ZDOROV Propolis Elixir – Cellular Detox For Increased Weight Loss?


In recent times there has been an explosion of health issues, especially obesity. This explosion has hit Europe and America, where the percentage of obese people has risen sharply to about 35 percent.

Modern living is inundated with proceed foods that are extremely hard to breakdown and process, for the body. The only solution that most people see is to put themselves though a tough diet plan or a rough exercise regimen.

The problem with such brutal measures is that one cannot afford to have an off day. Any break in routine makes it harder to get back to their desired weight range. This is where ZDOROV Propolis Elixir comes in

What is ZDOROV Propolis Elixir?

ZDOROV Propolis Elixir is a natural supplement used to effectively reduce weight and tone a person's skin without needing crazy diets or brutal exercises. It acts in the following ways:

Removes old fat stocks:

Fat cells accumulated over the years, are primarily stored in the gut and thigh regions. These are hardest to get rid of. Propolis Elixir breaks these to give the body a toned look

Gives a skin lifting effect:

With fat cells deposits another issue is the dead skin accumulation. Propolis Elixir not only eliminates cellulites it also rejuvenates the skin so that the users skin has a fresh look and feel.

Blocks fast carbohydrates assimilation:

The primary source of fat cells are surprisingly unused carbohydrates. Propolis Elixir tackles this problem at the cellular level by not allowing them to form into stored fats.

Removes dangerous toxins:

An unhealthy body not only contains fat but also numerous toxins that block the path to a healthy lifestyle. Propolis Elixir not only gets rid of the fat cells but also other dangerous toxins.

Improves overall health:

With a fitter and leaner body a person feels the effects on overall health and working capacity.

How Does ZDOROV Propolis Elixir Work?

Propolis Elixir works by offering fast weight loss with health benefits. In the first two weeks it looks to improve the persons metabolism. Active, incoming calories are removed without being digested. This then leads to higher blood circulation and an accelerated rate of tissue regeneration.

This results in a marked decrease in cellulites and a smoother and tighter skin. Finally, four weeks later a person will have a noticeable reduction in body size. The chief components in this mix that allows for such a rapid transformation are:


Propolis is found in bee honey this compound works at the cellular level. It degrades the PPAR protein, which is responsible for storage of fat in the body. Due to this fat and carbohydrates are left unproceed and pass through the body without getting added.

Vitamin A:

Vitamin A is used by the body to dissolve fat. It is also used to combat cellulites. Vitamin A helps to tighten the skin after weight loss, thereby giving a smooth and healthy look.

Olive Oil:

It can prevent absorption of fat from food. It also greases and processes the removal of old fat cells and other toxic substances in the body.

Vitamin E:

Vitamin E is used to tone and tighten the skin after weight reduction. It also generates and maintains a healthy energy level and increases a person's working capacity.

ZDOROV Propolis Elixir Review Summary

ZDOROV Propolis Elixir is made of 100% natural components and has been approved by the Institute of Nutrition and Health. This supplement comes with a 100% money back guarantee. For a limited time the price has dropped from 139 to just 39 Euros.

For more details and order process visit the site at http://benamet.zdorovgoods.com/#b.

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