Blackstone Labs King Of All Stims – King Cobra & Dust Extreme?


Looking for a supplement that contains stimulants and achieves weight loss? Also need a product that provides apt pump before training?

Blackstone Labs has achieved a whole new level of pump, energy, strength and overall weight loss no other brand has come up with. The King of All Stims is the ultimate package consumers are certain to be pleased with, as it includes a high quantity of DMAA like no other.

This review will analyze the King of All Stims in terms of its purpose, key ingredients, its uses and its current going price.

What is the Blackstone Labs King Of All Stims?

The Blackstone Labs King Of All Stims is the ideal package consumers are provided with that includes stimulants; fat burning properties, weight loss, enhanced pump and energy needed to get through a given workout.

When it comes to achieving set fitness goals, they are only achievable when one puts in his or her efforts in a workout. While training, not only does one need energy, but one also needs to ensure that he or she has enhanced focus levels and motivation.

One’s motivation tends to increase when one sees adequate pump and this is something the Blackstone Labs King Of All Stims can achieve. The King of All Stims contains two products, which are the Dust EXTREME and the King Cobra.

What is the Dust EXTREME?

The Dust EXTREME is a pre workout that provides the highest source of energy like no other product and this is made possible due to its caffeine anhydrous content of 350mg. This product works to achieve pump, which is a visible increase in one’s veins.

This is made possible because of its 4 grams of Citrulline Malate and 1 gram of Agmatine Sulfate. In addition to increased energy levels and pump, this product works on eliminating any type of distraction one might undergo. Consumers can now focus, and experience increased concentration levels, as the Dust EXTREME contains nootropic components as well.

Ultimately, this product is for anyone who does high-intensity workouts that require a high-stimulant pre workout. At the end of the end, one will experience increased pumps, vasodilation and faster recovery with the use of the Dust Extreme.

What is the King Cobra?

While the Dust EXTREME is correlated to training and the elements needed to train efficiently, the King Cobra works to induce weight loss, while providing consumers with an apt energy source. Some of the known ingredients in this respective product are Eria Jarensis, Paradoxine grains of paradise, Capsimax capsicum and BioPerine Black Pepper.

Ultimately this respective product works on so many levels, as it provides consumers with an adequate energy source, increased focus and concentration and induced weight loss.

It is clear that the Dust EXTREME and King Cobra go hand in hand, as most of their properties are similar amongst themselves. When both products are combined, they will definitely bring desirable results in terms of one’s physical and mental health as well as one’s level of motivation.

How to Take the Dust EXTREME and King Cobra to Achieve Optimal Results?

Because this product contains a powerful source of DMAA, beginners are advised not to start with this type of a supplement duo.

For more advanced trainers and trainees who have experience taking workout supplements, it is recommended to take one capsule of the King Cobra in the morning as a pre workout and one scoop of the Dust EXTREME in the afternoon as a pre workout. Exceeding the recommended dosage can be unsafe, thus it must be avoided at all cost.

How Much Does the Blackstone Labs King Of All Stims Cost?

The current going price of the King of All Stims, which comes with one Dust EXTREME and one King Cobra, is approximately $99.99. The original price was once $114.99, thus consumers are definitely getting this duo at a better price.

Blackstone Labs King Of All Stims Final Verdict

Overall, the King of All Stims, is definitely as the name implies, stimulates a wide range of fitness related benefits. It naturally works to increase one’s energy levels, which then amplifies one’s training capacity as well as one’s ability to eliminate any form of procrastination during training.

For more information on how to sculpt a desirable physique using the King of All Stims duo, go to:

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