Dollar Beard Club – Beard Hair Growth Oil & Vitamins?


Dollar Beard Club Review – Is It For You?

Dollar Beard Club, found at, is a subscription-based beard treatment system that consist of oils, balms, and shampoos for your beard. Here’s our review.

What is Dollar Beard Club?

Dollar Beard Club is a $1 per month beard treatment subscription package. The company delivers beard waxes, beard oils, brushes, and other beard treatment products to your doorstep every month starting at a price of just $1.

The company first introduced itself to the world with this cheeky commercial seen on YouTube. That commercial is a tongue-in-cheek parody of the Dollar Shave Club commercial. It features bearded men doing manly things – like riding motorcycles and partying with beautiful women. It ends saying “Be a man and sign up for

That company also followed up that successful commercial with a popular Canada-targeted YouTube commercial featuring Canadian slang and lots of hockey.

Clearly, Dollar Beard Club knows how to market itself. So is Dollar Beard Club actually worth your $1 per month subscription fee? Let’s take a closer look at how Dollar Beard Club works.

What’s Included with Dollar Beard Club?

Dollar Beard Club promises to deliver “epic beard products” to your door every month. Those beard products include products from all of the following categories:

— Fundamentals: These products are described as the foundation of beard care and the building blocks of your grooming routine.

— Essentials: “Vital products that are mandatory for proper beard grooming”, including products that improve your beard health and others that get your beard ready for a night out.

— Accelerators: Helps your beard keep growing so that you grow a thicker, fuller beard as soon as possible.

— Necessities: This category contains Dollar Beard Club-branded personal hygiene products, including combs and a bearded money clip.

Some of the other key features of Dollar Beard Club include:

-Modify or cancel your subscription at any time

-Flat rate shipping

-Products delivered right to your door

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Dollar Beard Club Products

Dollar Beard Club’s core products are beard oils. However, the company also sells its own waxes, balms, and even nutritional supplements. Here’s a brief overview of each Dollar Beard Club product:

-Beard Oil: Beard oil is a cosmetic product that moisturizes your skin and beard to keep it soft, shiny, and smooth. It’s designed to mimic the oils produced by the skin naturally – like sebum. This hydrates the skin and your beard. Dollar Beard Club claims that its beard oil is 100% natural, although it never explains what’s actually in the formula.

-Balm: Beard balm is a “pomade formed by mixing, heating and cooling moisturizers and sealants. Typically, balms are made from shea butter, beeswax, and essential oils.

-Cream: DBC’s beard cream claims to be the “perfect way to maintain a well moisturized, luscious beard with a natural, effortless look.” It gives your beard a non-greasy look and should be applied 2 to 3 times per day as needed.

-Wax: The main ingredient in DBC’s wax is beeswax, which seals in moisture and helps to repair your skin and hair. There’s also shea butter mixed in to “soothe and condition the hair” while essential oils moisturize and strengthen your hair and skin.

-Growth Oil: The DBC growth oil contains botanical extracts and natural essential oils.

-Growth Vitamins: These nutritional supplements contain vitamins and minerals you need to support healthy hair growth – like vitamin E.

-Shampoo: DBC claims that its natural shampoo will “clean up your beard while nourishing and conditioning it at the same time.”

-Body Wash: Want to clean up your chest beard? The DBC body wash claims to use natural ingredients to “give you the most natural clean and manly smell possible” while still leaving your skin fully moisturized and smooth.

Ultimately, Dollar Beard Club emphasizes the use of natural ingredients instead of synthetic formulas. The company doesn’t appear to manufacture its own products. Instead, it seems to whitelabel other personal hygiene products for use with beards.

Dollar Beard Club Pricing

When Dollar Beard Club calls itself the “Dollar Beard Club”, they’re only referencing the most basic subscription package, which includes a small container of beard oil for $1 per month. There are two $1 per month beard oils available, including Original Oil and Sandalwood Oil.

If you want to add more products to your Dollar Beard Club subscription, then you’ll need to pay more money per month. Here are the products you can buy and the costs associated with each product:

-Original Beard Oil (0.5 Oz): $1 Per Month

-Sandalwood Beard Oil (0.5 Oz): $1 Per Month

-Original Beard Oil (2 Oz): $4 Per Month

-Sandalwood Beard Oil (2 Oz): $4 Per Month

-Balm (1 Oz): $7 Per Month

-Cream (2 Oz): $8 Per Month

-Wax (0.5 Oz): $6 Per Month

-Shampoo (4 Oz): $10 Per Month

-Shampoo (8 Oz): $17 Per Month

-Body Wash (8 Oz): $9 Per Month

-Growth Oil (1 Oz): $8 Per Month

-Growth Vitamins (60 Capsules): $19 Per Month

-Beard Brush ($9)

-Comb ($5)

-Stainless Comb ($15)

-Money Clip with Beard ($19)

When you set up your Dollar Beard Club subscription package, you scroll through a list and select each of these products for a monthly delivery. Obviously, if you’re adding all of the products to your kit, then you’re spending closer to $50 or $70 per month than just $1.

After filling out your subscription, you can ship to any address in Canada or the United States. Shipping is a flat rate of $3.99 to all American addresses and $6.99 to all Canadian addresses.

Although the company advertises itself as the Dollar Beard Club, co-founder Chris Stoikos said in one interview that early orders were averaging around $20 per month.

All payments are processed in USD.

You can easily change your subscription items at any time by logging into Dollar Beard Club and choosing My Subscription.

About Dollar Beard Club

Dollar Beard Club was co-founded by Chris Stoikos, the same guy who stars in the viral videos shown above, and Alex Brown, a former genetic pharmaceutical executive who now leads product development and operations for Dollar Beard Club.

The company launched its products in 2015. The company doesn’t advertise its sales figures online and subscribership information is difficult to find. However, the company currently has over 500,000 Facebook members and 400,000 Instagram followers.

You can get in touch with the company using this email form here:

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