Glucocil – Can It Really Normalize Your Blood Sugar?


Glucocil Review

Glucocil is a “blood sugar optimizer” which promises to normalize blood sugar levels and help people live a healthier life.

After 7 years of research and development, Glucocil entered the market in 2008. Today, it can be purchased online or in GNC retail stores across the country.

Whether you suffer from diabetes or some other blood sugar disorder, Glucocil claims to have the power to change lives. What exactly is Glucocil? How does it work? And why did it receive a major complaint from the FDA in 2013? Let’s find out in our Glucocil review.


What is Glucocil?

Glucocil is a blood glucose stabilizing supplement which can be found at Walmart, GNC, and other retailers. Patients are advised to take two capsules of Glucocil twice per day before lunch and dinner.

This natural supplement is manufactured by Neuliven Health, which is based in San Diego, California.

Glucocil has been on the market since 2008. Prior to 2008, it reportedly underwent 7 years of research and development.

The formula is specially designed to provide all-day support for blood sugar stabilization. It contains a mix of interesting ingredients, including a range of B vitamins, vitamin D, essential oils, and natural extracts and powders.

What are the Ingredients in Glucocil?

— Vitamin B1
— Vitamin B6
— Vitamin B12
Vitamin D
— Chromium
— Mulberry Leaf Extract
— Cinnamon Bark Powder
— Gymnema Sylvestre Extract
— Insulina
— Alpha Lipoic Acid
— Phellodendron Bark Extract
— Cissus Quadrangularis
— Banaba Leaf Extract
— Fish Oil

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How Does Glucocil Work?

Glucocil works by triggering the “3 Essentials of Healthy Blood Sugar”. Those essentials include:

— Reduce Glucose Absorption In The Intestines
— Reduce Glucose Production In The Liver
— Increase Glucose Uptake In The Cells, Which Improves Insulin Sensitivity

Glucocil triggers all of these mechanisms within the body, which ultimately helps to stabilize the amount of sugar within our blood.

Here’s how Glucocil activates each of those mechanisms:

Reduce Glucose Absorption In The Intestines

Glucocil reduces glucose absorption in the intestines by blocking the body’s digestion of carbohydrates and sugars. Ingesting carbs and sugars is typically what causes our blood sugar to spike. Glucocil blocks carb absorption by inhibiting an enzyme called alpha glucosidase.

This enzyme is at the end of the carbohydrate digestion process, and inhibiting its performance reduces absorption of carbohydrates and glucose. In one clinical trial performed by Neuliven Health, the proprietary mulberry leaf extract in Glucocil was shown to inhibit carbohydrate absorption by 21%.

Reduce Glucose Production In The Liver

The liver has a few different jobs in the body, but one of its main jobs is to make glucose. The liver produces glucose when we need it to perform high-energy activities.

Unfortunately, due to aging and illnesses, our livers often have trouble determining when to produce glucose, which causes excess glucose to build up in the bloodstream when we don’t need it (as much as 200% to 300% more than our normal supply). Glucocil helps to regulate the liver’s production of glucose and inhibit unnecessary glucose production.

Increase Glucose Uptake In The Cells

When the body’s cells are using glucose for energy, you won’t have glucose buildup within the bloodstream because it’s all being used by the cells. But when they’re not, you can develop blood glucose problems. Cells can become insensitive to insulin – the natural hormone made by the pancreas which tells the cells to use glucose for energy.

This is what causes many blood glucose problems. Glucocil reportedly helps to activate insulin receptors and promote insulin sensitivity within the cells.

And Other Benefits

At the same time, Glucocil is thought to promote a number of other benefits, including normalized blood lipid levels, better cardiovascular health, and even weight loss.

The FDA complaint of 2013

In July of 2013, Glucocil received a major complaint from the FDA. Today, when you Google “Glucocil” and read Glucocil reviews online, you’ll find plenty of mentions of this FDA complaint.

