Super Critical Omega-3 TG – RealDose’s Essential EPA & DHA Oils?


The company Real Dose has created an updated formula to their Omega-3 supplement. Super Critical Omega-3 TG has some evidence to suggest it is an important supplement for weight loss, and could be helpful to aid in keeping our brains young and healthy.

To find out more about this supplement please see the review below to find out what makes this Omega-3 supplement different.

What is Super Critical Omega-3 TG?

Super Critical Omega-3 TG is a fatty acid derived from many sources, although in this case it comes from fish oil.

Their updated formula has allowed the company to increase the concentration of their fish oil from 60% to 80% meaning that those purchasing do not have to consume pills as large.

The company has also updated their product to use a new coating that they claim increases the bioavailability of the fish oil by a factor of three.

Importantly, unlike some companies, Real Dose has included an evidence based approach to their advocacy for this supplement, providing multiple sources on the benefits.

The only danger might be that the product manufacturers have cherry-picked their studies, as few meta-analyses of several studies seem to be provided.

How Does Super Critical Omega-3 TG Work?

This supplement, unlike other Omega-3s works by both increasing the concentration of Omega-3’s and increasing the dose in a way that should be safe for those looking for an Omega-3 supplement.

The idea behind this product is that by increasing both the potency and bioavailability of the fish oil used, the consumer will need to consume fewer pills.

The amount of fish oil normally required to be effective means that the consumer needs to take 8 or 9 pills in order to achieve the desired effect.

The dosage for this supplement, however, is 1 capsule daily, or more or less depending on what a doctor recommends.

The pills also bypass the stomach and are digested in the lower intestine, which is crucial for the increase in bioavailability.

What Ingredients are in Super Critical Omega-3 TG?

The main ingredient of this supplement is the fish oil used for supplementation. Fish are high in omega-3’s.

Importantly, RealDose uses fish that are non-endangered, and their way of deriving the most fish oil possible is actually to spend the time converting the fish oil they concentrate back into its natural triglyceride form, which is supposedly 1.7x more bioavailable.

The fish oil is synthesized from anchovies, which are one of the most abundant sea creatures there are.

Bioavailability is important in that it means that less product needs to be used in order to achieve the desired effect.

Those who are not vegan or vegetarian, but still care about the state of the environment might find this engagement with environmental safety important when choosing a product.

For those who are pescatarians but not vegetarians this product may contain animal fat, as part of their supplement includes gelatin.

Gelatin is normally derived from animal hoof, and when it is not, most companies will advertise this fact.

Super Critical Omega-3 TG Pricing

Super Critical Omega-3 TG is available from RealDose for the price of $49.00 plus the cost of shipping the product. It comes with 90 of the supplements, meaning that this product will last about a month using the recommended dosage.

For those who see themselves consuming this product monthly, or over several months, this company offers an auto-refill offer.

What the auto-refill order does, is it allows users to continually purchase the product and get %20 off and free shipping. If one is planning on purchasing this product for extended use, the price drops to $39.20.

Super Critical Omega-3 TG Review Summary

Super Critical Omega-3 TG seems to be a great choice for those looking to add more omega-3’s to their diet using a supplement that has evidence for its use, and is safe to consume.

If the claims of increased bioavailability are true, and the evidence from the site seems compelling, then the added cost is most likely worth it for this product.

Real Dose sets themselves apart from other supplements by consulting doctors and physicians, which is a great step for any supplement company to take.

The price seems to be justified for this product, and would make a good addition to an individual’s supplement supply if they are looking for the health benefits of Omega-3’s.

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