did the bloating go away? Did the product end up helping?

  20. Alguien me podría de cir cuantas libras se pierde y más o menos que dieta llevar muchas gracias

    • Por lo que e leido dice que regularmente se pierden de 6 a 10 libras en 7 dias. La dieta debe ser comidas saludables muy bajas en grasa y tambien se debe de acompañar con algun tipo de exercisio.

  21. First day on bodylab. I hope it works for me. I have hypertension. How does this work with hypertension meds???

  22. I saw the 7 Day Ultra Slim Down Kit at Wal*Mart last week. I started on Friday at 153 lbs and I’m down to 148.4 and it’s Monday. I haven’t touched soda since I started and I’m not hungry in between meals. I run 1-2 miles every day while pushing my son in his jogging stroller. He weighs 38 lbs and his stroller is an additional 20 lbs. I have a lot more energy and I’m glad I bought the kit. I’ll be purchasing the Total Burn pills after my kit is done. I’m extremely happy with my purchase.

    • Did you get the total burn pills? If so how are they working for you? I finished my 7 day cleanse and dropped 10lbs!!

  23. Day 1 i m deff being cleansed lol. Im disabled and was looking for something to help then im doing protein shake for 2 meals a day. I do only have 1 kidney so im praying this does not do any harm to that.

  24. You can find the 7 day kit at walmartbfor 19.99 and right now they have cupons for 3.00 off .! ..i gotbmine tasty shake yesterday i jist wanted to know if it is bad to take as a breakfast shake everyday even if u dont work out every day ? Or just take after workouts or before ?

  25. I had read everyone reviews good and bad. I have the 7 days ultrafast kit yes I will try it. I need to lose 10 or 15 pounds. All I can do is hope for the best and don’t get sick. I will give you my review in 7 days.

    • I just had my 7th Back Surgery and I am 5’3″ tall I usually weigh between 114 to 120 but for some reason my body started gaining weight prior to my surgery and I did not change my diet what so ever. I now weigh 136,00 to some that might be a great weight but for me I feel really bloated, so I am going to try this product due to all the medications my body received before and during and after my surgery I am hoping it will detox those medications. I will let you know how it works.

  26. i am going to be 65 years old. I have about 15 lbs. to drop but nothing at this point will tighten up my sagging skin, so in clothing I am ok, but my arms forget about it….

    Going on vacation soon would love to wear a swim suit but the sagging skin well I’m just embarrassed …..

    What works on that?

    • Increase your collagen and water Demi, or buy skin firming products. Otherwise, unfortunately, just shy of surgery, there’s nothing you can do for that at your age.

      And I always wonder why people post reviews before they have seen any results. They don’t help those of us wanting to see if it is even worth purchasing.

      So that being said, has anyone used the 7-day Ultra Slim from JLO Body Lab products, with detox, cleanse, thermogenics, and probiotics? What did you lose if it worked?

  27. I have high blood pressure & COPD, also have acid reflux, will I be able to use this product safely. I also have arthritis really bad in my hips

  28. Hey..this is solution for me…i hope bodylab can be open at indonesia, i’m interested to buy with this product but i think i need some adivisors That may exist in indonesia to facilitate program…can u tell me how much price from first step until the end of program ?

  29. I found it in a drug store in Florida at a very good price and have used other protein shakes and it compares well. It tastes good and mixes well with my recipe I got from U Weight Loss in Canada. I’ve used the shakes as a breakfast shake for two months and keep getting leaner! I’m very active…. ride dressage but don’t really work out…. I’m also using the Thermodynamic Total Burn but not consistently and really feel that the weight is dropping off…. I just feel leaner! I don’t use a scale… I just judge it by how my clothes feel on! Next step is to try the Detox but really happy with results so far. It is really well priced and in my opinion very effective!!! Thanks J Lo!

  30. I started today, I was so excited until I read all of these reviews :( I’m going to be optimistic and hope for the best. So help me G-d, I will lose this weight if its the last thing I do. I quit smoking and I refuse to be heavy but I will not go back to smoking. Gained 30 lbs :( :( :(

  31. I just started the 7 day program today. Felt a ton of energy and no crashes. I worked out for an hour at the gym (cardio for 25 min and weight training) I will update daily with my progress.

