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Blackcore Edge Review

Blackcore Edge is a preworkout supplement that promises to give you lean muscle while reducing body fat. Here’s our Blackcore Edge review.

What is Blackcore Edge?

Blackcore Edge is a preworkout supplement that makes the same promises as most other preworkout supplements: it promises to reduce body fat and boost lean muscle mass by making you more productive during your workouts.

But Blackcore Edge seems to work as more than just a standard preworkout supplement. It claims to come with a wide range of other benefits, including:

— Improved Focus
— Longer Sustained Energy
— Increased Nutrient Delivery
— Stronger Lifts And Greater Pumps
— Decreased Muscle Breakdown

In other words, Blackcore Edge claims to do everything from work as a nootropic (improves focus) to enhancing the way your body manages food (increased nutrient delivery).

What kind of formula does Blackcore Edge use to achieve these benefits? Let’s find out how this works.

How Does Blackcore Edge Work?

Blackcore Edge is advertised as a nitric oxide booster. Nitric oxide is a compound within your body that acts as a vasodilator. When your body has higher levels of nitric oxide, your blood vessels expand, making it easier for oxygen and nutrients to be delivered throughout your body.

If you’ve ever taken a nitric oxide supplement or a preworkout, then you know what this feels like: more powerful pump at the gym and longer endurance, among other benefits. It’s a great feeling.

But the problem with nitic oxide boosters is that not all of them work as advertised. Furthermore, some people already have maximum levels of nitric oxide within their body, and that means they can’t benefit from these supplements.

With that in mind, here’s what Blackcore Edge has to say about how it works:

— The formula contains something called the Blackcore Edge Proprietary Blend (800mg). That blend includes things like beet root extract, sodium nitrate, and ascorbic acid, along with certain amino acids and botanical extracts.

— There are only three other listed ingredient dosages in Blackcore Edge: vitamin C, riboflavin, and niacin.

By taking the supplement daily, you can purportedly increase your strength and power during a workout.

Below, we’ll take a closer look at these ingredients and determine whether or not they’ll actually work as advertised.

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Blackcore Edge Ingredients

Blackcore Edge Ingredients

Blackcore Edge’s product packaging lists the following ingredients chart:

As you can see, we don’t know the specific dosage of most of the ingredients in the supplement. The majority of ingredients are hidden behind a proprietary blend that includes ingredients like beet root extract, sodium nitrate, and ascorbic acid.

Since beet root extract is the first listed ingredient, it’s likely the most common ingredient in that proprietary formula. Does beet root extract actually boost NO levels within the body? claims that beet root has high nitrate content and is frequently used to improve physical performance by raising nitric oxide levels. In regards to this benefit, “it appears to have some evidence for this claim in healthy athletes.”

The typical beetroot extract dosage is 436mg for a 150 pound person (0.1 to 0.2 mmol/kg (6.4-12.8mg/kg). You need about 500g of beet roots to get this amount of extract.

Since the amount of beet root extract in Blackcore Edge isn’t listed, it’s unclear if the dosage is powerful enough to raise nitric oxide levels. Nevertheless, beets have been definitively linked to this benefit.

Sodium nitrate, which is the second most common ingredient in the proprietary formula, was once thought to enhance athletic performance by raising nitric oxide levels, but it doesn’t appear to be the case anymore. In one study published in December 2012, researchers concluded that “sodium nitrate supplementation does not enhance performance of endurance athletes” (although the study involved just 13 participants).

Niacinamide, on the other hand, is a form of vitamin B3 and is “literally required in hundreds of enzymatic reactions” in the human body, according to Vitamin Research Products. It’s typically taken in doses over 1g, however, and is shown to actually inhibit nitric oxide synthesis.

What about the registered Trademark formula Extramel? That’s actually a proprietary freeze-dried melon juice concentrate that comes from a specific type of melon that contains high levels of antioxidants. In one small study, the formula was shown to “have an antioxidant activity on cellular level and fighting against oxidative stress”.

Today, you can buy Extramel in its pure form from Amazon, where it’s priced at $24.95 for a 300 IU serving.

Ultimately, the lack of dosage information on Blackcore Edge makes it difficult to compare this supplement to its known ingredients. Although certain ingredients – like beet root extract – have been linked to increased nitric oxide production, other ingredients have shown no such link.

But the real problem with Blackcore Edge is that the formula hasn’t gone through clinical trials on its own. The manufacturer hasn’t invested the time or money into testing its supplement. Until we get that evidence, we really have no indication that Blackcore Edge works as advertised.

