Top 10 Important Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Facts You Should Know


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is one of the most sophisticated syndromes today. The condition is usually characterized by intense fatigue that usually becomes extreme with any physical or mental activity.

In most cases, the tiredness does not fade away even when the affected person gets adequate rest. To date, the cause of this syndrome is still unknown as many researchers still come up with different answers ranging from psychological stress to viral infections among others.

As such, it has also become difficult to diagnose somebody with this illness. Doctors normally do a wide range of tests in order to rule out other possible health conditions before finally confirming it is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. As difficult as it may be to understand this disorder, it is important to comprehend different facts about it.

Here is an in-depth analysis of the 10 important facts you need to know about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome:

1. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Is A Normal Condition

Many people who have been diagnosed with this condition may tend to think that they are all alone. Well, CFS is not a rare condition as it is perceived. Credible researchers such as the Center for Disease Control have confirmed that the syndrome is more common in the United States. The research further confirms that it actually affects more people than other forms of diseases such as Lupus and multiple sclerosis. This is a clear indication that the Syndrome is just an ordinary condition like any other disease.

2. CFS Cannot Be Categorized As A Psychological Illness

It is important to understand that the condition causes immune disturbances owing to the physical changes in the body. As much as it may affect one emotionally, it cannot be categorized as a psychological illness.

3. CFS Has No Cure

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a condition that can be tamed with different drug prescriptions from a qualified doctor.

However, it is still a syndrome that does not have a complete cure. Different therapies as well as medication can be used to contain the complicated symptoms associated with the illness.

4. Age And Sex Are Risk Factors

As much as you may argue that this illness can affect people at whatever age, it is important to understand that older people are more vulnerable. Credible researches have revealed that CFS is likely to affect people who are 40 years and above compared to individuals who are below 40.

On the other hand, sex is a major factor because the condition affects women more than men. Other notable risk factors that may come into play include stress and overworking. If you have difficulty in managing stress, there is no doubt that development of this illness may be inevitable.

5. The Syndrome Is Also Known As Systemic Exertion Intolerance Illness

As experts try to simplify and streamline the syndrome, many other names have emerged for this illness. The fatigue that one experiences can be very strong and that kind of exertion will likely send the victim to rest.

For instance, a simple task such as taking a shower can make you need to rest in bed. This clearly explains that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome does not necessarily occur as a result of being overstressed or overworked.

6. It Is Difficult To Notice Victims Of CFS

Individuals who suffer from this type of syndrome still look healthy. In fact, most of the symptoms associated with CFS usually worsen 12 -48 hours after performing a particular activity.

Even though this may end up lasting for days, it may be difficult to tell if a person is a victim of the syndrome. The person may be able to conceal the symptoms that come after mental or physical exertion. He or she may look fine when in public but only end up suffering later on.

7. Fatigue Is Not An Outright Signal That You Are Affected By CFS

It is obvious that finding a good medical professional, who can not only diagnose you with the condition but also treat it, is very difficult. A person can undergo numerous tests and visit different doctors but still be unable to know if he or she is a victim of CFS. This is the reason why fatigue alone cannot be a direct indication that you are a victim of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Major skills from experts are required before a complete diagnosis of this illness is done. If your doctor is less skilled in this area, you can be misdiagnosed.

8. CFS Victims Have A Higher Likelihood Of Having Lyme Disease

Statistics and researches have confirmed that a large number of CFS patients have Lyme disease. However, lab tests that are conducted can give negative results in most patients. As such, it is important to apply alternative methods lest the ordinary tests will still prove that you are negative. A good test center with competent doctors can positively confirm if you are also suffering from Lyme disease.

9. Associated Symptoms Will Worsen Before You Eventually Feel Better

At an early stage, the chronic symptoms and infections associated with CFS are likely to worsen. This happens in the early stages after the treatment has begun. This occurs as a result of a reaction of the body when it is unable to get rid of all toxins that come by during the process of killing pathogens.

For instance, a victim’s symptom may be only fatigue at the start of the treatment. However, as the treatment progresses, other complicated symptoms such as nausea, migraines, burning joints and kidney pain may occur. The patient may also experience brain fog and hypotension, as well as chills. The extent and duration of these symptoms will depend on the immune impairment level of the patient. If the impairment is higher, you will have to suffer more before you get better.

10. CFS Is Still Beatable

The illness may be difficult to diagnose and treat, but it is not unbeatable. A long term fight with the help of good doctors is all you need to beat CFS and be as free as you wish. This bad illness needs a positive approach and the urge to fight all the symptoms associated with it. If you compare where you started after a series of treatments, there is no doubt that you will see a positive improvement as all the symptoms gradually fade way.

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