  32. I thought about trying this program seeing Jl advertise it so much. After reading these comments think I’ll try Beachbody, my daughter lost 120 lbs last year and building lots of muscles. Thanks for letting everyone know , honesty is the answer……

  33. Are these products especially the protein powders GLUTEN FREE? I want to use these products, but cannot do gluten. Thank you, KC Snellgrove, DC

  34. I used this product and did not feel any changes. I used it exactly as the instructions stated. I feel that I wasted $$

  35. Don’t bother wasting your money on this product. I noticed no difference what so ever. I work out regularly and watch my diet very closely. I was hoping for the detox component and the extra boost to your metabolism. Nothing, my as well been taking sugar pills. What a disappointment :-(

    • I agree. I didn’t even finish it. I lost close to 80 lbs over 2 years and wanted a lil help with the belly bloat I have and pouch. Hoped this would give me that boost for the final 10 I wanted to lose. No such luck. I have not felt the same since taking it and it’s been 2 weeks. I feel more bloated and put on 5 lbs. Pretty upsetting.

  36. Im on day 2 && ive lost 4 lbs. We will see what happens! Ive hit a plateau && was just looking for something to give me a boost

    • Well I’m with everyone else I saw this product in Walmart and wanted a I try and have heard nothing but negative comments really, but I want to try anyway because I do need a detox anyway.

  37. Did everything directions said to do. Am on day 5 n I feel worse than when I started. I think its a big gimmick..didn’t do nothing good for me!

  38. I bought the 7 day body lab ultrafast slim kit. I am on my second day. I actually FEEL heavier, my stomach is bloated beyond belief. Got on the scale this morning and I am 5 lbs heavier than I was 3 days ago. Hoping it evens itself out. I’ve lost over 75 lbs over the past 2 years. I am no stranger to working out and eating right. I work out about 6 days a week either running or ellipitcal. I do feel a bit more energy, but my stomach.. my god, I feel like I am pregnant! Anyone else experiencing this? I already drink about a gallon of water a day. Was hoping this would help me feel a little better and maybe kickstart my metabolism. We’ll see….

  39. I just started the detox day 2 and feeling great already!! I just keeping positive and wait for the results.

  40. Just finished 7 day detox lost 7 pound 1 inch from my waist. It gave me lots of energy. I’m so glad I tried it. I’m gonna continue fat burner. I have 35 pounds to lose. I used to be tired and hungry all the time. While doing detox I didn feel hungry. I eat my lunch/dinner around 2:30. After that just water till I go to bed.

    • I just started the program on Friday 4/10/15- I have been pooping a lot on the second day. I mean a lot -like three times in a day -after each meal.. The way it should be. No Jitters either.. So I guess if you are not following the program it wouldn’t work. I purchased the whole program at once it came with a step by step program – tells you when to take what pillar what time. The probiotic should be taken on an empty stomach 30 min before you eat a light breakfast and… You can’t eat crazy, your body needs to get rid of what you have already and filling it up with a lot more – well, it won’t work. Water . Water is key. And no late meals. MVG- stay tone and healthy– I will give my finial review in a month.

      • if it works that great for you, then 4 sure it works different for each individual… because I did exactly what you did, I just finished yesterday and I feel worse now.

      • I’m on day 1 and woke up at 3:00 am having to poop- which is highly unusual for me, although I’m pretty regular. I’m hoping this is a sign that the product will be effective for me.

  41. Well I’m on my 5th day taking the 7day detox and all I can say is that it works for me! I’ve lost 5lbs so far. I work out for a hour a day and watch my diet. I like the energy that it gives. The only thing that I suggest is that when taking the pm pills take them VERY EARLY evening no later than 4pm. The 1st day I took them at 6pm and I could not sleep. I’m very happy with my results so far. I’m going to try the thermo burn pills with diet and exercise I believe it will work just as well. I will post an update soon.

