Blackstone Labs 3-Whey – Premium Post-Workout Recovery Drink?


Athletes who are looking for a way to increase their daily protein consumption will appreciate this high quality drink powder by Blackstone Labs.

Unlike typical protein powders 3-Whey blends three different proteins to ensure the body has muscle building support around the clock. Additionally, Blackstone Labs knows consumers get tired of the standard vanilla or chocolate flavors so they have developed a more unique selection of flavors including strawberry cheesecake.

Consumers looking to boost lean muscle growth without tons of sugar or carbs should take a look at trying Blackstone Labs 3-Whey. Please read below to learn more.

What is Blackstone Labs 3-Whey?

Going beyond traditional protein powders, Blackstone Labs has developed a three protein blend product that offers athletes both fats burning and slow burning protein support to enhance muscle growth.

By using a protein powder that offers 24 grams of protein per serving people can give their body the nutritional support to ensure muscles can grow strong without relying on carbohydrates or sugars to help bulk them up. High protein diets can also support people who are trying to lose weight without sacrificing muscle mass.

3-Whey is available in four unique flavors giving consumers choice beyond the typical vanilla or chocolate options. This supplement is available in strawberry cheesecake, cinnamon swirl, orange creamsicle, and vanilla peanut butter.

Blackstone Labs believes that consumers will love this product so much that they back all purchases with a thirty day satisfaction guarantee. This means consumers can give Blackstone Labs 3-Whey a try and if not completely satisfied they can receive a full refund within thirty days of purchase date.

How Does It Work?

As the name suggests this protein powder offers a blend of three high quality proteins that each digest at different rates within the body. By offering both fast and slow digesting proteins this supplement ensures that muscles have the support needed to grow and strengthen throughout the day.

Each one scoop serving of 3-Whey offers a whopping 24 grams of protein plus a substantial amount of calcium. 3-Whey only contains two grams of sugar per serving and is also low in carbohydrates keeping the focus on lean muscle development not just bulking up.

Adult users simply mix one scoop of their preferred flavor with eight ounces of water.

Ingredients in Blackstone Labs 3-Whey

Full ingredient information as well as nutritional details are available online through the Blackstone Labs website at

Blackstone Labs 3-Whey Pricing

Four different flavors of 3-Whey are available online through the Blackstone Labs website.

Each 27 serving container is available for $44.99. Consumers can choose between cinnamon swirl, orange creamsicle, strawberry cheesecake, and vanilla peanut butter.

Two other vendors also carry 3-Whey. and both carry this product for $39.99 per container. Both sites have more limited flavor choices than the manufacturer’s website.

Should You Use Blackstone Labs 3-Whey?

Protein that is easy for the body to absorb can help athletes achieve faster muscle development and therefor better physical performance. In addition to enhancing protein consumption Blackstone Labs 3-Whey may help people not only strengthen their muscles but also improve athletic performance and stamina.

It would be very difficult to consume enough protein by diet alone so this product can help hard gainers develop and retain lean muscle mass more easily. Interested consumers can learn more online through the Blackstone Labs website at

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