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Natural Joint Review

Natural Joint is a joint pain relief product that promises to deliver better results than glucosamine and other common joint relief products.

Find out how Natural Joint works today in our review.

What is Natural Joint?

Natural Joint is a nutritional supplement that promises to provide relief from joint pain throughout your body, including the knees, hips, shoulders, elbows, neck, and hands.

Unlike most other arthritis relief products, Natural Joint does not contain any glucosamine, chondroitin, or cox-2 inhibitors. Some of the most common users of Natural Joint are people who have tried other joint pain relief medications – only to find they didn’t work as promised.

With Natural Joint, you take one capsule per day. Within 5 days, you should start feeling results. The supplement is priced at around $45 for a one month supply (30 capsules).

The supplement is made by a company called Greek Island Labs. The name “Greek Island Labs” comes from the fact that researchers believe people living in the Mediterranean suffer from fewer joint problems. In other words, the Mediterranean diet may be the secret behind curing your joint pain.

How Does Natural Joint Work?

Natural Joint contains a wide variety of natural ingredients. When I say “wide variety”, I’m not joking. There’s everything from pineapple to kale to watermelon inside Natural Joint. There are a total of about 30 different fruit and vegetable ingredients contained within each capsule of Natural Joint.

In other words, you’re taking a capsule filled with fruit and vegetable extracts to cure your joint pain.

Each ingredient has been chosen because it’s either part of the Mediterranean diet or it’s part of some other healthy diet. The idea is that by filling your body with the nutrients from healthy fruits and vegetables, you can heal your joint problems and get back to perfect shape.

It’s important to remember that Natural Joint doesn’t contain two of the most proven arthritis cures: chondroitin and glucosamine. So if you’re looking for traditional arthritis medication, then this certainly isn’t it. If you’re willing to try a natural supplement to cure your joint pain problems, however, then Natural Joint might be the perfect option for you.

Natural Joint Ingredients

Natural Joint lists about 30 different fruit and vegetable ingredients on its label. Those ingredients include all of the following:

Red seaweed, rosemary leaf, holy basil, pineapple, broccoli, avocado, carrot, apple, orange, tomato, grape seed extract, olive leaf, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, beets, blueberry, celery, grape, kale, lemon, lime, radish, cherry, leek, and pomegranate fruit.

Depending on which ingredients chart you’re looking at, you might see up to 30 ingredients listed – including watermelon.

You can view the reason for each ingredient on this page, which lists all of the ingredients and their respective benefits.

Who Makes Natural Joint?

Natural Joint is made by a company called Greek Island Labs. Greek Island Labs was founded by a medical doctor named Mark J. Binette, M.D.

Dr. Binette has been practicing as a doctor since 1989 and has served as Medical Director of a skin care company according to his bio on the Natural Joint website here.

Greek Island Labs is based in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Scientific Evidence for Natural Joint

Natural Joint has not been extensively studied. It was, however, studied for both a 5 day and 28 day period during a clinical study performed by AMA Laboratories in June 2013. You can read the full results of the clinical study here, but I’ll list the key points below.

— The clinical study indicated that Natural Joint led to a significant reduction of joint pain within the first 5 days of use for 51.1% of all participants.

— Additional improvements in joint mobility were observed in 47.4% of all participants and improvements in flexibility were observed in 46.2% of all participants.

— After 28 days of use, Natural Joint “demonstrated an average reduction in joint discomfort of 82.2%” along with statistically significant improvements in joint mobility by 78.95% and flexibility by 76.92%.

There are some oddities with this study. First, Natural Joint doesn’t link to the full results of the study. They just link to an “overview”, which is a short 5 page PDF document. The study does not list the number of participants in the study, although it does explain how participants were chosen (males and females actively experiencing joint pain who are “in general good health and free of any health problems”.)

Since we don’t know how many people participated in the study, it’s difficult to say if the results are impressive. If 51.1% of 10,000 people experienced joint pain within 5 days of taking Natural Joint, then that’s pretty impressive. That number is less impressive if the same sample group consisted of just 10 people.

There’s also the weird way in which they collected data: participants were asked to rate their flexibility, pain, and mobility on a scale of 1 to 10. No other metrics were collected.

Compounding the problem further is that no other major research group has studied Natural Joint – so we have no other evidence for or against Natural Joint.

How to Buy Natural Joint

You can buy Natural Joint from the official Greek Island Labs website or from Here’s how the prices break down:

At Amazon, you can buy 30 capsules for $44.99 plus free shipping

At the official Greek Island Labs website, pricing gets a little more complicated. If you buy one box, you’ll pay $36 for that box plus shipping. If you buy two boxes, you’ll still pay $36 per box but you’ll get free priority shipping. And if you buy 3 boxes, you’ll pay $36 per box but get one box free and free priority shipping.

You can also save more money on your order from signing up for the VIP Monthly Delivery Program (i.e. the autoship program). This program gives you free priority shipping plus an extra 17% discount on all future orders (you pay about $29.88 per box). The “catch” is that you receive a box of Natural Joint every month until you cancel, and your credit card is billed automatically every 30 days.

Conclusion: Who Should Use Natural Joint?

Natural Joint makes a lot of good promises: it promises to cure arthritis pain and relieve joint pain without using synthetic ingredients or artificial chemicals. It claims to use fruits and vegetable extracts to totally relieve your joint pain.

Unfortunately, this supplement appears to rarely work. It’s a multivitamin that is advertising itself as a joint pain relief supplement.

Some people might be able to cure their joint pain with the placebo effect using this supplement, although most will find that they have more success with traditional glucosamine and chondroitin supplements (both of which are backed by far more scientific studies than Natural Joint).

For all of these reasons, Natural Joint is a joint relief medication you should probably avoid.

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  1. I had unbearable pain in my knee from having torn my minuscus . The doc schedule me for lapascropic surgery and prescribed Celebrex…it had me flying off the ceiling. Instead I tried Natural Joint and in 5 days my pain was completely gone! No knee pain whatsoever. Prescription meds have side effects. This is a natural supplement composed of all natural ingredients. I’ll take this over Celebrex anyday!We can’t trust the FDA. The FDA approves all kinds of meds that have proven side effects which can wind up incapacitating or killing you. We hear about them when the TV lawyers want you to file suit against a pharmaceutical company because you have suffered side effects. Not so with natural joint–no side effects! But then the doctors don’t get paid off of writing prescriptions for natural cures. Go figure!


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