  42. I just got the 7 say slim lot and I am starting it at night insead of the morning only because I start my new job tomorrow and I want to make sure these don’t make me sick or shaky feeling I m at 160.2 ponds I had a baby 8 months ago I want to lose 30 pounds

    • Nichole,

      Congrats on the newest addition. Depending on your height, that shouldn’t be a problem with a simple diet and exercise plan. Use the Body Lab kits/products to help jump start your system then just continue to eat healthy and exercise each day. You should take a look at our High Intensity Interval Training review. They are tough workouts, but generally provide the most benefits for fat loss and general toning.

      Good luck, and keep pushing forward.

      — Supplement Police

  43. Going to start these today. I read all the negative reviews and wonder did everyone change their eating while on the pills. I an starting with the detox first. One complete I will submit my review. We all lose weight differently and not all pills work the same for everyone, but they all require changing your eating and exercising which most of us know is hard. Wish me luck, I’m determined and ready.

    • I agree with you I am also doing the 7day slim down first and eating activia and will start eating more healthy like fish chicken Brest and salad

    • How is it working, starting this today…feeling frustrated bc of all the negative comments…hoping you are seeing some type of change. Thank you and good luck

  44. Ok, i’ve read all these really bad reviews and i’m not understanding why most has negative feedback. I’ve only got the whey powder and i canged my diet with excersing and i’ve already lost 5lbs in 5 days! Now, the powder is disgusting but it’s nothing i cant push through to drink. I’m not saying that the powder is main reason for weight lose but i work out everyday for atleast 20 minutes! Also plan on using other products from body lab! Goodluck everyone ;)

    • Some people may think of this as a magic pill, and that they can keep their current diet. The people who say they are not loosing weight with diet, excersise and this are doing something wrong if they are not loosing. To loose weight normally, you need to have a calorie deficit. IE you eat 1500/2000 calories so you have a 500 calorie deficit. 1 pound of fat is 3500 calories, so it will take you 7 days to loose that one pound with the same deficit. Grow the deficit with exercise and be constant and you loose more. My defecit is 990 calories, so I burn 1 lb of fat in about 3 days.

  45. Day one. Im following the package directions. Ate lite. Drank tons of water. Im not very overweight. Just want to loose 10 pounds to feel comfortable in a bathing suit this summer. I had a really great energy all day with no jitters. And my 30 minute run on the treadmill was easier than usual. I wasn’t watching the clock because I felt like I had more endurance and wanted to keep going. We shall see!

  46. I just order the 30 day in line today march 25th … Can’t wait to start this program … Want to loose 40 lbs .. Wish me luck

  47. i just started this today the negative comments are really making me disappointed. Lets see how it works for me though

  48. GROSSSSSSSS. Just bought the whey protein today and I have to say its just like any other protein with water. If you buy EAS ,use water after one scoop it will taste like crap just like this does and hasn’t any added nutritional value.A better bet,is just to opt for EAS(which is cheaper) or any other non soy protein add your TWO scoops with skim or almond milk and berries or whatnot to make a nutritional meal replacement that will still aide in weight loss ,and stop buying crap just because an actress is getting paid to endorce it. I just happened to buy it because it was whey and I couldn’t get my regular brand which is cheaper and tastes better.This to me is just water with no tasting crap,because of the one scoop of protein. Also people don’t be fooled by the calorie count on the outside of the package because ANY whey protein supplement when you just use one scoop in water instead of the recommended two WILL be less calories but also less tasteful and not really help you any if you drink it and don’t feel full after because you are basically drinking colored water and not getting all the protein that comes with your usual two scoops with skim or almond milk. So just use it like you usually would any other and still get benefits . Also YOU CAN NOT BULK UP from any protein protein powder no matter who it says it is for. Women swell up temporarly while their muscles recover after a work out but unless we are body building hundreds of pounds we don’t bulk up.

  49. I have been thru the 7 day slim kit….I started at 160 pounds….I’m down to 152…..I do work out at the gym 5 days a week. I was an avid mt dew drinker (12 pack a day ) I’ve cut down to 2 cans per day and increased my water intake to the recommended amount daily. Maybe the pills didn’t cause me to lose the weight but the definitely increase your energy….which gets you moving alot more. ….I also bought the thermo-burn pills and was wondering if they can also be taken on the same days you take the probiotic.

