Bode Pro – BK Boreyko’s New Nutritional MLM Company Products?


There are hundreds of thousands of startup companies that are in the market. However, finding the right one for your product needs or your affiliate marketing interests can be a challenge. In both respects, many companies set you up with a great deal of hype and fail to deliver with a high-quality product that you can rely on.

The good news is that this review may be able to introduce you to an excellent opportunity that you can legitimately get excited about, whether you are looking to buy one or join as a network marketer. Called Bode Pro, this new brand may offer you high quality nootropics that are based upon clinically proven formulas. Here is everything you need to know before you buy the product or join the network marketing offering.

What is Bode Pro?

Bode Pro is a new product and multi-level marketing company that is it the works of being launched. The both the product and the brand are developed by the experienced and highly successful BK Boreyko, who got his start in the multi-level marketing industry with his two flourishing companies New Vision and Vemma. Both brands have exceeded their $1 billion in career sales and it is expected that the new venture, Bode Pro may just be the most successful one yet.

For those who are concerned that Vemma may operate under new management after Bode Pro Launches, then the good news is that BK Boreyko actually plans to continue managing both. This way, you can expect the same stellar and continuous results in both the products and network marketing opportunity. H

Who is BK Boreyko?

Before purchasing a product or becoming a member of a networking marketing company, it is usually helpful to understand the mastermind behind what is being offered. In this case, Bode Pro is being launched by BK Boreyko, an individual with years of experience in the multi-level marketing industry and supplement industry. His products and brands have been highly successful and have enabled thousands of individuals to improve their prospects of running their own business and managing their health.

As mentioned above, he has already launched two highly successful companies called Vemma and New Vision. With that, you can expect Bode Pro to be just as successful.

The Bode Pro Product Offerings

When it comes to Bode Pro, the company is offering an array of products, some of which will be rebranded Vemmo products whose formulas have been clinically proven and tested to work. Here are the main options that you can choose from:

Bode Pro Happy Nootropic

The Bode Pro Happy Nootropic is a formula designed to enhance your cognitive function. With better cognitive health, you’ll be able to perform better and more productively on a daily basis.

Bode Pro Fitness and Weight Management

The Bode Pro Fitness and Weight Management products are ones that will help you lose weight and to manage your weight in an easy and effective manner. The brand has termed its supplement “Burn.” The formulas are also designed to help you burn calories so that you can slim down and develop the figure you’ve always wanted.

Bode Pro Cellular Supplements

The Bode Pro Cellular Supplements function to improve your cellular health so that you can lead a better lifestyle. These supplements include Ionic and Strong.

Bode Pro Energy

Finally, the Bode Pro Energy products are clinically studied healthy energy drinks that give you the support that you need without the excess sugar and calories.

Bode Pro Summary

If you are interested in joining Bode Pro’s compensation plan or in purchasing the products that are being offered, then the opportunity will be available soon. The brand is currently gearing for its pre-launch, so visit the brand’s website from time to time and check back with this review, as it will be updated as more information becomes available.

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  1. The post is very well put together. Just to be upfront I am not a bot and I do appreciate when I come across a post that attracts my attention. For those of you reading this trying to make a decision if this is legit or not OR can I make a go of this. Let me put it this way … look at the facts … BK got in trouble with Vemma and do you think he will do it again … the FTC is ruthless, stormed the Vemma offices and flat out shut them down. I personally feel not rightfully so.

    But BK did make mistakes and his new Bode Pro is watched by the FTC big time … Get ready other MLM’s it is not if but when you will be in the same position that Vemma was.

    Anyway I would rather pick a company to align with that already has faced the FTC vindication … no guarantees for the future but a better bet.

    Best of luck in your MLM choice … think long term and the big picture and forget about making a fast buck … it will be gone as fast as you get it … I will say Bode Pro will make it … slow and sure. You can contact me via email if you would like to talk … I do know more about this. ~bv


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