Blackcore Edge Pricing

Like many nutritional supplements sold online today, Blackcore Edge is sold through a shady free trial program.

That free trial program advertises itself as costing only $4.99 today. But like most free things on the internet, Blackcore Edge’s free trial program is far too good to be true. Here’s how the trial actually works if you read through the fine print:

— You sign up today for the trial and pay $4.99 to receive a full-sized bottle of Blackcore Edge

— You pay that fee using any major credit card

— If you look at the very bottom of the Blackcore Edge ordering page, you’ll see fine print that describes how the trial actually works. Here’s what that fine print says:

“Initially, just pay $4.99 (USD) for S&H today to fully evaluate Blackcore Edge Blackcore Edge Nitric Oxide for 14 days. If you like Blackcore Edge Nitric Oxide , simply keep the product. Once your trial has ended (15 days from today) you will be billed $89.99 for the product. Then on day 30 and every 30 days thereafter you will continue in the monthly program for $89.99 plus $4.99 shipping. You can cancel any time by calling 877-663-9027.”

— In other words, that “free” trial costs you $89.99 + $4.99 S+H, which is significantly more than “free”.

— Making things worse for your credit card debt, you’re charged that fee again every 30 days until you cancel

— You have to specifically call the company to cancel your subscription or else you will be charged $94.98 every month until your credit card is maxed out (or you die, whichever comes first)

Ultimately, this shady pricing policy has left many customers with hundreds of dollars in credit card debt for products they never intended to order. Don’t fall for the $5 free trial scam for Blackcore Edge – it’s not as cheap as you think.

Who Makes Blackcore Edge?

Blackcore Edge is made by a company named Edgeline Performance. There’s very little information about that company available online. In fact, basically all we know about the company is that you can contact them using the following methods:

— Phone: 877-663-9027
— Email: [email protected]

The company doesn’t appear to have any corporate office or headquarters. Instead, it simply lists its mailing address as a post office box in California:

PO Box 25380
Santa Ana, CA 92799

Should You Use Blackcore Edge to Get “Extreme Lean Muscle”?

Ultimately, based on all of the above information, there’s little reason to believe that Blackcore Edge works as advertised to boost your lean muscle mass. Yes, some of the ingredients – like beet root extract – have been linked to modest nitric oxide benefits. But without dosage information or independent trials on the Blackcore Edge formula, it’s difficult to say whether the ingredients work well together as a whole.

There’s also the problem of the Blackcore Edge pricing policy, which lures customers in with a “free” trial offer before silently pre-authorizing hundreds of dollars of credit card charges.

Good supplement manufacturers don’t have pricing policies like Blackcore Edge. If you’re spending $100 on a nitric oxide booster, you can do way better than Blackcore Edge.

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  1. Yes. Same scam here. Got the “free” trial. Then they billed me more than $90. One month later, they billed and shipped again. Be sure to CANCEL this FREE trial during the trial period! They said they could not accept the return of the unopened package for the 2nd month and I had subscribed with no refund possible. I asked to speak to a supervisor, they put me on hold, then they came back and offered a 50% refund for the second month that I did not want.

  2. I didn’t get refund but they are shipping me a free booster and testosterone bottle no shipping cost. But havent seen results.

  3. To get your money back, you can call the company up and threaten to call the Better Business Bureau (BBB) attorney general in your state to report them. 9 out of 10 the rep will put you on hold and then come back and say they will issue a full refund, which they ALWAYS follow through with.
    I personally did this myself and it has worked.

  4. I’ve tried and tried and it’s true. They’re robbing people. The give you 50% back but what did I pay for. I didn’t receive anything but the free trial so y was I charged,,

  5. All you have to do is tell them that you are willing to accept 50% refund or you will dispute with your credit company. This person will talk to the supervisor to authorize the 50% refund and you are agreeing not to dispute the credit charge.

  6. I ordered this crap by mistake thinking that this company was a honest, replical establishment. How stupid can one person be? Myself! Please, don’t order from this place. They give you a hard time getting your money back and canceling your agreement.

  7. If you press the issue, the best you can do is to get an offer of a 35% “courtesy refund”. The best thing you can do is to not order in the first place.

  8. Then what can a person do to get this company to give back your money or at least some of it? Can we report this shady company to someone like the free trades act commission? Is there ANYTHING that can be done????? ANY suggestions ????

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