  50. I started with the 7 day detox system and by the 5th day of taking it and exercise I lost14lbs! So I decided to keep taking the thermodynamic pills and 2 weeks later I’m down another 5 lbs! This is the first thing I saw on the shelf at wal Mart and thought I would try it and boy am I glad I did. I’m always tired too but I notice when I take the pills I have lots of energy. I just hope these keep working for me.

  51. main question is does it make you feel funny, like too shaky, and the morning ones is it ok not to take with food, doesn’t specify, so I am guessing just with water ok?

    • I didn’t feel shaky at all with the pills. They give me energy, but no shakiness or weird feeling! I don’t take with food in the morning. I just have coffee.

  52. so my main question is does this really work, and will this 7 day kit even show a difference since it is only a week, and do you have to take these pills with food, hope doesn’t have me shaky, like other pills in past I have taken??

  53. Uhm well I fell off the wagon and started eating bad so I wanted a detox and re it before I go paleo and I’m on day 2 I’ve pooped so much and def way less bloated. Sorry if it’s tmi but I love it so far I haven’t weighed myself I’m going off how I feel and I feel good

  54. The “healthy” protein powder for smoothies contains sucralose. I detected it the second it landed on my tongue. Eck! I should have read the ingredients first…so bummed that they would put such an awful ingredient in an otherwise healthy product. So incredibly disappointed.

  55. I have been on body lab for three weeks. Week one I did the 7 day detox n cleanse meal shake n the morning a light lunch and a meal shake for dinner. Cycled for 7 miles a day / 30 mins and took the thermo pills twice breakfast n lunch daily n this morning I weigh 224.7. Starting weight 252.4. I had gastric bypass 3 years ago so I found this programs easy to do since I can’t eat a lot of solid food still. I try to stay around 700-900 calories daily and try to burn a min of 200 daily during exercise. I love the energy I have these are my HaPPY pills!!! Keep focus and do your part and the program DOES work

  56. Hello My name is Tresie Lopez, I have been using Bodylabs for now 4 months. I love the way it makes me feel. The shakes are easy to make an digest. It’s light an taste great. I used the meal replacement shakes along with the 7-day detox pills . All I can say is wow

    • I have just started this diet plan. I have read lots of negative feedback. Is there anything that you did differently?

      • Do the meal shakea twice daily and take the thermo pills and exercise and you will see results on a week!!! I lost 14 pounds my first week and I keep loosing. You have to have a focused mindset

        • Yup I did the detox, thermal pills did not use these shakes bit I drink slim fast before gym in am n then lunch time, all in 8 days im down 7pds dinner is jus veggie n meat, no sodas or fried foods n lots of water

  57. I am on day 2 of the 7 day detox and I haven’t been to the bathroom yet, really thought this would detox me, the only difference I could tell so far is I slept really well lastnight, but I do feel bloated and gassy more than I did before I started. I lost 20 lbs in two weeks before I started the detox, and my 3rd week of dieting I didn’t lose anything, haven’t gained anything either. Was really hoping the detox would get me over the plateau. Disappointed so far with this product. I am going to continue the pills in hope It will eventually detox me.

    • No one should expect a marked weight loss in 2,34, or 7 days with or with out exercise, let alone when using an energy supplement. You are supposed to lose 1.5-2 pounds in a week after your initial boost. Sometimes the body’s response to a shock or change in its chemistry is to hold water, thus the 5lb weight loss. I’ve lost a total of 50lbs which has taken 3yrs. It’s not just happened over night. I’ve lostbit with exercise and diet change as well as meal replacement shakes. Of course you are not going to get results if you have unattainable expectations. And any rapid weight loss, such as 20lbs in two weeks is going to be primarily water and will be easily gained back. Good luck with your journey, but please get yourself more informed regarding how your body works so your weight loss is effective and long lasting.

      • I have a question that I havent seen answered (or overlooked). Does this control appetite? Thank you to anyone who answers. :)

  58. I am on day 4 of the 7 day detox and have not lost any weight, nor do I feel like the detox is working, have gone to the bathroom once in the morning, same as before the cleanse, have not weighed myself but feel like I have gained weight

    • You should email me about Juice Plus Annette. Whole food nutrition is what the body needs to heal from the inside out. With 20 years of actual research to back it up, unlike this, lol. or add me on fb – Tala Mussell

    • Not sure if this is how it works but I’ve been “going quite a bit” and I’m on day 2. Is this normal?

