Blackstone Labs Epicat – Epicatechin Supplement For Muscle Mass?


Blackstone Labs Epicat is a natural anabolic designed to flip genetics and allow users to build the muscle mass they have always dreamed of. It is the flagship product of the Blackstone Labs company and has helped many athletes break through their physical plateau to realize the true potential of their bodies.

By interfering with a natural regulator released by the human body (myostatin), Epi-Cat capsules grant the muscles ability to grow beyond their natural limits while still maintaining a healthy proper form.

The capsules consist of the highest quality ingredients that will assist athletes in achieving their desired health and fitness goals. Please read below for more information on their product offering.

What is Blackstone Labs Epicat?

Epicat is a natural anabolic that will modify human genetics to allow maximum muscle growth. The human body has many regulators that turn on automatically throughout the duration of life. One of them is myostatin, released by muscles to make sure that people do not grow uncontrollably huge.

How Does Blackstone Labs Epicat Work?

Myostatin is a regulator released by the body’s muscles to make sure muscles do not grow too large and interfere with normal functionality. The key ingredient in Epi-Cat is a proprietary blend consisting of epicatechin.

Epicatechin is a substance found naturally occurring in cocoa beans and commercially consumed in dark chocolate. Epicatechin has been scientifically found to hinder the muscles release of myostatin by releasing another molecule called follistatin.

Follistatin acts as a distraction on the myostatin thus preventing myostatin from regulating muscle growth. With the muscles not being properly regulated for size due to this interference the result is more muscle growth than the body could ever imagine.

On Blackstone Labs’ website interested consumers can find Blackstone Labs Epicat studies on:

  • Muscle Growth and Differentiation
  • Endurance Training Adaptation
  • Fatigue Resistance
  • Vascular Muscle Control
  • Promotes Survival and Longevity
  • Enhanced by Exercise

Users should dose with one capsule two times per day with food. It is recommended to use the product for at least 90 days to achieve desired results. Unused products may be returned within 30 days with proof of purchase.

Who Makes the EpiCat?

Founded in 2012, Blackstone Labs manufactures the Epi-Cat and is based in Boca Raton, Florida. The company offers many dietary and sports supplements including pre-workouts, muscle builders, anabolics, fat burners, sleep aids, and protein among others.

Blackstone Labs Epicat Pricing

Epi-Cat is currently available on Blackstone Labs’ website ( for $64.99 for 60 capsules or on Strong Supplement Shop ( for $44.95.

Blackstone offers refunds for unused products returned within 30 days.

Should You Use Blackstone Labs Epicat?

If a user is seeking to break free from the bounds of human genetics and unlock their body’s full potential then they should strongly consider using Blackstone Labs Epi-Cat capsules.

EpiCat is highly concentrated and fortified with antioxidants green tea for an overall healthy mechanism for maximum muscle growth without disrupting the user’s natural hormone production. It is recommended to try for 90 days to notice how easy it is to reach the body’s untapped potential.

If the user is interested in taking advantage of all the benefits Epi-Cat has to offer they may find out more information by visiting

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