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Bestowed Review

Bestowed is a monthly delivery service that delivers items you need for a healthy lifestyle. Here’s our Bestowed review.

What is Bestowed?

Bestowed – previously known as Conscious Box – is a monthly delivery service featuring items that are curated by nutritionist experts.

Your Bestowed box mostly contains snack food items similar to the ones you find in other product boxes – including trail mixes, protein bars, and vegan-friendly snacks.

All items included in your Bestowed box are handpicked by a team of experts led by nutritionist and author Heather Bauer.

Bestowed claims to rigorously test each and every item to ensure it meets the company’s strict standards. You can learn more about those standards below.

The box is priced starting at $20 per month, although you can reduce that price to $16 per month by ordering a full annual subscription.

Each box contains 7 to 10 healthy snacks, beverages, and lifestyle items.

Currently, Bestowed is only available across the United States. All packages are delivered by USPS and shipping is included in the price.

Bestowed’s Strict Standards

Heather Bauer is a registered dietician who handpicks each and every item included in a Bestowed box. Those items must meet a rigorous set of nutritional standards, including all of the following:

— Made With All-natural Ingredients
— Contain No Artificial Colors, Preservatives, Flavors, Or Sweeteners
— Contain No Trans-fats, Partially-hydrogenated Oils, Or High Fructose Corn Syrup
— Use Organic Ingredients Whenever Possible
— Use Sustainably-sourced Ingredients

The last two aren’t exactly “strict standards”. They basically just mean that Bestowed will try to use organic ingredients from sustainable sources wherever possible.

What’s in the Box?

Every Bestowed delivery contains a detailed description of all of the items included in that month’s box. There’s also an introductory section from Heather where she recommends some healthy tips.

In this description, you can read, for example, why Heather believes that organic oat bran, quinoa, and chia protein snacks can fuel a healthy lifestyle.

In addition to snack foods, Heather will sometimes include beverages in the box – like tea blends. You can also sometimes find candies or even coupons to purchase certain other items.

The boxes appear to provide good value. The team over at totaled up all the items inside the box and found that they were worth $21 total – which is a little more than the $20 price tag (obviously, this is a good thing).

Some of the items included in a recent month’s supply of Bestowed included:

— NoGii High Protein Bar with Peanut Butter & Chocolate
— Tera’s Energy Blend
— Nutiva O-Coconut Lightly Sweetened Coconut Treat
— Stash Organic Gold Cup Chai Tea
— Halo Seaweed Chip in Sea Salt
— Hooray Puree Spinach
— Jolly Oak Good for You Granola in S’More

Reviewers are generally positive about the items included in the Bestowed boxes. They praise their nutritional value and flavor. Obviously, if you’re looking for sweet, savory, guilty pleasure-style snack foods, then the Bestowed box probably will not provide that. But if you’re looking for healthy and nutritious ways to snack throughout the month, then Bestowed will let you do that.

Bestowed Pricing

Bestowed is priced at a flat rate of $20 per month when you pay month-to-month. However, pricing drops down if you’re willing to pay for multiple months at a time:

— 1 Month: $20/month
— 3 Months: $18/month
— 6 Months: $17/month
— 12 Months: $16/month

All shipping is free via USPS. Bestowed currently only ships within the United States.

All plans automatically renew. So if you order a month’s supply of Bestowed and decide you don’t like it, then you’ll need to call the company to cancel. Otherwise, your second shipment of Bestowed will arrive 30 days later.

You can cancel all plans at any time.

Bestowed also lets you purchase boxes as a gift. These gifts are priced at the same rate, but they come wrapped up with a pretty bow when they’re delivered to your contact’s address.

Who is Heather Bauer?

Heather Bauer is a Registered Dietician (RD) and a New York State Certified Dietitian Nutritionist (CDN).

Over the last decade, Heather has offered private weight loss consulting services to New Yorkers through her practice on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. On her Bestowed ‘About Me’ page,, Heather claims that her “clients include some of New York’s most well-known doctors, lawyers, investment bankers and celebrities.”

Heather has also written a few books, including The Wall Street Diet and Bread is the Devil. She also publishes regular columns on The Huffington Post and US News & World Report.

Over the years, Heather has appeared on TV shows and networks like Good Morning America, CNN, CBS, The Talk, Access Hollywood Live, and The Tyra Banks Show.

Today, Heather claims to have channeled all of that experience into Bestowed.

You can learn more about Bestowed by visiting Or, contact the company at [email protected].

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