    • Have u tried drinking half your body weight in ounces. U can’t expect a pill to work if u Dont help it along. Water is a extreme factor in weight loss

  59. I am on day three of the seven day detox the only thing I notice differently is that I have more energy.i really wanted this to work but I think I’ll just go back to my isagenix expensive but it works!

      • Where do you find D..Earth for human consumption? We have around 10lbs of it that we feed our sheep and goats..lol.

        • Jodel,

          Thanks for leaving a comment. You may want to check out SilaLive. It is designed for human consumption and not designed for animal feed. Cleaner product. Great reviews online, including our own.

          — Supplement Police

        • You can find food grade diatomaceous earth on amazon for cheap. Make sure you ONLY buy food grade. I use it for all kinds of stuff from my personal health the the health of my animals.

    • Good luck trying! I received my package without an invoice. Product did not work for me, I called customer service and they gave me exact instructions, which I followed…almost a month ago. I’m still waiting on my refund! This company is extremely dishonest!

  60. I ordered the Total Burn and the Detox. Let me start by informing everyone that the Total Burn is ONLY a 15day supply.

    The detox: I followed the instructions 100% and gained 5lbs.

    The Total Burn: followed the instructions 100% and neither gained or lost weight, upside is you get a lot of energy from it.

    Exercise: 3days of cardio and 3 days resistance/weights. I also ride a bike and walk everyday.

    Eating/drinking: I drink water, water and water and on a rare occasion tea or coffee (decaf). I eat a high protein diet mostly chicken breast and fish. I am gluten and lactose intolerant so I avoid anything containing those. I eat lots of fresh veggies, fruit (every other day), no sugar, no nitrates, no preservatives, NO SODA!

    I hit a plateau and was really hoping this would help… it didn’t!

    I am returning the product and when I called customer service they seamed annoyed that I wanted to return it and tried to sell me other products…

    • The problem, in my opinion the the protein source. Whey is widely known to be more appropriate for men. Rice, pea and even hemp proteins in organic form are far superior. It’s disappointing that someone in such a high caliber position would put her name on an inferior product when there are such better ingredients body lab could gave used. I recommend amazing grass. It’s all organic. Best of luck to all the lady’s who want to trim down. I really hoped this product would deliver but alas the ingredients just don’t equal the presentation.

    • I also work out nearly everyday at the GYM. I’ve been through two rounds of the 7-Day Ultrafast Slim Kit. I’m with you Christina, didn’t do anything for me. I purchased mine from Wal-Mart.

    • I love it. I pretty much did 30 min a day elliptical, with diet change, ate at 10am and 3pm and it worked my body shape changed, Ive been getting a real good cleanse, too, all day long. My concern is the way I feel after three days of this system, totally worn out, kinda sick, no energy, tired, fatigue. My prognosis it works, my body is feeling like crap because of toxins from the fat Im losing, old waste. If your really workin out and eating different this will give you a jump start, just be careful.

    • It sounds like you don’t need a weight loss supplement you need a better circuit training routine. Try to find a dietitian to help you modify your works. Or maybe you are just at the weight your body is supposed to be at.

    • One question…is this protein powder denatured? Try Isagenix…MUCH BETTER product for several reasons. This is nothing but a cheap version of a proven, effective product. I should know…I use it…and lost 60 pounds and kept it all off…easily..for almost a year now! Make sure the protein powder you are using is undenatured and as pure as possible…otherwise your body will not absorb it as well.

  61. Can you please give me Directions on how to take these pills do i take 2 caps in the morning and 2 caps with my largest main meal, is that correct or am i wrong?

    • Here’s how the 7-Day Ultra Fast Slim Kit works: you take two capsules of the Detox & Cleanse capsules twice per day with a full glass of water – two in the morning, and two in the early evening, for seven days straight

      • Do you have to do any special diet plan. it didn’t come with instructions. I have a meal plan from my trainer. Vegtables & Protein no sugars, salt or carbs..

  62. I just watched her on Dr. Oz. I was just so impressed with Her attitude towards life and health. I will be 60 I June looking forward to trying Body Lab. Thank You Jennifer

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