Pro Factor T 2000

ProFactor T 2000 Review

ProFactor T 2000 is a bodybuilding supplement that promises to help you maximize your workout and give you “extreme muscle”. But does it work? Here’s our review.

What is ProFactor T2000?

ProFactor T2000 is a bodybuilding supplement that recently became available through a free trial online.

The supplement promises to boost your endurance and maximize lean muscle gain – which are basically the same promises made by every bodybuilding supplement targeted towards men.

The supplement also claims to contain a 100% natural formula that includes ingredients like l-citrulline, l-arginine, and l-norvaline – three amino acids that purportedly expand your blood vessels by raising nitric oxide.

So what’s the difference between Pro Factor T 2000 and every other nitric oxide supplement on the market today? Let’s find out.

How Does Pro Factor T 2000 Work?

ProFactor T 2000 works by using a formula that purportedly gets converted into nitric oxide within the body, allowing your blood vessels to open wider and stimulating more blood flow to your muscles.

If you’ve ever taken an NO supplement before, then you know what this effect feels like. It makes you feel more powerful and vascular. It increases your pump at the gym. Alcohol is also a vasodilator.

Pro Factor T 2000 specifically uses amino acids that act as precursors to nitric oxide within the body. These amino acids include:

— L-Citrulline
— L-Arginine
— L-Norvaline

All three basically work in the same way: they act as precursors to nitric oxide while also boosting protein synthesis within the body. That means your muscles can perform better at the gym while also healing more quickly after each workout – or at least, that’s the goal behind Pro Factor T 2000.

ProFactor T2000 also claims that all of these amino acids are “100% natural”. That’s not exactly true: the amino acids are synthesized in laboratories, although they are found within your body “naturally”. So if you think you’re taking some 100% organic formula that comes directly from nature, then Pro Factor T 2000 certainly isn’t it.

Pro Factor T 2000 Ingredients

The misleading “natural” label is one problem with Pro Factor T 2000.

There’s one other bigger problem, however: there’s no ingredients label!

All we know about ProFactor T-2000 is that it contains three amino acids: L-Citrulline, L-Arginine, and L-Norvaline.

Beyond these three amino acids, we know absolutely nothing about the ProFactor Testosterone 2000 and ProFactor Performance Surge formula. It likely contains other supplemental ingredients that may or may not affect nitric oxide levels.

But the biggest concern with the lack of ingredients is that it makes it impossible to assess the effectiveness of Pro Factor T 2000.

For example, we know that bodybuilders typically take L-Citrulline in doses of 6,000 to 8,000mg per day, taking the dose about one hour before they begin exercising.

Even if you’re just taking L-Citrulline for erectile dysfunction, it’s still recommended that you take 3,000mg per day.

Put simply, we know that L-citrulline works at doses above 3,000mg.

Since Profactor T2000 doesn’t list the dosage of any of its ingredients, it’s impossible to determine whether or not any of these ingredients work as promised. Typically, a reputable manufacturer would like to advertise their ingredient dosages as being above the recommended value.

Since Profactor T 2000 doesn’t list its ingredients, we’re led to assume it’s not very powerful in terms of its amino acid ingredients.

There’s a third problem with Pro Factor T 2000: it uses a shady autoship free trial program. You’ll learn about that in the next section.

ProFactor T-2000 Pricing

Pro Factor T 2000 is exclusively available through a “free trial” program. You can’t order the supplement directly online. You have to order it through the trial program.

Here’s how that trial program works:

— You pay $4.95 for shipping and handling today

— You receive your shipment within 3 to 5 business days

— You have 14 days to test the product and assess its effects. On the 14th day after you order, the manufacturer will charge you $89.95 for the full cost of the “free trial “product you already received. That’s right: the free trial bottle was priced at $89.95.

— As if that first $89.95 charge wasn’t surprising enough, Pro Factor T 2000 will then charge you $89.95 again just 16 days later, and you’ll continue being charged $89.95 + $4.95 shipping and handing every 30 days.

Ultimately, this free trial can leave you with over $200 in hidden credit card charges within just 30 days of ordering.

The manufacturer of Pro Factor T 2000 hides all of this information deep in their terms and conditions section – which is why many negative reviews of Pro Factor T 2000 online focus on this scammy autoship program.

The supplement is also sometimes sold as an “upsell” on Pro Factor SURGE, a similar bodybuilding supplement. So you may get an opportunity to buy Pro Factor T 2000 at a discount rate when you’re purchasing Pro Factor SURGE online.

The only way to prevent the full charge for Pro Factor T 2000 from going through (it’s already pre-authorized on your credit card as soon as you pay the $4.95 free trial fee) is to call the customer service hotline at 1-888-830-7864 and request a refund. You’ll need to ship your bottle of Pro Factor T 2000 back within the 14 day trial period, otherwise the full charge will go through.

Ultimately, this pricing policy should have red flags raising in your head. Reputable bodybuilding supplement manufacturers don’t have to resort to pricing schemes and “free” trial offers like this.

Who Makes ProFactor T-2000?

Pro Factor T 2000 is made by a company named Subscription Metrics, LLC.

That company lists its mailing address as:

Subscription Metrics, LLC.
28990 W Pacific Coast Highway Suite 116
Malibu, CA 90265

You can contact the company at [email protected] or by phone at 1-888-830-7864. Customer service is available from 7am to 7pm EST every day.


  1. Ingredients For ProFactor
    i. Tribulus Extract
    ii. Barrenwort (Horny Goat Weed/Epimedium)
    iii. Maca Powder
    iv. L—Arginine HCI
    v. Oat Straw
    vi. American Ginseng
    vii. Cnidum
    viii. Epimedium Extract
    ix. Hawthorne
    x. Chinese Dodder
    xi. Catuaba
    xii. Cayenne
    xiii. Ginger
    xiv. Saw Palmetto
    xv. Ashwagandha
    xvi. Licorice
    xvii. Velvet Bean

  2. I ordered these and the energy ones for 4.95. Got them a few weeks later.. never been charged any further. I’ve used them twice and I’ve noticed an incredible difference. Won’t be ordering again however I have had no issue atall

  3. order their free trail 4.95 plus the 5.95 have not received the product but being billed for 79.95 plus 89.95 but I’m going to turn this in to wash general attorneys office Vancouver Wa plus going to show this to attorneys plus there the consumer protection their manager at their number 1888-390-6299 Anthony refuse to tell me where my product is or to make it right and give me back my money SO THINK YOUR COMPANYS O.K give me back my money

  4. horrible , they cannot find us in the system but surely took my money . giving us the run around and other phone numbers to try to recieve my funds back. will never use this company.. total Disappointment

    • Ya, I got mine like 10 days later then billed on the 12th day. I got NO email notification or recipe. No contact info or anything. They can’t even find me in their system but surly charged me. I have no idea how the product works but I will never know because I know how the company works. Negative Review!!!!


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