Now, before we talk about that letter, we should mention that Glucocil classifies itself as a natural supplement. Natural supplements fall into a grey area of regulation in the United States. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), is concerned with regulating foods and drugs. Natural supplements aren’t strictly foods or drugs. For years, Glucocil was ignored by the FDA because it was not intended to be used as a drug.

That changed in July of 2013. In July of 2013, Neuliven Health received a warning letter from the FDA. That warning letter stated Glucocil had made certain statements on its website that made it sound like it was being advertised as a drug.

Alonzo Cruse, director of the FDA’s Los Angeles District, wrote a letter to the president of Neuliven Health stating that:

“The claims on your website establish that this product is a drug because it is intended for use in the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease. As explained further below, introducing or delivering this product for introduction into interstate commerce for such use violates the [Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic] Act.”

You can actually view the full warning letter here.

Basically, the FDA had a problem with certain statements made on the Glucocil website. Those statements included:

— “Since using Glucocil, my blood sugar level has been under control.”

— “Glucocil helps stabilize your blood sugar all day, without adding a drug!”

— “Glucocil has the natural and safe ingredients clinically proven to help manage blood sugar levels.”

Neuliven Health removed the offending statements from the Glucocil website. There have been no FDA complaints about Glucocil since this issue, which suggests that the complaints have been fixed.

You should obviously talk to your doctor before taking Glucocil or any other blood glucose medication. But in regards to the FDA complaint, no news is good news for Glucocil and Neuliven Health.

Buying Glucocil Online

Glucocil can be purchased online or in-store at retail outlets like GNC and Walmart. It typically costs between $30 and $50 for a package containing 120 softgel capsules, which is a two month supply when you’re taking 2 capsules per day.

GNC sells Glucocil for $47.99, while sells it for $30. You can also purchase it from the official Glucocil website, where you’ll be offered a 15-day trial.

You might be tempted by the 15-day trial. This trial, however, has some hidden terms and conditions that customers need to be aware of before they make a purchase. Here’s how the trial works:

— You order a 15-day sample for “free”: all you have to pay is $4.99 for shipping and handling. You also have to enter your address, phone number, email address, and a valid credit card number.

— Once you’ve done that, you’ll have a package of 60 softgel capsules shipped to your address within 48 hours

— That seems like a great deal. However, you need to cancel within 18 days of your order date, otherwise you will continue to receive regular shipments of Glucocil at your doorstep every 30 days. You’ll also receive a charge of $59.99 on your credit card, plus $4.99 shipping and handling.

— Fortunately, Glucocil does come with a 30-day money back guarantee. You can also cancel your order at any time by calling 1-888-406-7101.

When you order the trial, you’re basically signing up for a Glucocil subscription service. If you ordered the trial and didn’t enjoy the effects of Glucocil, then you have 18 days to cancel before you receive a $65 charge on your credit card.

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Conclusion: Who Should Take Glucocil?

Glucocil isn’t a scam. However, it does operate with some shady policies. The website’s autoship program, for example, will send packages of Glucocil to your doorstep every month for a price significantly higher than that charged by most other retailers.

Some of the ingredients – like vitamin D and the B vitamins – are similar to what you would find in any multivitamin supplement. But other ingredients – like chromium polynicotinate – are unproven, ineffective, or even dangerous at treating diabetes.

Keep all that in mind when you read the overwhelmingly positive reviews for Glucocil online. There are countless success stories online written by people who have used this product, including type 2 diabetics who have dropped their blood sugar by 100 points or more.

Whether you’re a type 2 diabetic or you’re suffering from some other blood glucose condition, Glucocil is supported by countless happy customers – as long as you’re aware of the red flags, like the autoship program and the unique list of ingredients, Glucocil has the potential to be an effective blood sugar optimization supplement.

Supplement Police
Supplement Police
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  1. Used Glucosil and noticed no changes except that it caused dehydration from passing excess glucose out through urination. Exactly the same thing that Invokana does. If you take any med like Invokana I wouldn’t take Glucocil. I have four unopened bottles of it here and I’m thinking about trying it again in place of Invokana.
    I also take Janumet and Humulin 70/30.

