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With today's fast paced life dictating the quality of our experience, it is upto each individual to make the most of what life gives us. With work ranging from sedentary desk jobs to active labor construction work, our bodies are at the forefront of all these activities and without our even knowing we subconsciously put the body through a lot of wear and tear.

This only becomes highlighted during moments of self attention when we realize our back, joints and muscles are hurting. Even though awareness about maintaining a healthy lifestyle by eating well and exercising regularly is slowly becoming more widespread, people have become more conscious of maintaining a regular body maintenance regime.

This can vary from using pain relief gels upon the appearance of discomfort, to using foot care products to protect our heels, nails and skin from cracking and fungal infection, to using a daily regime of applying skin care products to maintain the elasticity and radiance of our skin, people are realizing the benefits one can reap from having a well sustained body.

But sometimes even a well looked after body may encounter sudden discomfort due to a variety of reasons such as a muscle strain/pull, strained hamstring, sprained ankle. In such scenarios pain relief products are usually a wise course of action and can provide immediate relief to the user.

Another important aspect of a healthy lifestyle includes a minimum adequate relaxation period. Due to hectic routines and packed schedules people often tend to overlook one of the most important needs of our human body, sleep. Sleep is the body’s intrinsic calming mechanism but due to anxiety, stress, pressure people often overwork their bodies and as a result suffer from insomnia.

Blue Good Products Offer

Blue Goo ™ offers a host of easy and natural solutions for simple everyday problems one may encounter to maintain a healthy body. These problems include pain relief from muscle pains, strains, arthritis, tendonitis, insomnia, skin fungal infections, cracked heels.

Treatment of such problems when done in a timely manner can lead to instant relief without having to resort to antibiotics, which when used frequently can cause dependency issues. Blue Goo ™ products contain natural healing agents such as emu oil, aloe vera, omega 3 and are application based (applied on affected area) rather than ingestion based products (with the exception of sleeping aids).

What’s in our products?

Blue Goo ™ products offer natural and effective treatment methods for common ailments, for example our foot and hand skin cream is derived from lanolin, which is a naturally occurring substance found on sheep’s wool.

The lanolin is an excellent cure for rough dry corns, calluses, cracked skin. Similarly, the pain relief gel contains emu oil, omega3, aloe vera amongst other ingredients.

Emu oil and aloe vera are widely famous as anti-inflammatory substances and are useful for treating sore muscles, aching joints, wounds.

Omega3 is useful for treating arthritis, pain, maintaining blood fat levels and is found naturally in fish oil.

Our ArthRID-it Max ™ is a uniquely devised cure for people who suffer from arthritis in its many forms. The solution contains chondroitin, emu oil, aloe vera to form a gel which can then easily be applied by spreading over the desired area.

In the same vein Blue goo ™ offers a wide array of different skincare products using various specialised ingredients to give each product its own unique characteristics.

The products include oils made from macadamia, argan, jojoba,carrots. They have been studied and shown to have amazing skin regenerative properties, for example macadamia oil contains palmitoleic acid which the body produces effectively when we are young, thus giving us radiant, pulpy skin but stops production as we age. The acid also acts towards active cell regeneration and helps our skin in retaining its elasticity and.firmness.

Similarly, argan oil has been studied to have amazing properties and has traditionally been used in the middle east because of its moisturizing qualities and acne curing capabilities. It is also a powerful  antioxidant and possesses excellent re-hydrating properties.

Jojoba has been in the market for quite a while now because people have recognized its immensely beneficial qualities which include oily skin control, moisturizing capabilities, healing cracked and chapped skin, acne control and sun-screen abilities.

What deals am i being offered?

To make shopping easy and satisfying for everyone the products come in different sizes and packaging styles. There are also various combo offers and deals available.

For example the pain relief gel comes in three sizes of 4 ,6, 32 fl oz.depending on an individual’s requirement. Similarly the arthritis gel comes in a 16 fl oz. tube and has two variants which include one for instant relief and the other for users with sensitive skin.

The skin oils all come in small bottles of 5 fl oz. each, this is primarily because very little quantities (a couple of drops are recommended) of these oils are required to be applied on ones skin. Thus the bottles are designed to last for long duration.

Lastly, the hand and foot skin care products come in handy 0.5, 2 fl oz. containers. There are also various offers such as free shipping if 3 or more containers are purchased together.

What’s the easiest way to get what i want?

The easiest and most convenient way to buy what you need is to purchase directly from the company’s website. Items can be added directly to the shopping cart from various categories and then checked out together.

Products can also be mixed and matched to redeem discounts and other offers. All the discounts are then automatically applied to the purchased items.

Alternatively, the products can be purchased physically from stores such as drug mart, walmart, fruth pharmacy , family dollar and dollar exchange stores around the country.

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