Blue Star AminoFast – Energy Boosting BCAA Intra-Workout Drink?


Bodybuilders and weight lifters who commonly experience cramping the day after their workout will want to consider trying a different workout product like Blue Star AminoFast.

Unlike other pre-workout drinks this product is formulated to help boost muscle growth while also preventing soreness and fatigue commonly caused by severe electrolyte loss. Please read below to learn more about Blue Star AminoFast and how to purchase a container.

About Blue Star AminoFast

Many athletes suffer from Delayed Onset Muscle Fatigue but just chalk it up to an extra hard workout session. This fatigue can actually be reduced and prevented by using the right workout supplement.

Aminofast will help people increase their workout frequency and prevent injury by supporting muscle development. Consumers can choose between four different flavors including Pink Lemonade, White Freeze, Blue Raspberry, and Watermelon.

How Does Blue Star AminoFast Work?

By helping keep the body’s electrolyte levels elevated while working out, Aminofast will help prevent premature muscle fatigue as well as cramping both during and after workouts. Water loss can also cause premature muscle response as well as brain fog which can lead to lack of focus or impaired thinking while exercising.

Many athletes suffer from Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness which is the muscle soreness that can be felt the day after exercise due to severe lactic acid build up. Aminofast blends BCAAs and L-Glutamine to help prevent lactic acid buildup and prevent post exercise soreness which can lead to reduced training days or even injury.

Unlike energy drinks Aminofast does not use sugars to boost energy levels; instead it utilizes a product called Cluster Dextrin which is a type of carbohydrate which supports sustained energy levels throughout workout as well as supporting the body in maintaining muscle mass.

Additionally Aminofast does not rely on caffeine to boost energy levels which means this drink mix if stimulant free without compromising energy boosting benefits.

Users simply mix their favorite powder flavor with water and consumer both before and during their workout for best athletic support and cramp prevention.


What makes Aminofast so effective is the carefully researched blend of BCAAS, Cluster Dextrin, and Electrolytes helping keep athletes fueled and energized for their complete workout duration.

BCAA Matrix:

Each serving of Aminofast contains a six gram serving of the amino acids leucine, valine, and isoleucine. Clinically proven to support lean muscle growth as well as muscle preservation, this BCAA blend will help prevent soreness while also maintaining muscle mass.

This blend is crucial for athletes who want to prevent soreness without sacrificing muscle building benefits.

Cluster Dextrin:

As a more power packed alternative to simple sugars, Cluster Dextrin is added for its ability support sustained energy as well as lean muscle development. Each serving of Aminofast contains fifteen grams of this ingredient to help athletes stay energized and focused throughout their workout.


This amino acid is called a building block to proteins and is commonly added to pre-workout products to enhance the delivery of BCAAS throughout the bloodstream leading to better muscle support.

L-Glutamine not only helps muscle stay strong rep after rep but it also keeps working after exercise to boost muscle growth while also preventing soreness.


Sweat accelerates the body’s loss of electrolytes leading to premature fatigue, brain fog, and post workout soreness. By keeping the body well fueled with electrolytes, users of Aminofast will notice they can work out longer and harder with less fatigue both during exercise as well as afterwards.

Pricing For Blue Star AminoFast

In addition to the manufacturer’s website consumers have three additional vendors to choose from online.

Blue Star Nutraceuticals

Each twenty five serving container of Aminofast is available for $59.99. Consumers can choose between Watermelon, Pink Lemonade, and White Freezie.

Each twenty five serving container is available for $59.99 and also available in all three flavor varieties.

This website only carries a Blue Raspberry variety at a slightly lower price of $54.99 per container.


Two container packs are available through Amazon. Watermelon two packs are available for $104.49 and both Pink Lemonade and White Freeze are available for $109.99 per two pack. Amazon ships all purchases of Aminofast for free.

Should You Use Blue Star AminoFast?

Athletes who want to help improve their post-workout recovery may want to consider switching their workout drink mix to Blue Star AminoFast. This formula will help prevent soreness and cramping while also enhancing muscle growth and strength gains.

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