  2. It is interesting reading all of these comments. I discovered Glucosil when I lost my insurance and had no way of continuing with my medication which is about a year now. I bought the Glucosil at that time for $60 which was a big sacrifice for me. I took 2 daily. My HbA1C was then 17.0. Sometimes I take it at first 3 times daily then settle to 2x daily until that big bottle was completed. Did not buy anymore because expensive. then six months ago I cut meat from my diet and went to seafood. I felt good and energized on the Glucosil, and I also felt good when I took away the meats from my diet add more fruits and grains. I lost weight. On 8/15/16 went to the Doctor because I now have insurance again, did a physical and work up for type 2 diabetes. The doctor’s office called me to say the blood sugar level I was concern about the A1C is 7.4 down from 17.0 the last time I was in her office. She put me back on medication because my morning sugars are high(need to stop eating late again) and she would be happy If the sugar will go down to at least a 6. What am I saying? I believe the Glucosil helped me when I needed the help.

  3. I was diagnosed Diabetic Type 2 9 years ago with an A1C of 12.0 (almost hospitalized). In three months I changed my diet and included exercise and had an A1C of 6.3 and kept it under 7 all these years. I have kept my eating habits the same and exercise but have found my A1C creeping up and blood work showing too much glucose in my blood even though the highest my A1C’s have gone is 7.2….. so, I have just started taking Glucocil hoping it will work for me to lower the Glucose levels. Not everything works for everyone, and because it doesn’t work for some sure doesn’t make it junk. As far as the “free sample” is concerned, always be aware of anything offered for free while they ask for your credit card number. Offering a free sample and then giving a short period of time to cancel an auto ship isn’t what I call a credible way to operate…. this kind of deal is out there, you have to bewarel Nothing’s free.

  4. I lost 23 pounds from using this I used to be a 48 suit size and now I’m 42 oh wait was 198 after this 177 waste used to be 38 and now its 34.

    • I used the product and I lost a total of 30 lbs. I didn’t exercise i just changed my diet. Thank you gulcocil!

  5. Beckeesue- do not take this for hypoglycemia. You should start by eating a diabetic diet which is low in carbs and rich in greens to help you control your blood sugars, stop eating concentrated sweets, juices, and fruits with a high glucose index. Every time you eat a carb, you need to eat a protein to balance it. This will help your blood sugars from spiking and yo-yoing. Eat a small meal every 4 hours. See a dietician to help you get your sugars under control.

  6. I take 2 glimepiride in the AM
    1 Atorvastatin in the PM
    1 list option in the AM
    1 Invokana in the AM.
    2 Metfoemin per day morning and evening
    72 units of Lantus insulin mornings
    8 units of Novolog insulin 3x daily before meals
    Can I take this product without getting sick.

  7. One major contradiction in the article.
    1- First, you mention the daily dose of 4 capsules a day: “Patients are advised to take two capsules of Glucocil twice per day before lunch and dinner”.

    2- Then, you say a 120-capsule bottle is a 2 month supply (but 30 * 4 = 120) so it’s clearly only a 1 month supply : “It typically costs between $30 and $50 for a package containing 120 soft gel capsules, which is a two month supply when you’re taking 2 capsules per day”.

  8. Beckeesue, do you know why your blood sugar is low?? My father has just hospitalized for low blood sugar and cant seem to find out the reason

  9. Hi, I take prescribed Metformin and have recently started taking four Glucocil soft gels per day. I have been taking both for about two weeks. I have not had any side effects. However, my feet no longer burn and tingle as much. Thinking about dropping Metformin. Any advice?

  10. Bought Glucocil @ “GNC”.
    So far it’s helped regulate my husbands sugar. He’s still watching his diet and exercising.

  11. I love Glucocil. Pricey but worth it, because of the results. Like the old saying goes: “You get what you pay for.” If you want a cheap price, you’ll get a cheap result.

