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PreticX Review – Do They Work?

Most people understand the importance of probiotics. After all, almost every yoghurt commercial on television talks about how important probiotics are to healthy digestion. While information about probiotics and their many health benefits is continuously growing, there is a gap in the public’s knowledge. While probiotics are a vital part of a healthy digestive system, prebiotics serve an important role.

As suggested by their name, prebiotics are bacteria that need to be fed to the gut before the probiotics. However, prebiotics are much heartier than probiotics, which can die off if they get too hot or users have too much stomach acid. Prebiotics are food for the probiotics, keeping them healthy and promoting their growth. While there are a few quality prebiotics on the market, the scientific community is buzzing about PreticX. A new prebiotic, PreticX is a great advancement in the world of healthy gut bacteria.

What is PreticX?

PreticX is a prebiotic xylooligosaccharide, or XOS, that increases the amount of good bacteria in the colon. This good bacteria, called bifidobacteria, helps the body digest food properly, aiding in nutrient absorption and toxin disposal. Due to its low inclusion rates, PreticX is an extremely versatile and stable ingredient that will be extremely valuable in the food and supplement industry.

This new prebiotic has extremely strong clinical data to support its results. PreticX can also be used effectively in very low doses, due to the fact that it’s so incredibly stable and easy to use. PreticX doesn’t only taste a little bit sweet, but it also works as a very effective soluble dietary fiber option.

A recent study released by AIDP and conducted by UCLA found that PreticX decreased the ratio of Firmicutes/Bacteroidetes. Because Firmicutes/Bacteriodetes have been found to be connected to the microbiota in the guts of the overweight and obese, this could indicate that the prebiotic PreticX could help fit obesity. By lowering the Firmicutes/Bacteriodetes ratio, PreticX could be the start of brand new innovations in the prebiotic world.

What makes PreticX so versatile is that it offers the option for being used in both supplements and in foods. Because PreticX is made with an extremely safe and stable ingredient, it has little to no side effects in users. And its effectiveness has been proven again in the study done by UCLA. PreticX successfully boosts the growth of very specific bacteria in the gut, encouraging the growth of the bacteria that is already located in the large intestine.

What are Prebiotics?

Digestive health is extremely important for the health and wellness of the entire body. Part of the health of the digestive system depends on gastrointestinal microbiota. These good bacterium work to keep the entire body balanced, allowing the brain and bodily functions to work in one accord. When these bacteria aren’t thriving the way they should, people experience sluggishness, fatigue, gas, and bloat.

Prebiotics are specialized plant fibers or food ingredients that help the body grow probiotic bacteria. Scientifically defined as a selectively fermented product that promotes specific changes in the body, prebiotics boost the composition of good bacteria as well as the activity of these bacteria.

There are several different categories of prebiotics. In 2007, XOS, FOS, GOS, soy-aoligosaccharides, and IMO were all classified prebiotics. PreticX is an XOS prebiotic.

Research on PreticX

In 2014, UCLA published a study that evaluated the effectiveness of PreticX. The clinical study had 32 participants who participated in the double-blind, randomized, and placebo controlled study. There were three different supplements given to these participants. The first was 1.4g of PreticX, the second was 2.8g of PreticX, and the final was a placebo.

This 2014 study took place over 12 weeks and included a two week run-in, eight week intervention, followed by a two week washout. The final results after the first eight weeks found that the healthy bacteria in both the groups that took PreticX increased.

What made the results of this study so interesting was that it also looked at how PreticX effected Clostridium, a harmful bacteria found in the intestine. Because PreticX is selective, it increases the amount of health bacteria, like Bifidobacterium, but does not affect the bad bacteria. The study found that these claims were true and the participants all had the same level of Clostridium after eight weeks.

Finally, the 2014 UCLA study found that PreticX changed the environment of the gut, specifically for bacteria that are known for causing obesity and diabetes. In a separate study, the bacteria Lactobacillus was found at increased level in the microbiota of those who suffered from obesity. PreticX did not seem to affect these levels, meaning it could be a solution for treating obesity in the future.

AIDP recently released comments about the UCLA study that was done in 2014. The organization agreed with the results found in the UCLA clinical study. The AIDP Vice President of Research and Development, Jennifer Gu, said that they found PreticX modified the gut microbiota in health and over-weight subjects. The result was extreme shifts in four of the bacterial populations of organisms.

Gu went on to say,

“It is important for consumers to understand that having good gut flora is an important part of a healthy digestive ecosystem, but one must feed the good gut microbes with prebiotics such as PreticX in order to receive the maximum health benefit.”

The hope is that as information about prebiotics is increasingly given to the population, more and more will realize that prebiotics like PreticX are a vital part of the body’s health.

What is AIDP?

The organization that released comments on the UCLA study, AIDP, is one of the foremost leaders in creating functional ingredients. The AIDP focus is primarily on products that help their consumers with healthy aging and general wellness.

AIDP has long been committed to creating ingredients of the highest quality and providing proprietary solutions that aid in the overcoming of formulation challenges. AIDP has based its success on its experience, which can clearly be seen in how the organization uses science as the foundation for all its food and beverage development.

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