Eating Evolved – Natural Antioxidant-Rich SuperFood Chocolates?


Eating Evolved is a privately owned company founded in the year 2012, with its headquarters located at Setauket, New York, USA. It operates in the food and beverages industry with a specialty in chocolate, coconut butter, and consumer packaged goods.

The company was formed under a guiding principle which considers chocolate as food and not candy, influencing all their decisions that aim at being the go-to chocolate for health conscious consumers around the world. All their products are gluten free, dairy free, soy free, refined sugar free, proudly paleo, and vegan.

The products can be found in nationwide retailing stores which include Whole Foods and Market, as well as online platforms such as Amazon, Thrive Market, and on their official website.

Some of the products include primal chocolate, coconut butter cups, keto cups, and roasted coconut butter. All these products have their own health benefits and will be discussed in detail below.

Products And Benefits of Eating Evolved

Primal Chocolate

This is made with the fewest and simplest organic ingredients that are available. The chocolate is made free of gluten, soy, and dairy and is chocolate in its simplest form, making it primal. They come in flavors such as the almond sea salt, crunchy caramel, midnight coconut, and many others.

The base ingredients of the chocolate are organic cocoa, organic coconut sugar, and organic coconut butter. Their midnight coconut bar falls in the category of being a completely unsweetened variety and is 100% cocoa with shredded organic coconut.

The benefits include:

  • Almonds have been established to play a major role in protecting our bodies against oxidative stress which can lead to damage of cell molecules and contribute to aging and diseases like cancer, owing to their antioxidants properties. Almonds form a better part of the ingredients in the almond sea salt variety. To add on, almonds have a significant amount of vitamin E (one ounce of almonds provides about 37% of the recommended daily intake) which protects one’s cell membrane from oxidative damage.
  • Cocoa used to make primal chocolate is rich in iron, magnesium, and calcium. Iron improves the functioning of the red blood cells that transport oxygen throughout the body while magnesium is essential for a healthy heart and brain. Calcium is also important to give rise to strong healthy bones and teeth. Flavonoids present in chocolate are also important and can help improve thinking, according to the American Association for the Advancement of Science. The flavonoids increase blood flow to the brain as well as oxygen.
  • Chocolate is sweetened using coconut sugar, which is sustainable and eco-friendly as it does not lead to deforestation.

Coconut Butter Cups

As all other products of the Eating Evolved Company, there are free of gluten, dairy, and soy, as well as any flavoring. They come in different flavors including caramel and sea salt, mint cream, banana cream, and classic coconut butter cups. Some of the benefits include:

  • Mint cream has the potential of improving dental health owing to its mint content that eliminates bad breathe.
  • Mint has also been attributed to improving digestive health. All thesebenefits are extended to the mint cream coconut butter cup owing to the fact that one of its important ingredients is organic peppermint oil.


They make the best keto-friendly snack. With 15g fat, 0g added sugar, and 1g net carb in a single cup, that will keep you energized all day long. Each of every cup is made up of 100% cocoa on the outside and creamy Coconut butter with medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) on the inside. The flavors are the keto cup stevia and coffee.

  • Stevia is used as a natural organic sweetener that makes them palatable. Stevia as a sweetener also does not contribute to the calories or carbohydrates in the diet and hence does not affect the blood glucose level.
  • The coffee flavored keto cup is of benefit since it has been shown that some coffee contributes to the prevention of certain ailments such as diabetes type two and cirrhosis, as well as controlling blood pressure levels.
  • MCT oil has a number of health benefits. MTCs are more easily digestible than long chain triglycerides and are utilized during metabolism to provide energy. In addition, they have antioxidant effects as well as regulating gut micro flora. Micro flora in the gut are useful in combating other bacteria that would otherwise result in infections and diseases.

Roasted Coconut Butter

Roasted coconut butter from Eating Evolved is ready to eat organic roasted coconut butter that is low in sugar, paleo, and vegan friendly, forming a great alternative to nut and seed butter. They do not have any added oils, dairy, or soy.

  • Coconut butter contains saturated fat. This is different from other saturated fats since it is composed largely of lauric acid, a medium chain fatty acid, making them easier to be directly absorbed into the body as well as the cells undigested. The lauric acid therefore can serve as a quick non-sugar source of energy.
  • The Himalayan sea salts present in roasted coconut butter also confers to it some health benefits. They contain trace minerals which are hard to come by under normal nutrition and in addition, they form a good source of electrolytes such as magnesium, calcium, and potassium required by the body for its normal functioning. Himalayan sea salt supports respiratory health, promotes sinus health, promotes bone strength, and boosts libido.

It is important to note as a health benefit that most or rather all of the products are vegan, so anyone can indulge. There are no health risks to those considered gluten sensitive as they do not contain gluten.

In addition, the company also has hot chocolate. The Evolved Eating hot chocolate guarantees a delicious drink without consuming an excess of added sugar.

The drink has about 8 grams of sugar per serving and almost as much of the protein as the sugar. Other than the low sugar content, there is also the addition of grass-fed collagen. Collagen is an important dietary supplement that increases protein levels as well as improving the growth and quality of hair, skin, and nails.

Disadvantages And Possible Side Effects

Some of the ingredients that are employed by the Eating Evolved Company to manufacture or prepare their product might have some disadvantages or side effects to the users which are greatly individualistic. Some individuals might not like some of the products due to their contents such as the flavored coffee keto cup. However, there exists an alternative since one has a range of products to choose from.

Cocoa, which is an active ingredient in the products such as the primal chocolate, can have some side effects on individuals. Over consuming cocoa, which has some caffeine in it, has been associated with increasing anxiety in people suffering from anxiety disorders.

In addition, cocoa seems to increase blood sugar levels and may interfere with blood sugar control in individuals suffering from diabetes. When taken in large amounts, caffeine in cocoa has been associated with increased diarrhea in case one is suffering from it.

As explained above, the midnight coconut bar variety is completely unsweetened with 100% cocoa. The 100% cocoa means that the chocolate bar is completely made out of cocoa with no sugar to break up its bitterness; and therefore, it is not for the faint hearted.

For those who cannot bare the bitterness of the midnight coconut bar, they would likely prefer the Crunchy Caramel variety, which has chunks of organic coconut sugar scattered throughout. The bar is especially ideal for those still getting used to the bitterer tasting flavor of the pure dark chocolate.

Some of the products of Eating Evolved have coffee flavors which do not fit well with some of its consumers whom do not like to use it.

Eating Evolved Review Summary

Eating Evolved as a company has really managed to provide its consumers with products that are gluten free, dairy free, soy free,refined sugar free, proudly paleo, and vegan.

They have also redefined chocolate from being a snack or candy to actually being food and made it clear that it is possible to enjoy chocolate without the fear of sugar overload. With most overly sweet desserts, it is usually the norm to overindulge, but not for the Eating Evolved products.

The products that they bring forth have a number of health benefits ranging from ensuring heart health to digestive and bone health, to mention just a few. All of their ingredients are organic, making them free of the harmful processed ingredients that are damaging to the body in the long run.

Overall, Eating Evolved as a company is taking tremendous strides in reshaping the chocolate industry. For any conscious health food enthusiast, it is only logical to support new, health conscious brands such as this one. A change in the food industry is always way more powerful with the support from many like-minded, health-conscious consumers.

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