  12. Glucocil may work for most but I experienced dry mouth and mild headaches after using only 3 tablets. .so I did not continue using them I tried to call customer service no. Just to let them know do not send and charge me for another shipment but of course I never was able to get anyone on the phone…I have blocked future charges..just giving you all a heads up

  13. Sure I’ve seen a bigger bunch a**holes in this company get you to sign up for free trial and then sell send you a $60 bottle right afterwards it’s it’s freaking unbelievable it’s a con. Dispicable business practice

    • Are we discussing the benefits of this medication or the sales practices?
      Choose on which subject you want us to know your views.
      Now….did you use this medication? if so…….what are your useful views on it.

    • Did you even try the medication or just ranting about a subject that has no medical benefits to anyone.Be specific.

  14. I love the product! It had helped lower my sugar from 409 to 172 in just a couple of days. I love this product and recommend it!

  15. The only ingredients that MIGHT work are: cinnamon, fish oil and chromium, and you can buy all of those for far less everywhere else. :)

    • So if you re so sure then why not impart your sagacious knowledge to us poor ignorant s so that we could also benefit from your knowledge? If you have tried this product then post a review not your thinking process. It is of no value.

    • not true…berberine is also found in the ingredients and it is wonderful at lowering blood sugar levels. My son has an A1c of 5.8 down from 10.8 and the ONLY thing we changed was adding glucocil for a month then we went to pure berberine because it was cheaper.

  16. Ive had diabeties for 10 years and the only way to control it is to limit carb intake, monitor diet and active exercise. This will limit medication to low or none unless Type 2 diabieties.

    • Umm…if your a type 1 diabetic (the REAL way to spell it) the ONLY way to control it is by using insulin; all of the other things will help with managing it. And you can NEVER be on absolutely no insulin if you are a type 1 diabetic…just type 2. I would think you would know that after having diabetes for 10 years.


    Like Eddy my blood sugar is still constantly high. I have changed my eating habits over the last couple of month to try and control it through diet and exercise aand I added Glucosil . Waste of money. I don’t like injections and I Metformin just doesn’t do it for me. After 3 weeks of using this product I threw the rest away. Very pissed and very disappointed in this product. I finally thought I found something.

    • Thank you Mike. At least we know your direct intake on the pills.Thats the kind of input we want before buying this product. Much obliged.


    • Jim,

      Thank you for leaving a comment. Please know that we are only providing a review on Glucocil. If you actually need more information, you may need to contact the company selling and manufacturing the product.


      Supplement Police

      • this is nothing but a rip off of $62.00 that i had to pay at gnc. it does not work at any way to lower blood sugar. i have been takeing it (4) pills per day for one month & i check my blood sugar three times a week & i can do better with out takeing this mess. what you need to do is go to walmart & buy yourself a bag of M&Ms they work just as good & taste a lot better & are a hell of a lot cheaper.

        • Eddy I have no idea what you are talking about. I have been personally using Glucocil for over a year. When I first was diagnosed with Diabetes type 2 over a year ago I did research and found this product. I started taking it and also adjusted my diet to lower my carb intake even further (I was about 150grams a day, dropped to under 75). I dropped my A1c from 7.9 to 6.1 in 3 months and my blood sugar readings dropped significantly. I went from wake up reading in the 160’s to 180’s to 120’s to 140’s. My daytime stabilized to usually under 120 and half the time I was under 100. So yes, the product does work.

          • How do you know it was the Glucocil and not that you adjusted your diet to lower Carbohydrate intake?? My experience is that lowering carb intake is the most significant step to keeping my sugar and A1C down.

          • My type 2 diabetes startup A1C in 2012 was 11.0. My doctor immediately put me on 2 glipizide tabs per day. I added a Mediterranean diet plan and exercise to my treatment, and my A1C dropped to 6.8. In June 2015, I discovered Glucocil on the web and I ordered and started using the supplement as directed plus a 1/2 tab of glipize with a snack at bedtime. After one automatic supply, I stopped the shipment and started buying directly from GNC stores. In these recent months, my glucose readings have been mostly between 80-120 (measuring twice a day). I got my A1C result back this morning and it was 6.2.

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